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Best time to Buy and Which Airline - SEA - DFW/AUS

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  • Best time to Buy and Which Airline - SEA - DFW/AUS

    Kids are at FT Hood and Abilene (daughter at FT Hood son in Abilene) and we want to fly down on the 27th of May and back June 1st. Seattle to either DFW or Austin.

    What dates would be best to buy?

    What Airline seems to be best?

    Ive been flying SW a lot, but since I and the wife are a bit larger we thought we'd go 1st for a treat and not bother people.

    Alaska keeps coming up cheapest right now, but we had Horrid luck with Alaska every time we flew (2 - 3 hour delays every time) plus lost baggage etc. Now that was a while ago and dont know if they have improved.

    SOOOO, Whatcha think.

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    1,558.60 on Alaska in 1st. Dont forget that in pounds, will be different in $$$$
    I might be wrong about this, 2 adults?, first class?, SEA-DFW/AUS 27th May, DFW/AUS - SEA on 1st June? thats what these flights are...

    458.40 in coach. Going out on CO via IAH and back on Alaska
    All of the above are found through

    AA coach is 396 (will be more in dollars) leaving on 26th not 27th
    AA first is 4038 (again will be more in dollars) leaving on 26th not 27th

    these 2 are booked through


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      Wow you guys get Hosed over there. has about 1070-1200 USD per for First and 175+ USD for Economy. I know I can save a lot of Money for Econ for 3 seats, but thought it would be a treat to fly 1st for once.

      Im mainly looking for The best time period to buy (30-45 days out or ???)

      The airline that has the best ontime/luggage delivery service. Im not sure about US Air (the best price) or Alaska (my worst nightmare flights were with them). United/AA/Delta eta al. Frontier .. not sure which or where.


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        Recently I have fallen in love with's price predictor in their travel section. It has been mostly accurate and well worth the browse.
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