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Family Holiday to America. Part 3

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  • Family Holiday to America. Part 3

    So after a few COLD but amazing days in NY, we decided to head down to Orlando to visit the many theme parks there. I had a quick look for flight and then i stumbled across this ...

    Airline - Air Tran Airways
    Route - New York La Guardia to Orlando Intl
    Departure Time - 13:56 (14:06 actual)
    Arrival Time - 16:44 (17:00 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-700
    Seat - 19A
    Class - Coach
    Price - $180

    We got to LGA at around 11am. We had no idea where to go. We then went over to terminal B as it said on the tickets. There were a few other LCC departing and the area was quite full. Airtran was also busy checking passengers for the Air Tran to Atlanta leaving 50 minutes before us.
    We got to a desk, got our tickets, and proceeded to security. Security was packed. We were in Security for 25 minutes. Some stupid kids in a group were insistent on taking deodorant, perfume, drinks on, but they lost that battle, and stropped into the departure lounge. I took a seat next to my brother and we waited untill 13:15 when boarding was called.
    Greeted on board by a kind f/a. I took my seat by the window, and got comfortable. The view from this window wasnt the best, just the wing and thats it. I had a good view of the winglet aswell
    We pushed-back and taxiied to our take-off. Take-off was VERY turbulent. The guy in front, just because he was in an extra legroom seat, thought he was king of the plane. He had his seat back for the majority of the flight. I asked a flight attendant if i could move. She told me to hang on untill the seat belt sign was off. She also told the guy to put his seat up becuase the belt sign was on, and it was very turbulent. The seat-belt got turned off 25 minutes after take-off when we had cleared the turbulence. I got moved to 27F, the row in front of my sisters. They had purchased the in-flight wireless feature for their phones, and ipods. The storage room under each seat was crap, i had to lean most of my things against the wall, i was told it was an "equipment box". I switched on the XM Radio. 100 CHANNELS !!!! I switched onto the sport channel, lots of stuff about American Football. So instead i switched onto the music channels which were very good. Not long after, the f/a's came around with complimentary drinks. I got a Coke Zero with Lots of ice. I fell asleep for a long time after this. I woke up when the seat belt sign went *PING*.
    The descent was also quite turbulent, but the sun shone through the window i was next to, i had to shut my window blind in the end, on request by an F/A. We touched down smoothly onto the runway, and taxiied to our gate. We disembarked, i said goodbye and followed by sisters out. We then headed to our hotel and to THE THEME PARKS !!

    After a couple of AMAZING days in Orlando, we had to head over to San Fran.
    I found these.

    Airline - Delta Air Lines
    Route - Orlando Intl to Los Angeles Intl
    Departure Time - 07:10 (07:15 actual)
    Arrival Time - 09:39 (09:55 actual)
    Aircraft - Airbus A320
    Seat - 20A
    Class - Economy
    Price - $210

    We found these flight and booked a flight from LAX-SFO which you will see later. We headed straight to check-in as we were late, and we were pushed straight to the front and given priority check-in.
    We ran to security, and went straight through, and got to the gate JUST as they were about to close. I again was last person through the door, and i headed to my seat, my brother had sat in A, so i told him to move. Eventually i just grabbed him and dragged him to C. Its quite sad that i would do all this for a window seat !!
    We pushed back in the middle of the manual safety demo. No TV's on this plane. Take-off was VERY powerful. Shortly after take-off the crew gave out Drinks and snacks, I got a coke and some BISCOFF COOKIES !!
    Not long after, the buy-on-board came around. I got a Plain Bagel.
    It came with Cream Cheese and Jam, it cost $3. It was quite nice.
    I listened to music on my ipod for the rest ofthe flight. Crew were constantly handing out water. Shortly before landing, the crew had another drinks service, i got another coke. The seatbelt sign pinged into life, and we got closer, and closer, and closer to the ground, then we made a sharp u-turn, over the beach, over the sea, back over the back and we levelled out and landed almost immediately after. Touchdown was HARD !
    We taxiied in and parked next to a Frontier A319 and a United 757.
    We said out goodbyes and headed off to our connection.

    Airline - Southwest Airlines
    Route - Los Angeles to San Francisco
    Departure Time - 13:40 (14:00 actual)
    Arrival Time - 14:55 (15:25 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-700
    Seat - 18A
    Class - Economy
    Price - $167

    We checkeed in immediately after we got through, so we were put in Boarding group A. I headed off with my bro, who went to mcdonalds and i went to Starbucks.
    We had too much time to kill, so i went to the other terminals, watching the, many, many United flight check in, the Many,many Alaskan flight check in. Ive only ever been on United once before and it was amazing, ive been on alaskan once aswell but our flight got cancelled so we had to get a bus
    I wont bore you any longer.
    We headed through security while it was still quiet ish. And i sat at our gate. The TV Monitors didnt have any info on it, Just:
    Southwest 3680
    San Francisco
    Boarding Group : -

    Every once in a while, somebody would turn up, and by 13:00, the gate had all the passengers, but no plane. At 13:10 the plane turned up.
    We started boarding at 13:35, pretty quick after it arrived i think. I was first person on the plane. I took 18A, followed by my bro in B, and dad in C. The rest of them were somewhere else in the plane. The seats were pretty comfortable. We pushed back late and taxiied to the runway.
    We took off behind a United 320. We took off nowhere near as far down as the others were taking off. We climbed quickly. Nearly 2 seconds after the wheels had left the ground, the crew were up with drinks and snacks.
    I got a DR Pepper with Pretzels. This is better value for money than ALL LCC's in europe, you would NEVER see EasyJet and Ryanair giving out drinks and food.
    We started descent basically as soon as the crew had finished the in flight service. Descent was turbulent, but the crew were still up and down with trolleys for trash. I dumped my stuff in there and tightened my seat bely
    It was the BEST turbulence ever. Up down left right up down right up left over and OVER again !!! It stopped as suddenly as it started and we touched down softly onto the runway.
    We taxiied into the gate and we walked off.
    I said bye to the crew and then headed off to collect our bags.

    Part 4 will be on soon.