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Getting home from SXM - Very long.

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  • Getting home from SXM - Very long.

    Well, after having a fun few days in St Martin, we had to get home somehow, but of course, none of us had the idea of making it easy to get home, so we came up with this plan.

    Airline - Continental
    Route - St Martin to Newark
    Scheduled Departure - 13:08 (13:47 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 17:42 (18:25 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-700
    Seat - 25A
    Class - Economy

    So we checked-in as usual, and got our seat etc, then headed through security. I sat down at the gate, very tired, and waited for our plane to arrive.
    I didnt see anything for ages, and our gate area was full by this time. Then i saw some lights in the distance. And they got closer,and closer, then i saw it had winglets. As it got closer i could clearly see it was a CO plane, and it made, the WORST touchdown i have ever seen in my life
    The plane looked like it was going to touch down, then it lifted up again, then went back to touchdown again, and repeated this several times, before smashing into the ground,bouncing a number of times, and eventually coming down to earth fully,about three quarters down the runway !
    It parked badly onto the stand and the jetway connected. We boarded not long at all after it had arrived, and we were onboard and in our seats in a matter of minutes, even with the excessive amount of passengers on this flight. When the queue for boarding started, i was joined by Kevin and then later by James in the queue, James was shouted at by another passenger for pushing in line but when we told the passengers he was with me he seemed to shut-up. I sat in the window seat, and stared outside for a while.
    The crew demonstrated the safety features, and we taxied to the runway. Unfortunately this plane didn't have PTV's
    We made a powerful take-off and we made an immediate right turn.
    The plane shook quite violently when we had reached the 10,000 ish height.
    Flight attendants were up and down the aisle all the time.
    I fell asleep not long after, much to the frustration of the other two who were mad at me for hogging the window seat and not even looking out the window. They (James and Kev) decided we were going to crash at James' house for the night, so they wondered about the best way to get around, since James lived there, he knew most so we just did what ever he said was best. I woke up about 40 minutes before we touched down. I woke, shook my head around to get my bearings, and looked at James in the middle seat, he had an expression on his face as if to say "Bas***D !!!! But he said, "Oh look the sleeping beauty is finally awake"
    Kevin looked around at us, and gave me the same look as James did.
    I started laughing and decided that i was starving. Apparently they had been given a free sandwich. We started our descent and made a bumpy approach into EWR. We touched down very smooth, NOTHING compared to the landing it had into SXM that i saw. We used heavy breaking though, and made a hard turn off of the runway. We parked up, and we walked off last.
    Then we got our bags, headed outside and headed towards James' house.

    When we got to his MANSION, we went onto his laptop and booked flights to SFO. For no known reason, we booked ourselves on different flights. By chance, the flights we had booked all landed relatively near each other which worked out well, Kev flying on Delta 161, James going on Virgin America 25 and me going on United 95.

    Kevin left first, and i left after him as i was flying from Newark.
    Here's my flight !

    Airline - United
    Route - Newark to San Francisco
    Scheduled Departure - 18:21 (19:04 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 21:56 (22:13 actual)
    Aircraft - Airbus A319
    Seat - 19F
    Class - Coach

