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Family Holiday to America. Part 2

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  • Family Holiday to America. Part 2

    In January i was looking around for some flights to the US. Me and my bro wanted to go to Orlando, my sisters wanted to go to NY, and my parents wanted to go to San Francisco.
    So i was looking around for flights to be able to go to them all.
    I looked around everywhere, AA,BA,VS,CO,DL,LH,UA,AF everywhere.
    I then stumbled across Alitalia BARGAIN flights. LHR-FCO-JFK. 8 people for 732.
    Here is that part of the trip.

    Airline - Alitalia
    Route - London Heathrow to Rome Fiumicino
    Departure Time - 07:30 (08:14 actual)
    Arrival Time - 11:00 (11:07 actual)
    Aircraft -Airbus A321
    Seat - 16E
    Class - Economy

    We got to Heathrow at 05:00 am. For the journey to the airport, all i could hear was my stupid ass brother, and one of my sisters, CONSTANTLY complaining about flying in the wrong direction first.
    Check-in was quite chaotic but we checked in. We were given seats seperately all over the cabin.
    Me and my Oldest sister, Charlotte we seated in row 16. We headed through security. It felt quite wierd flying from T4 and not flying on BA,QF or KL. After security, my sisters and mum headed to "Beauty Studio" , while i walked off with my dad to get a drink. On the way i stopped in HMV and i bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 for PS3, it cost me 34. I got a frappucino and a hot ham and cheese pannini from starbucks.
    I stayed there with my dad untill boarding was called. We werre all in different parts of the terminal but when boarding was called we all arrived at the gate at the same time. I was the last person through the door.
    We were greeted by a kind F/A, who didnt speak much english, i handed her my boarding pass, she smiled, said "Bonjourno" and handed it back to me. I walked to my seat, and i was also the last person standing up in the cabin which was pretty cool, other than the crew of course.I took my seat, and my sister had taken the window seat. She insisted on stayin there, so i moved over to 16A which was empty, but the crew said i should be in 16E for take-off and i can move after take-off. I sat in
    16E and tried to get some sleep. The Overhead TV's flickered into life, and the safety demo was demonstrated on them, in Italian with English Subs.
    We taxiied while watching some adverts for Alitalia on the moniters above.
    We taxiied straight onto the runway without stopping and made a rolling take-off. Take-off was quite turbulent and it continued for quite a long time. Even still the seat-belt sign was turned off at 10,000 and i swapped over immediately to 16A. Around 35 minutes after take-off, the crew came around with the in-flight service. A sweet or Salty snack with anydrink (Alcohol is complimentary on AZ). I took the sweet snack and a Red orange juice. Very tasty lemon biscuits, 2 packs of 4.
    On the tv's , there was a program about Sardinia followed by a fashion program . I plugged my ipod earphones into the armrest, and started listening to the music on AZ. There wasnt much, so i went back to my Ipod. I fell asleep for about an hour in-flight. We started our descent and touched down HARD onto the runway. We parked up next to 2 company MD-80's. I got up with my sister and we were part of the first group to get off the plane. I said bye and got a "Ciao" in return.
    I followed my sister, and we waited near the exit of the jetbridge, and waited for the rest of us.
    We waited for 15 minutes, and they came out last.
    Then we headed into the connection area, my mum went with my nan on one of those buggy things

    I will post part 3 tomorrow......

    Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed

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    Airline - Alitalia
    Route - Rome Fiumicino to New York JFK
    Departure Time - 14:40 (15:55 Actual)
    Arrival Time - 18:10 (19:25 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 777-200
    Seat - 41L
    Class - Economy

    The buggy left my nan and mum at the gate, they called us and told us the number (it wasnt on screens) and we headed to it.
    For 2 hours, i slept in the gate area, while everyone else went shopping eating. By the time boarding was called i was starving. Our row was part of the last category to be called. I was the first of our category on board, and i took my seat at the window. 2 of my sisters took the seats next to me. We pushed back early and started taxiing. We stopped in the middle of the taxi way, and we stayed for around 40 minutes !
    Meanwhile the crew handed out water during the wait.
    The captain said it was due to traffic
    After a suitable wait we taxiied fast, straight onto the runway, and stopped there for another 5 mins. Then we made an EXTREMELY powerful take-off. Take-off was smooth will nice views of Rome. When we were well above the clouds, i picked up the in-seat phone, and started prank calling my brother who was sat in another seat. Alitalia's 777's have phones in which you can call other seats. But then my phone was blocked, and i could not make anymore calls
    Finally, the crew served us our dinner. But first they served special meals.
    I was starving, so i was looking forward to having dinner. The crew gave us the option of Lasagne or Chicken. I took the lasagne, and it was GOOOOOD !!! It came with a bread roll and salad and desert which was some sort of apple cake.
    I switched on my PTV, most movies were Italian with English Subtitles, but some were available without subs and in English. I watched up in the air in English without subs, then a few episodes of the simpsons with subs.
    I fell asleep.
    I awoke, with my ptv still playing different episodes of the simpsons. I woke up in PERFECT timing for the pre-arrival snack. We had a choice of Ham and cheese baguette or a Chicken Caesar wrap.
    I took the wrap which was served hot. It was very nice.
    I had a coke with it.
    We started descent quite far out from the coast, and we turned right lots of times, before making the most dodgy landing ive ever had.
    We started a right turn and held it for about 2 minutes, and about 10 seconds after levelling out we touched down hard onto the runway.
    We turned off the runway, and an apology from the captain about the landing was announced in english and italian. We taxiied and parked up next to an Alitalia B777 and an A Lufthansa A330.

    Hope you enjoyed, i certainly did !

    Part 3 coming soon !!!