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DL Trip Report TPA-ATL-TPA, Spotting, Delta Heritage Museum and Atlanta!

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  • DL Trip Report TPA-ATL-TPA, Spotting, Delta Heritage Museum and Atlanta!

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    Alright, once again, here I am with another lengthy but thorough trip report. This time, most of the pictures are not of the actual flights! Over Spring Break I took a trip to Atlanta with my family to visit my Aunt in Marietta. I did several things there including spotting at ATL and going to the Delta Heritage Museum. Anyways, hope you enjoy the following report.

    Palm Harbor, Florida

    March 29th, 2010
    I woke up at around 8 in the morning. I had already checked us in the night before so I didn't have to do that when I got up. Anyways, I did my normal morning routine and got into the Xterra for the 1/2 hour trip to TPA.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida
    While on the way to the airport we were discussing whether to park in the economy or long term lot. I won that fight since I said it was cheaper, which it is. So, after parking we took the short bus ride to the terminal where we checked are bags. As usual, we entered the crew security line and got through in less than 5 minutes! Seeing as it was only around 10:00AM at this time I decided to do some spotting through the window, which, in my opinion, came out decent. Here are the spotting pictures...

    Delta check-in.

    The main terminal.

    View of Airside E.

    Southwest 737-300.

    Southwest 737-700.

    Delta A320.

    Jetblue A320.

    Sun Country 737-700.

    Southwest 737-700.

    Delta A319.

    Delta A319 tail.

    Jetblue Embraer 190.

    Southwest 737-700.

    American 737-800.

    Sun Country 737-700.

    Random picture of the ceiling.

    Airside E.

    Delta 757-200.

    US Airways A321.


    Air Lines Flight #2066
    Tampa, FL (TPA) - Atlanta, GA (ATL)
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200
    Seat Assignment - 27F, Economy Class, Window/Exit
    Departure Time - 12:28PM
    Arrival Time - 2:13PM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 45 minutes
    Departure Gate - E64
    Arrival Gate - T7
    Aircraft Registration - N6707A, delivered on 5/31/2000
    Status - ATC Delay ~15 minutes
    Date - March 29th, 2010
    Video - Delta 757-200 Tampa to Atlanta

    Flight #2066
    This flight was pretty nice. We did have a slight delay though due to ATC, atleast that's what the captain said. The flight was it's normal length and wasn't bumpy at all other than takeoff. I was disappointed though that I didn't receive my long desired Biscoff cookie!

    Flightaware map for DL2063.

    My ride to Atlanta.

    Nose gear of the plane.

    Gate E64.

    On board.

    View down the runway with a SW 737-700.

    Directly after takeoff.


    The IFE system.

    Peanuts and a coke.

    Spoilers on descent.

    Descending through the clouds.

    Stone Mountain!

    Delta MD-88 landing parallel to us.

    Welcome to Atlanta.

    AirTran Magic 717!

    Parked at T7.

    Quick shot before I got off.

    Goodbye N6707A!

    Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Georgia
    Once I got off the plane I got a quick shot of the terminal and plane and proceeded to baggage claim. Once I got our three bags we had to find the Park 'n Ticket bus. We almost got on the Park 'n Ride bus! Haha! My uncle was out of town so he left his 2010 Chevy Traverse for us at the airport.

    Inside Concourse T.

    Baggage Claim.

    Delta Heritage Museum, Atlanta, Georgia
    March 31st, 2010
    Wednesday was the day I was to be taken to the museum. Overall, it was pretty cool to see the Spirit of Delta, a Delta DC-3 and the nose of the very 1st L1011! Click on the picture below for more pictures. Sorry but I didn't want this post to be over 150 pictures!

    Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Spotting, Atlanta, Georgia
    March 31st, 2010
    Here are the pictures from my short spotting trip in Atlanta. I was questioned by two security guards and a cop for taking pictures. Only reason I could stay is because I had gotten permission from ATL's Media Relation's manager!

    Delta MD-88

    Delta 767-300.

