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  • East coast to west coast with DL...

    Airline - Delta Air Lines
    Route - New York JFK to Los Angeles
    Scheduled Departure - 21:00
    Scheduled Landing - 01:04
    Actual Departure - 21:54
    Actual Landing - 02:02
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200
    Seat - 32F
    Class - Coach

    I got to the airport at 8, i was scared i was going to miss it.
    Check-in gave me priority becuase it was departing soon.
    Security was easy and i proceeded to my gate. At 20:45 the sttus changed to boarding. At 20:47 is went to Proceed to gate. At 21:00 is changed back to Boarding. Then at 21:10 it went back to nothing.
    At 21:25 it went BACK TO BOARDING and we actually boarded this time.
    Lots of moody passengers. I boarded last again, and watched as the handful of passengers made their way through the gate. I boarded and was greeted by a very friendly f/a who directed me to my seat.
    I walked through into coach and there was about 40 people in it.
    Once in my seat, i got comfortable, i purchased In-flight internet for $12.95 for the entire flight.
    Again i had the entire row to myself.
    I got comfortable, and as we pushed back i watched some planes, some departing back to Blighty, i saw lots of stationary europeans aswell.
    Take-off was nowhere near as bad as London, and we climbed up to our cruise.
    At 10,000 the captain switched on the portable items sign and i logged into the wireless. It quite slow but i think it might just be my Macbook
    I went on Facebook, , Youtube and looked at my e-mails, news etc...
    Again as a usual late flight "routine" i fell asleep.
    I awoke and i felt hungry so i pressed the crew call button and asked if i can purchase something for the EATS menu.
    I purchased a Southwest Caesar salad with cajun chicken for $8.
    It was GOD DAMN AMAZING!! is the best buy-on-board i have ever purchased, tasty, big, and cheap considering what you get.
    Soon after "Hannah" cleared it away i asked for a Pomegranate Martini, which cost me $7
    Skyy Vodka, Pomegranate Mix and Lots and lots of ice, very nice !!!!
    I logged back onto Gogo inflight wireless and browsed the internet for my flight home.
    LAX to London.
    I found a flight on AA, a flight on BA (not my favourite option) , both AA and BA had VERY expensive prices, Only United and Virgin had good prices, but even then it wasnt cheap. I went with United as they were the cheapest of the 2, but UA wasnt direct flight home. You will see in the TR I booked it, alltogether it cost me $503.42
    We started our descent and we were logged out of Inflight wifi at 10,000.
    I started at the lights of LAX and LA as we got closer, and closer to the ground. We touched down late onto the runway, hitting the ground very smoothly but breaking suddenly.
    We taxiied, parked and i said goodbye and disembarked.

    Food - 10/10 - Amazing, except it wasnt free
    Service - 10/10
    Crew - 7/10 - Didnt see them much but did a good job when i did see them
    Entertainment - 10/10

    Overall i give DL a good 9/10 and would strongly recommend them.