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Family Holiday to America : Last Part

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  • Family Holiday to America : Last Part

    Well, after a few days of NON-STOP shopping , it was time to head back home. We looked around, and i found a bargain on one airline, we had a choice of 2 flights back to Heathrow. Hereis what we chose.

    Airline - United Airlines
    Route - San Francisco to London Heathrow
    Departure Time - 19:08 (19:30 actual)
    Arrival Time - 13:35 (12:54 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 777-200
    Assigned Seat - 37E
    Class - Economy
    Price - $852

    Well, the trip was ending, so i was hoping that time just randomly slowed down, so the flight would take twice as long.
    At check-in, it started off VERY well. We were at the back of an amazingly long queue, and they opened a new desk and we ended up first.
    We were first to check-in for the whole flight. The kind lady at the desk offered us, 3 of us to be upgraded to Economy Plus, free of charge.
    So, my nan,mum and dad (they arnt biased at all are they) upgraded themselves, and shoved the rest of us back into cattle class. Angry, but also quite excited, i headed to security. It was full ! Eventually we got through and i headed to the gate. We were again first there. There was no plane at the gate. About 40 minutes later, a UA 777 in sparking new colours popped up an parked up at our gate (i later found out it came in from DEN). The plane wasnt at the gate for longer than 30 minutes before the first people started boarding it. No particular order for economy boarding, no rows, just first come frst serve. Greeted on board by a VERY VERY VERY attractive F/A , WHO ACTUALLY SPOKE THIS TIME !!!
    I smiled, gave over my boarding pass
    "Welcome on board" and she handed in back to me.
    I took my seat and i was stuck in the middle. The rear area was empty, so i asked if i could move to a window seat.
    "When boarding has finished and everybody is on-board, if there are any spare just take-it, yeah?"
    Fair enough.
    My brother gave me an odd look, as if to say "I WANT A WINDOW !"
    I smacked him with a "Hemishperes" magazine, and told him to do the same i did. The doors shut, i kneeled on my seat, looked forward and backward. As i did this, the F/A i had asked, was walking back from the rear galley, she just gave a subtle and i switched quickly over to 39A, which had the B seat free. My brother changed over to the aisle seat in row 37.
    We started pushing back, and after the safety demo, the crew made this announment :
    "Ladies and gentlemen we would like to remind you that there is a passenger with a severe ut allergy on-board so we will not be serving Nuts or meals with nuts on-board today, if you have nutsor anything that contains them, please would you tell a member of crew. If there is anythingwe can do to make your flight better,please do not hesitate to ask a member of crew, Thank you and we hope you enjoy your flight with United this evening." I didnt know they did serve nuts on united
    After this, we made a wierd taxi, go,stop,go,stop. I have read MANYreports and heard from friends that United have a terrible on-time record, but according to their website, the UA punctuality is #1 in the US, and they have always been Early both times i flewthem.
    We made a powerful take-off and made a couple of sharpturns after take-off. Not long after we were offered a drink. I got a starbucks coffee, it was VERY bitter, but it was ok i suppose. I switched on my PTV and started watching United's variety of programs & films. I hear that people say it hasent got variety, an its outdated, well my opinion is the total opposite. I watched a few episodes of Two and a Half men, then we were serve dinner. No special meals on this flight, just standard meals. I got the chicken breast, i came with Beans,corn,mashed potatoes, fruit bowl with watermelon grapes and apple and a small pack of oreos (which i thought contained "nut traces") and this was followed quickly by a drink service. I got a coke this time, which came with a lemon slice and ice. This was very tasty. It certainly filled me up aswell. It was getting darker and darker, in front, but still quite bright behind us, and we were sort of in the middle in an illuminous orange glow. After watching more two and a half men and friends, it was pitch black outside.
    The captain came over the P/A and said:
    "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, i hope your enjoying your flight so far, in a few minutes you will all have some amazing views of (i didnt quite catch this part but it sounded like he said Ottawa) while it is lit up at night, when we have passed this , we would like to ask you to turn off any reading lights and shut your window blinds, for the benefit of your fellow passengers. Well hope your enjoying your flight, and good night"
    I never did see any amazing sights, my window was covered in a weird mist, but other passengers clearly could see it, i know this because of all the "WOOOOOOOW", "Cooool", "Ooooohhhhh" and "Looook !" coming from the cabin After this i fell asleep, but i was woken up by the guy behind me SNORING REALLY LOUD !!. After this i really needed a wizz so i got up and walked to the rear galley. When i walkedout, i heard someone whisper "Is everything OK sir?", i couldent see much but then i saw an f/a on her own in the rear galley.
    "Yeah im cool" i replied , she asked me what seat i was in, itold her and she just nodded. I continued to my seat and sat down,i saw that no crew were around so i quietlylifted my window shutter so see outside, the flickering light from the wing reflected through the cabin.
    The f/a from the back came to me and told me:
    "Excuse me can you shut that please, people are trying to sleep and it might wake them. Cant Sleep huh?" she said and laughed quietly.
    "Yeah "
    She asked me if wanted a drink or a snack, and i accepted. I got a coke and 2 Oatmeal cookies, which were TASTY !!
    I got bored, so i turned back to the PTV and started playing games, Texas Hold'em is the best but iwas still bored, i was tired more than anything butcouldent sleep. I had a Massive urge to draw on my brothers face while he was sleeping, but i didnt. So for most of it i slept on and off, watched some stuff on PTV etc.
    Finally dawn broke through, and the crew served a snack, with most pax still asleep. I opened my window shutter and stared at the clouds and sea.Breakfast had 2 options, Salmon and creamcheese bagel with other stuff or Breakfast cereal and a small snack. I got the cereal, and it was cherios with a croissant with THICK chocolate spread in the middle. It was very sweet and tasty. With this i had a Starbucks Tea. By the time i was served it was daylight outside. The F/A who served me was the one who had served me in the middle of the flight, she looked very tired, and she said to me "D'ya sleep?" I said no and she laughed and carried on.
    The other F/A serving with her was the hot blonde at the door when i boarded. I turned on some music in the arm rest, and some good music was playing, David Guetta-On the dancefloor, LMFAO-Yes, i wont name them all . We started out descent and we came over Bristol area. The descent was quie turbulent but we had a smooth touchdown onto the runway. We taxiied, and parked in between 2 company 767's.
    When we left the crew said goodbye and i said i to. I didnt actually know where any ofmy family were, so i waited, and waited, and only my brother came out. So we then continued up the jetway a little more and we found the rest of them waiting for us. We collected out bags and went home
    In my opinion, i think United are trying really hard to gain the trust back that they lost when they had the troubles a few years ago. Ive flown them twice, both Trans atlantic and both times it was an amazing flight. When im old enough im gettinmyself a Mileage plus card, DEFINATELY !!

    Well this is the end of my reports of this trip, i will have somemore soon.
    Hope you enjoyed.