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  • Back home with United...

    Airline - United Airlines
    Route - Los Angeles to San Francisco
    Scheduled Departure - 16:05
    Schdeuled Landing - 17:30
    Actual Departure - 16:12
    Actual Landing - 17:52
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200
    Seat - 11F
    Class - Economy Plus

    I got to LAX at 4:30 and i checked in quickly and easily. My flight to SFO was completely overbooked with passengers left right and center complaining.Good job i decided against non revving
    I headed up through security and to my gate.
    The gate area was crowded with kids running a riot. Boarding Started and i was greeted on board by Lauren a friend of Aimee's.
    She said hello and directed my to my seat.
    The Economy Plus seats are not THAT much better than the standard coach seats, which are by far not bad, its just why advertise "Sit furthur from your feet" if your feet are far away but your knees are still digging into the guy in fronts back. United are my favourite airline but im not biased, and Economy Plus is a waste of extra money, which you could spend on your holiday or on A la carte food which United has a good selection of. Anyway back to the report. We taxiied and took off. Take-off was smooth but we didnt spend much time in the air. We were served free drinks. I got a Starbucks coffee which was enough to keep me awake.
    The crew were swift in giving out drinks and clearing up after. Descent started only a little while after reaching cruise. We touched down a little late, and very hard onto the runway at SFO.
    We taxiied and parked up.
    I said bye to every crew member, all but one i have met before, and i headed onto my connection.

    For this short Flight, United:
    Food - N/A ,None
    Service - 5/10 - drinks were nice
    Crew - 10/10
    Entertainment - N/A - None

    Airline - United Airlines
    Route - San Francisco to London Heathrow
    Scheduled Departure - 19:08
    Scheduled Landing - 13:35 +1
    Actual Departure - 19:36
    Actual Landing - 13:00
    Equipment - Boeing 777
    Seat - 41J
    Class - Coach

    I arrived at my gate, quite early but it was already full.
    Boarding was called at 18:35 for me anyway.
    I boarded and was greeted by a kind f/a who looked like she had been around since when they first became UA.
    I took my seat, and got comfortable. Push-back and take-off normal.
    After take-off we were given some nuts with a drink, i got another *bucks coffee, i found this unusual for UA. I turned on the PTV.
    I watched an episode of Two and a half men, the simpsons, a few friends episodes. Dinner was served about 2 hours after take-off. Special meals first.
    For the rest of us, it was Chilli con carne or Fish bake.
    I got the chilli, it was VERY hot but VERY tasty.
    It came with a salad, Tortilla chips and cookies. Also had a coke with it.
    While eating i watched 2012. Its a crap movie haha.United's PTV selection is by far one of the best. I turned onto NCIS:Los Angeles, not the nicest thing to watch while eating but good all the same.
    I fell asleep for a little while. I AGAIN awoke in the middle of the flight, i switched onto the flight map to see where we were, Just leaving Canada.
    The cabin was PITCH black apart from PTV's and floor lighting.Luckily again i had H and J to myself so i could get up without worrying.
    I wondered around for a while to stretch my legs, an f/a on her way to the crew rest area walked past me and asked if i was OK.
    I replied "Im fine, just stretching my legs"
    She told me kindly to take my seat and asked if i was thirsty or hungry.
    She bought me over a starbucks coffee to "keep me awake" and some biscuits. The cabin was freezing. I didnt want to use the blanket, but it would have been a sensible idea (i didnt)
    I tried to stay awake as long a possible. Eventually, slowly it got lighter outside. When we were about a half hour from the irish coast, they bought us some breakfast. There was a hot and cold breakfast option.
    Omlette with Mushroom tomatoes, and mini potatoes, or a continental breakfast.
    I chose the continental breakfast.
    Blueberry Muffin
    Corn Flakes
    Small fruit salad

    It was fresh and tasty, not very filling though.
    I was completely shattered falling asleep and waking up suddenly every couple of minutes. The f/a who gave me the coffee last night was laughing every time, and she brought me over another coffee, and i didnt even ask for it haha.
    It was a VERY sweet coffee. It perked me up a bit, but not alot.
    We started our descent about 45 minutes before landing. We touchedown early and smoothly.
    I saw a couple of Ryanair planes parked up at T5 and an Odd Transavia plane parked there two. We parked up next to an EL-AL 777 and another UA 777. We disembarked, i said goodbye and disembarked and headed home.

    Food - 8/10
    Service - 10/10
    Seats - 7/10
    Entertainment - 10/10
    Crew - 10/10

    Overall - 9.5/10

    i would strongly recommend UA for a cheap price, and good service