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Delta Trip Report TPA-CVG-CLE-DTW-TPA, with Cincinnati's downsize!

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  • Delta Trip Report TPA-CVG-CLE-DTW-TPA, with Cincinnati's downsize!

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    Alright, I'm back again. This time with a short weekend trip to Cleveland, Ohio. My grandfather had quadruple heart bypass surgery the Wednesday before so I went up to Cleveland to help out. Most of my time spent was in the air but I had one full day to get everything done. Hope you enjoy the following!

    Palm Harbor, Florida

    May 7th, 2010
    I woke up at 4:30AM sharp. My mom leaves the house for work at 5:15AM so she was just going to drop me off at the airport on her way to work. So, after getting ready, printing my flight information and double checking my flight listing, we got in the Xterra and headed to TPA.

    Tampa International Airport
    Upon arrival to TPA, I made my way to the check-in counter and checked my single bag. Everything went smooth from there on out. I was the first off the tram so I got through security in a blast and got my Starbucks before I passed out. I looked around the Concourse for the 10,000th time and took some pictures.

    TPA's main terminal.

    Concourse E around 6:30AM.

    Departures and arrivals.

    Old colors Southwest 737-700 departing!

    FedEx A310 departing.

    US Airways A319 departing for DCA.

    US Airways 737-400 departing for CLT.

    Air Lines Flight #1884
    Tampa, FL (TPA) - Cincinnati, OH (CVG)
    Equipment - McDonnell Douglas MD-88
    Seat Assignment - 25A, Economy Class, Window/Exit
    Departure Time - 7:44AM
    Arrival Time - 10:01AM
    Flying Time - 2 hours 17 minutes
    Departure Gate - E69
    Arrival Gate - B3
    Aircraft Registration - N909DL, delivered on 12/29/1987
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 7th, 2010
    Video - Delta MD-88 Tampa to Cincinnati

    Flight #1884
    Before boarding I could have sworn I heard the gate agent call my name. So, I made my way from E70 to E69 to see what she wanted. She said she hasn't called anyone's name. But, since I was first on the list she'd clear me. So, she gave me seat 25A, an exit window. When I got on the plane all my pictures while taxing around TPA were ruined because of the dew on the window. That all went away while taking off though. The flight flew right over the Atlanta area and then continued north towards Cincinnati. We flew downwind of CVG giving me a fantastic view of the airport.

    Flightaware map for DL1884.

    Gate E69 to CVG.

    My MD-88 to Cincinnati.

    The dew I was talking about.

    Directly after takeoff.

    The front that was near Gainesville.

    Lunch, consisting of Coke and a ham and cheese Lunchable.

    Descending under the plane highway near Atlanta.

    The cabin.

    Descending over Kentucky.

    Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

    Turning on final.

    Lining up for 18L.

    CVG's control tower while taxing.

    Taxing infront of runway 27.

    View of the end of Concourse B. My next plane is cut off on the right side.

    The closed Concourse C. Looks like something from the 60's!

    Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport, Kentucky
    After getting off my flight I took my first look at DL's one terminal operation at CVG. After the closing of Concourses C and A I was expecting a rather hectic Concourse B. But, to my surprise, it wasn't. It wasn't terribly busy and honestly, not very big. I had to walk all the way from B3 to B36. So, I took some pictures while on my way there.

    View of the west wing of Concourse B.

    The center part of B.

    Connection Flight #6548
    Operated by Comair
    Cincinnati, OH (CVG) - Cleveland, OH (CLE)
    Equipment - Canadair CRJ-100/200
    Seat Assignment - 05A, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 11:00AM
    Arrival Time - 11:57AM
    Flying Time - 0 hours 57 minutes
    Departure Gate - B36
    Arrival Gate - B4
    Aircraft Registration - N967CA, delivered on 9/18/1996
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 7th, 2010
    Video - Delta CRJ-200 Cincinnati to Cleveland

    Flight #6548

    I wasn't boarded until 8 minutes before scheduled departure. I was the only nonrev on the flight. After they gave me my seat (05A) I waked down the jetway. I was surprised to have to go out on the tarmac. I've done that before but only for the Saabs. I walked out to N967CA, operated by Comair. The plane was in good condition except for my window which was completely scratched up. Actually, I don't think I've flown a 1st generation CRJ with nice windows. But, I was tired so after we took off I fell asleep for about 25 minutes. We landed in Cleveland a bit early. This was also my first time with Comair.

    Flightaware map DL6548.

    Boarding screen for 6548.

    Gate B36.

    N967CA, my ride for the next 57 minutes.

    View going up the air stairs.

    View from 05A.

    The recently closed Concourse A.

    Looking back at CVG.

