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DC-9 Daytrip with DL: ORD-DTW-ORD

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  • DC-9 Daytrip with DL: ORD-DTW-ORD

    Hello everyone, this is my first trip report!

    For more than a year I had been planning a DC-9 daytrip with my family, originally I had planned to fly to MSP from ORD, on a DC-9-30 and MD-90on return flight, which was nice because I had never been on any of those types. My main mission was to at least fly one type of DC-9, after looking at the flight schedules on Delta’s website the MD-90 changed to an A319, after I read that I lost interest and decided to scrap the ORD-MSP-ORD daytrip. I continued to look at alternatives including ORD-MEM-ORD which DL wanted over $1,000…that was out of the question. So I finally chose ORD-DTW-ORD for $350 for 3 people round-trip, with outbound flight on the rare DC-9-40 and return on the DC-9-30, this was the perfect combo.

    ORD Airfield Spotting
    To avoid rush hour traffic we took CTA’s Blue Line to O’Hare and arrived at ORD at around 8:30 am to catch our 10:15am flight to DTW, I was afraid the whole night that the flight would switch to a DC-9-50 at the last minute, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

    Skywest CRJ-200 (N709BR) in Generic Colors

    United Express ERJ-145 (N14907)

    Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

    ANA Boeing 777-300ER

    US Airways Airbus A320.... Paint was so ugly I needed to take a picture

    Here she comes!, my ride to DTW

    Hard to believe shes 41 years old....

    1st Segment
    Delta Air Lines Flight 7346
    Chicago-O'Hare (ORD) – Detroit Metro (DTW)
    Douglas DC-9-40 (N755NW)
    *Built June 1968, started life with SAS as “Gunnar Viking”
    Departure: 10:15AM - Arrival: 12:37PM
    Seat 21A

    We boarded around 9:40am, while boarding the plane I noticed that DL had placed “Operated by Delta Air Lines Inc” stickers near the bottom of the door, I settled into seat 21A which was right in front of the engine, just what I wanted, a few minutes later the pilots cranked up the P&W engines, the sound and vibration is something I’ll never forget, after a short taxi we were airborne

    By time I knew it, the captain announced we were beginning our desent into DTW.

    DTW’s McNamara Terminal
    All can say about this terminal is WOW, so clean, lots of stores and restaurants and its cool to have a tram running overhead, now time for some planespotting……

    The red tails are gone……well almost. It was pretty sad, the only planes at DTW still in NW paint when I arrived were two DC94’s and two DC93’s, that’s it! The only thing still red is the tram. Most of the ground equipment is still painted red and grey.

    Hopefully no one falls out....

    My flight 7201 to back ORD still “On-Time”

    “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney…

    While walking toward my gate, I noticed the tail of a NW 757 in the distance, that I hadn’t seen while walking the terminal early, I got excited when I realized it was a 5500 series 752 that had just arrived. My Mom asked what was the big deal with this plane, I told her these are the only 757’s still in NW paint, and they’ll be in DL paint soon.

    Another surprise, DL’s Skyteam 764 had also just arrived…

    2nd Segment
    Delta Air Lines Flight 7201
    Detroit Metro (DTW) – Chicago-O’Hare (ORD)
    Douglas DC-9-30 (N529US)
    *Built May 1970, started life with JAT Yugoslav Airlines
    Departure: 3:20pm - Arrival: 3:45pm
    Seat 19F

    Boarding the DC93 was slow, and the flight seemed pretty full, when I looked at my watch we were already almost 20 minutes late. A little later we began our pushback, and the captain started the engines, our taxi toward to the runway was fast we didn’t stop at all on the taxi from the gate to the runway, once we pulled on to the runway the plane stopped and then full power. I was impressed, this little DC-9 was powerful.

    By the time I knew it, we were beginning our descent

    The landing was good, the pilots used reverse thrust and did some heaving breaking and a hard turn on to the taxiway.

    While exiting the plane I noticed the old NW logo on the wall in First Class, so I snapped this picture, besides the few planes I saw in DTW with NW paint, this the only NW logo I saw on the whole trip.

    So long DC-9……

    Overall the trip was great, DTW has an amazing terminal, the experince on the DC-9 is one to remember.

    Thank You for reading my trip report!

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    Glad you got the -40! Just think by the end of the year the 30/40s will be out of the question. Row 21 rocks, did the F/A ask you guys in the back if you wanted to move forward?