    I checked in as usual in EWR, i dropped off my bags and got my seat.
    "A light load on your flight today sir"
    I liked the sound of that
    I headed through security etc and chillaxed at my gate. I saw a shiny Airbus A319 parked up, i didnt believe it was mine, an A319 !, could not be.
    Boarding was called, and i realised i was actually going on this plane. A quick look on the internet on my iPhone, and i saw James and Kev were well on their way. I got took my seat and relaxed, a LONG flight on a small plane.
    The legroom wasn't too bad, and the seat was comfortable so i didnt panic too much. Normal safety demo and we were soon airborne and on our way.
    I was hungry at the moment, so i found some money and decided what i would buy. Meanwhile i got a Starbucks coffee from the drinks service.
    Shortly after the crew came around with the buy-on-board, they were very good crew, chatting to each passenger as they went past. I got a Turkey Sandwich for $9. It was very tasty, it was served with kettle chips.
    About 2 hours later another drink service, soft drinks only, i got a coke this time.
    XM radio was good, lots of channels to choose from.
    I checked my watch and wondered if the others had landed yet, they were both scheduled to land before me, quite a while before me. I then realised i was on UA95,which made me think then made me quite upset at the fact that it was the same route as Flight UA93 on 9/11
    This, and i dont know why, made me sort of depressed for the remainder of the flight. The crew seemed very happy throughout this flight, and did everything asked of them, they did everything with a smile on their face.
    I see alot of asian crews on United, im not being racist in anyway, but i just do, see alot more oriental crews on United, than most other airlines, other than asian airlines of course On this flight the 2 flight attendants i saw most were two little oriental women, who did everything the best as they could, always with a smile on their face, and made the flight pleasant for all passengers, these are the type of crews i like to see and have ! ONES WHO ENJOY THEIR JOBS !
    About an hour before landing, the crew cleared everything away and prepared the crew for landing.
    We made a bumpy descent, and touched down gently onto the runway. We taxied for a long time, and continued taxiing for a while. We parked up and disembarked, i said goodbye and collected bags, then headed off to find Kevin and James already sitting there waiting for me.
    We got talking about the flights we had, apparently Virgin America are a good value for money airline. Kevin just said that Delta had "alot to offer"
    We headed off to find a hotel, and settled for the Marriot San Francisco Airport.

    I then called Aimee, and asked her where she was, she said she was at the Hyatt Regency SFO , and that she was going home tomorrow. I told her that im in SFO with James and Kev, and that we are flying back tomorrow on United, to LHR. She asked what flight number, i said UA930, and just got a simple reply of , "F**K". i had never flown on a flight where she was working, it would be wierd !

    So we slept in the Mariott untill the following day, Kevin went off to explore town, we hoped he wouldent get lost. James went off plane spotting, and i carried on sleeping untill 2pm when i was woken up by Kevin shouting through the door, and ringing my phone !

    James and Kev had never met Aimee before, obviously.

    Eventually we left for the airport.

    Airline - United
    Route - San Francisco to London Heathrow
    Scheduled Departure - 19:08 (19:15 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 13:35 (13:10 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 777
    Seat - 37A
    Class - Coach

