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Family Holiday to America. Part 1.

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  • Family Holiday to America. Part 1.

    Well, this is my first ever post on jetphotos so excuse me if its not up to standard. I have been following jp for about 3 months now, and i thought its finally time to sign up. I have read various trip reports, and some of the more frequent posters reports, which are quite basic. I am going to try and make this LONG report as detailed as possible, as i have no pics.
    My family always take a trip somewhere every year, and this year we decided the USA. My 3 sisters, me and my bro, and my mum and dad, and my nan would go. My nan has difficulty walking, so we thought it would be unfair to expect her to fly down from Manchester on her own. So my dad told asked me if i wanted to come, just for the trip(im the only plane freak in the fam). I found some flights, and booked "Special Assistance" on the return leg.
    Here it is :
    (By the way i have copied the layout of my trip report, from other trip reports i have read)

    Airline - British Midland
    Route - London Heathrow to Manchester
    Departure Time - 07:10 (08:00 actual)
    Arrival Time - 08:15 (09:07 actual)
    Aircraft - Airbus A319
    Seat - 24A
    Flight Number - BD582
    Price - 140 return.

    We checked in online before we left, as we had to luggage and we could go straight to security.
    Security was pretty empty compard to usual LHR security, especially at this time of the morning. We appraoched our gate, and i saw a hive of activity around our plane. We relaxed at the seating area for about 15 minutes. Our plane was mostly full of businessmen. Several Times the status of our plane changed, and at one point it said delayed. We started boarding at 07:15. We were greeted on-board by an old looking woman, she didnt say much, just a smile, check your boarding pass and on you go.
    There were 2 male crew standing in the middle of the cabin, they both looked like surfur dudes , one of them had an aussie accent.
    I sat in my seat and my dad sat in 24B. The plane wasn't full by any means but boarding was an unusually slow process. We pushed back, and we waited for planes from various different airlines to push in front of us.
    We were stationary for around 10 minutes, and i counted around 7 planes from 5 different airlines taxi past us and onto the runway. We taxiied on to the runway eventually, and we had a powerful take-off, sorry i dont know which runway it was i dont know much about that stuff.
    We climbed and straight away the crew came around with the Buy-On-Board products. I asked for a coke. "Is Pepsi ok", Is monopoly money OK !!?? i thought. I took the pepsi and my dad got a coffee. Not cheap on board Bmi. I turned on my iTouch and started listening to some music and pass time. Finally, we started our descent into MAN. Touchdown was suprisingly smooth considering our amazingly whacky approach. We taxiied for about 15 minutes, and parked up at the gate. We disembarked last, and i said goodbye to all the crew. We headed straight through, got a rent-a-car and headed to my nans house.

    Return Journey ...

    Airline - British Midland
    Route - Manchester to London Heathrow
    Departure Time - 18:45 (18:50 actual)
    Arrival Time - 19:50 (20:15 actual)
    Aircraft - Airbus A321
    Seat - 7F
    Class - Economy
    Flight Number - BD593

    We got to MAN at 17:00 and checked in at the airport. 7A,B,C.
    Security was pretty full but we were through and at our gate in 20 mins.
    At our gate, all i could see was a white nose of an A321. When i walked to a better position i could see we were flying on G-MIDL, the A321 painted in Star Alliance colours. This flight was completely full, we stood up untill boarding was called. Boarding was called at 18:10. Greeted on board, by a very attractive F/A . She also didnt say anything, just a smile, check your boarding pass and off you go. As we walked past the forward economy cabin there were 2 more F/A's then i got to my seat and took the window seat. The crew, other than the blonde at the door, seemed pre-occupied with something, they wernt directing people to seats they were constantly up and down. Every crew member today had the stupid little hat that they wear on Bmi. It seemed unusual because on our outbound flight, nobody had it on. We pushed back and went straight to the runway. We had another powerful take-off. The Overhead tv's didnt get turned on for this flight. I switched on my iTouch and started listening to music once the belt sign was off. My Nan purchased a cuppa, and i got another pepsi.
    The atmosphere in the cabin was calm, and the crew were up and working from seconds after released, untill seconds before touchdown. We started descent, and we were put into a short holding pattern. We eventually lined up and touched down onto the runway, breaking hard. As we were slowing, a wierd and annoying, constant squeeking noise could be heard, as if the breaks needed oiling
    We parked up in between a company A320 and an ERJ-145.
    The crew didnt let us off untill about 15 minutes after we had parked.
    When they did, i said goodbye, and we were one of the first off the plane.
    Then we headed home for our big trip tomorrow

    Well, i hope you enjoy my report coming up, i will try and improve it as i go along, and i hope that this is as good as the TR's on here