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  • Across the pond with CO......

    Airline - Continental
    Route - London Heathrow to New York Newark
    Scheduled Departure - 18:30
    Scheduled Arrival - 21:40
    Actual Departure - 18:55
    Actual Landing - 22:07
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200
    Seat - 27F
    Class - Coach

    I got to LHR at around 4pm. Check-in area for my flight was OK, i was queueing for about 2 minutes before being seen too.
    I recieved my boarding pass and i headed through to security.
    Security was a breeze and i continued to my gate. I got to my gate, ook a seat, and watched the world pass, i took one quick glance out the window, to see a dirty, and old looking 757 parked up. I could only see the cockpit,nose and tail, i assumed that i was either at the wrong gate, or the flight at this gate before us is late departing. But on the TV monitors it said CO19 to Newark.
    Boarding was called, and BusinessFirst, Special assistance passengers, CO card holders then the rest. Greeted by a VERY tired looking flight attendant, who looked like she was about to pass out.
    I walked on last.
    I took my seat, and saw that i had a PTV !!! I prayed that i had the D,E seats free, and my luck was great, we pushed back and i had the whole 3 seats to myself.
    We waited for a long time on the taxiway untill we eventually took off.
    Take-off was a wierd one, as soon as the wheels lifted off the tarmac, the plane vibrated, dropped, shoot side to side, the most AMAZINGLY fun but SCARY turbulence i have EVER EXPERIENCED!!!!
    This continued for around 15 minutes, there were a number of screams and "OOOOOOOHHHHH"'s coming from various places around the cabin.
    But in my opinion, it was pretty awsome .
    There was one particular drop, where we dropped for a long time, not long as in 5 seconds, but about 2 and a half, which is long considering its a plane dropping duriing turbulence. We eventually got out of it, and the crew were up straight away.
    We were served dinner about 25 minutes after the rollercoaster take-off.
    There were a suprising amount of special meals, so we were acutally served dinner 40 minutes after.
    Chicken with Vegetables or Beef Lasagne (A typical yet boring transatlantic option).
    I took the Beef Lasagne. Im fed up with boring dinner options(altough it was tasty) on airlines its always the same, and if its different, it sucks.
    It came with a bread roll, a small salad, Chocolate Brownie and a drink, which was coke.
    The food was tasty and it went down a treat.
    I didnt do much after this, just mess around with the PTV for a while, I watched an episode of Brotherhood, which is alright i guess, and i have no idea why but i decided to switch on the Berlitz world traveller program, which allows you to learn different languages, i picked spanish and picked up some different saying and phrases
    The guy behind me was quite heavy handed, and the touchscreen was being pressed hard by him and it was annoying . I turned over to the flight map, and watched us fly ever so slowly, closer, and closer towards the coast.
    A little while before landing, we were offered a pre-arrival snack, which consisted of a ham and cheese Croissant, a twix and a drink.
    Is wasnt the best but it did the trick.
    Descent again was turbulent, nothing like Take-off in London but still enough to make the airline food look like a bad idea.
    Touchdown was hard enough, i was guessing we landed on our left wheel first, bounced, landed on our right wheel, bounced and landed properly the final time, or at least thats what it felt like.
    We taxiied, parked up and disembarked. Said goodbye to the crew, and went to collect my suitcase...

    Food - 7/10 - Tasty but boring
    Service - 7/10 - Normal Transatlantic service
    Crew - 7/10 - Didnt see them much but did a good job when i did see them
    Entertainment - 10/10 - Continentals AVOD system is quite good and is one of the best TRANSATL ive seen

    Overall ill give CO a 8/10, and would recommend them if your looking for a good price.