    We checked in and got out seats, i knew the check-in agent who was checking us in, and i have NO idea why !!...
    She gave us our seats, and we headed through the security to where our gate was ment to be. We saw no plane, and then the gate changed, and we watched as a hive of activity buzzed around this shiny 777 in UA's new livery. Boarding was called, and we were greeted by a male flight attendant, who directed us to the right, into the economy section.
    We walked back through economy plus, and standing behind row 26, in the galley between Economy + and normal Economy, was Aimee who was talking to another flight attendant and directing people to their seats. We all said hello, and i knew the flight attendant who she was talking to !, and again i dont know howw !!!!!
    We spoke, and i introduced James and Kev. James spoke normally, but Kevin just said "Hey" and thats it , poor Kevin, embarrassed
    I took my seat, and Kevin sat next to me.
    "Theres no need to be embarrassed Kevin"
    he said that REALLY loud and i told him "i promise you wont feel a thing" and raised my fist he laughed and repeated what he said, but seriously.
    He then looked at James, who gave him a look of "Shut the f**k up" mixed with "I agree!"
    We got talking again, and we asked James why he is bothering to come to England with us, after he could have stayed at home a day ago.
    He just said that any plane enthusiast would fly as much as they could, which is fair enough. We pushed back during the safety demo. We taxied quickly, and then made a powerful take-off from the runway. The crew today were quite harsh, to each other, there seemed to be a sort of, head of economy who was bossing people around alot. Not long after the seat-belt sign was turned off, i turned to my PTV, and a drink service started.
    I watched the usual, two and a half men, CSI etc...
    I got a starbucks Coffee again. Aimee was serving this drink service along with the bossy f/a. Aimee talked to passengers, and we were all served by the bossy guy, who just asked what we wanted, literally threw it onto the tray table, and then asked other people. The bossy f/a walked to the back, and Aimee and another f/a, the one i knew, walked over to the trolley, and took over. The coffee was a good coffee, just right. James got up and wandered for a while. Kevin was fascinated at the fact the PTV was available to him it was his first time on United and i must say he didnt seem disappointed. For a while i saw the same 2 crew members untill the meal service. The special meals were handed out first. That was followed by the regular meals. The choices were Chilli Chicken or Lamb Shank.
    I got the Chilli Chicken, which came with a small salad, Chilli Chicken, Steamed Vegetables, bread roll,butter and oreo cookies. I got a coke with this.
    It was VERY tasty, most people opted for the Chicken, and even at the last row, they didn't run out. As it got darker, the cabin slowly went to sleep. The crew asked us all to turn off reading lights, and shut window blinds.
    The only lights on were the lights from PTV's. Most crew disappeared into the crew rest seats,i guess, as only 1 f/a stayed and walked around the cabin frequently keeping an eye on people. During the night, i could hear the *Ding* of the crew call button quite often, and it got quite annoying, but the crew were at the seats very quickly.I continued watching my PTV for the most part of the flight. Kevin did the same. James slept since after the meal service.
    Crew were asking people who were awake if they wanted anything. An f/a asked me and kevin if we needed anything, Kevin asked if he could get a drink, and she was back within a few seconds with the drink he asked for.
    I think me and kevin, were the only people awake in the cabin, other than the people at the front. I eventually fell asleep. The cabin lights were turned on not long after i fell asleep, for breakfast, which i skipped. They said they were serving breakfast now to help us get used to the change in time-zone.
    I decided against breakfast, and fell back asleep.
    I couldent get back to sleep so i went and watched my PTV. I pressed the crew call button and Aimee came over I asked for a coffee to wake me up, she asked if Kev wanted anything and he said no. Within a few minutes i got my coffee. I think its good that United serve Starbucks coffee, it hands down beats AA,BA and DL's AWFUL coffee. I also saw recently that EASYJET of all airlines has started to serve Starbucks, available for purchase on board Anyway back to UA. I continued watching TV as did many other passengers, then the crew decided to switch off again, and went back to the night-time routine of no lights and window blinds down. This confused me, but it really did help me sleep.
    I woke up again when i felt the plane drop a little.
    I opened my window and it was daylight
    I didnt feel tired,at all, i found this weird, as usually when im flying tratl routes, eastbound, im shattered when we are descending, obviously the United, anti-jetlag policy is quite good. Kevin had been stupid enough to use a sleeping mask, and nearly strangled himself when he forgot he had it on
    "I just wanted to try everything, its not often i fly across the atlantic" he said which is fair enough i guess.
    Our descent was quite bumpy, but spectacular views of England made up for it. The crew made final preps for landing. I watched the flaps slide out and felt the gear jump out from underneath us. We then made the smoothest of all landing onto the runway. We then taxied and parked up next to another UA777. The 3 of us waited until last to get off the plane. I said bye to the crew and told Aimee that i would see her at home. James and Kev also said bye and we all went off. We collected our bags, Kev headed off to T5 for his flight back to MAN, and me and James headed back to my place. I talked to him about how he will get home, and he said :
    "Ima fly united back home !,Screw delta"

    I really didnt expect that
    I found that United do try their hardest to earn back the trust that they lost during they're hard times.
    A few hours later Aimee got home, and James got online and booked his flight back, LHR-IAD-JFK or LGA i think it was. Then he headed off to the Holiday Inn at LHR.

    Overall it was a very fun trip and we really wanna do it again, hopefully more people can come next time !

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    good too see you lot had a good time

    United seem like quite a good airline, i flew on them not long ago and it was very good.

    Whats so special about this "Aimee" person then ?


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      :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile:


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        Originally posted by LondonFlyer View Post
        good too see you lot had a good time

        United seem like quite a good airline, i flew on them not long ago and it was very good.

        Whats so special about this "Aimee" person then ?
        With the way the one dude was acting,I guess she was hot.
        August 29th will be the worst day of the year.


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          Awww James, and Kev?, i dont remember "Kev".
          I remember you James but not Kev, i only remember the guy who you were both with, when we took off we stood up and looked like he was having a leak by the door.