    US Airways EMB-190.

    Delta MD-88.

    Delta 757-200.

    Delta Connection (ASA) CRJ-700.

    Delta 757-200.

    Delta Connection (Comair) CRJ-700.

    Delta 757-200.

    Delta 757-200.

    Delta 757-200.

    Delta 737-800.

    Alaska 737-800.

    Delta 17 Heavy with service to Sydney, Australia via LAX! (777-200LR)

    Atlanta, Georgia and Stone Mountain
    March 30th - April 2nd, 2010
    Here are the pictures from the city of Atlanta and Stone Mountain. Click on the picture below please!

    Marietta, Georgia
    April 3rd, 2010
    Well, after little less than a week in Atlanta it was time to return to Tampa. We were already listed on the DL2063 so I didn't have to worry about that when I got up. I was already packed and everything so I was out of the house by 8:00AM!

    Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Georgia
    All we had to do was check our bags at the airport so we stood in line for maybe 5 minutes. Afterwards we stopped at the Atlanta Bread Company for some breakfast. I have to say, not as good as Panera! Anyways, while we were eating a group of US soldiers came walking through and everyone in building started to clap! It was pretty exciting, I had never experienced that before. Anyways, I roamed around the airport after that and at one point, actually made it to my gate, E17.

    Check in at ATL.

    Main terminal. This is where the soldiers walked through 10 minutes later.

    This 757 needs a wash!

    Inside of Concourse E.

    Delta A330 departing to Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Delta 777-200LR GE-90 engine!

    Delta 747-400 to Tokyo-Narita.

    Two 747's next to each other.

    This had to be my least favorite concourse. Concourse D. It was skinnier then the others, busier and it seemed alot hotter! Didn't take me long to get out of there! Haha!

    A Delta Connection (ASA) CRJ-200.

    Air Lines Flight #2063
    Atlanta, GA (ATL) - Tampa, FL (TPA)
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200 Winglet
    Seat Assignment - 01A, First Class, Window
    Departure Time - 12:28PM
    Arrival Time - 1:46PM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 18 minutes
    Departure Gate - E17
    Arrival Gate - E62
    Aircraft Registration - N660DL, delivered on 6/22/1990
    Status - On Time
    Date - April 3rd, 2010
    Video - Delta 757-200W Atlanta to Tampa

    Flight #2063
    This wasn't a very interesting flight at all. I ad one drink which was before takeoff. Due to the short flight time and constant turbulence we had no food/drink service. This was probably the fastest flight I've flown on between TPA and ATL.

    Flightaware map for DL2063.

    Gate E17 to Tampa.

    N660DL, first time "spotted" with winglets.


    Control tower.

    The new Concourse F seems to be progressing well!

    Looking back at the busiest airport in the world.

    An airport south of Atlanta.

    On approach to Tampa!

    View of the runway and adjacent tree line.

    Gate E62's jetway.

    Goodbye N660DL!

    Tampa International Airport, Florida
    This was the fastest I've ever gotten out of the airport. We went straight for the tram, got our bags, got on the Economy bus immediately, started the car and we were out within 10 minutes!

    Inside Airside E.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through and look and my latest trip report. I will be flying out for the weekend in Boise in mid May so expect the next one around then, hopefully it will include a 767-300! Again, thank you and comment if you wish!

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    Nice report, I like the spotting pics in ATL.




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      Very nice report, the spotting pics in TPA and ATL are great! I find it funny you got 683DA and 684DA on the same day.
      Flown on: 146, 319, 320, 321, 717, 722, 732, 733, 737, 738, 744, 752, 753, 762, 763, 764, 772, AT7, CR1, CR2, CR7, CR9, 328, D9S, D95, 135, 145, 170, 175, F100, L10, M11, M88, M90


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        Originally posted by WidgetKid View Post
        Very nice report, the spotting pics in TPA and ATL are great! I find it funny you got 683DA and 684DA on the same day.
        Thanks. Not only that, I got them right after each other! Haha