    Crossing over the Ohio River into Ohio.

    Approaching Cleveland.

    Control tower in CLE.

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Ohio
    I got off my plane pretty fast and took some quick pictures. This was my first time in Concourse B, so I did a quick look around. Then I made my way to baggage claim and waited for my grandparents to pick me up.

    Inside Concourse B.

    Baggage claim for DL6548.

    Westlake, Ohio
    May 8th, 2010
    I had all of Saturday to get my work done. I made several runs to the store to get soil and plants. Not only that, the temperature was dipping into the low 50's (cold for a Floridian) and the wind was gusting up to 40mph! It was the worst weather I could have hoped for to do their gardening, but, despite the bad weather, I got everything done.

    Westlake, Ohio

    May 9th, 2010
    I got up at a nice time around 8. I finished packing my bag, got all my camera equipment ready and had some breakfast. We left for the airport at 9:00AM.

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Ohio

    After arriving at Cleveland I checked my bag and went through security. I was the ONLY one in the security line which was odd. I then walked to my gate (C and then looked around Concourses C and D. I also noted that my plane, N8930E, I had been on before from Detroit-Cleveland.

    Concourse C.

    The boring tunnel (compared to DTW) between Concourses C and D.

    Some "artwork".

    Connection Flight #3977
    Operated by Pinnacle
    Cleveland, OH (CLE) - Detroit Metro, MI (DTW)
    Equipment - Canadair CRJ-100/200
    Seat Assignment - 13A, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 10:52AM
    Arrival Time - 11:50AM
    Flying Time - 0 hours 58 minutes
    Departure Gate - C8
    Arrival Gate - C36
    Aircraft Registration - N8930E, delivered on 4/26/2004
    Status - Delayed due to multiple reasons
    Date - May 9th, 2010
    Video - Delta CRJ-200 Cleveland to Detroit

    Flight #3977
    Okay, this has to be the most delayed flight I've ever flown. The delays them selves weren't long but there were three reasons! First one: Before we pushed back the captain came on and said that there was something wrong with the APU, resulting in around a 15 minute delay. Then before we reached the active runway he came on and said that there was a ATC ground stop due to gusting winds which lasted around 10 minutes. After we landed in DTW we taxied to C36 where, the captain said they were having problems moving the jetway which resulted in a 20 minute delay there. Overall, we were delayed by 45 minutes but we must have gained some time in the air. The flight was short and I had a great view of Cedar Point!

    Flightaware map for DL3977

    N8930E, my ride to the motor city.

    Another view of it.

    Walked out on the tarmac again.

    Happy to see it in Northwest Airlink colors.

    Taken during the APU delay.

    Taken during the ground stop delay.

    Directly after takeoff. It was gusty/bumpy up there!


    Decided to zoom onto the wing.

    Sorry about the quality. I edited it so you can see everything better. Cedar Point.

    Cabin, I don't know why it came out blurry.

    Descending over Ontario, Canada.

    On final for 3R in DTW.


    North end of Concourse A.

    No more Northwest at the McNamara terminal.

    Bored during the jetway delay.

    Detroit Metropolitan International Airport, Michigan
    After I got off the plane I made got around three phone calls at the same time. My cousin, mom and dad. I walked to McDonald's in Concourse A for a lunch. I took some pictures and made my way to A75 to Tampa. Now, this part is for those people who fly standby on Delta. There was an issue with my listing that wasn't my fault. There were about twelve people on the list below me. I was #1 with a S2 priority and 1982 seniority (my dad). The gate agent filled the 6 open F class seats with S3 employees. One was Comair and two were 2008 seniority. I was put in Economy. Long story short, my dad's boss filed a complaint (it's happened to her too) and I got my S2 pass back.

    A Delta Saab at the end of C.

    The end of Concourse C.

    Walking through C.

    Much nicer than Cleveland's!

    The tram in Concourse A.

    Air Lines Flight #1621
    Detroit Metro, MI (DTW) - Tampa, FL (TPA)
    Equipment - Airbus A320
    Seat Assignment - 10A, Economy Class, Window/Exit
    Departure Time - 1:32PM
    Arrival Time - 3:57PM
    Flying Time - 2 hours 25 minutes
    Departure Gate - A75
    Arrival Gate - E66
    Aircraft Registration - N320US, delivered on 7/23/1991
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 9th, 2010
    Video - Delta A320 Detroit to Tampa

    Flight #1621

    The flight was very nice. We departed on time and the flight landed on time. Also, this was rare, I got the can of soda on the flight! First time since the last Northwest flight I had that I've gotten the can. But, I was mad that they didn't have the Biscoff cookies. Only problem was that on descent and landing my window fogged up so pictures and videos were difficult.

    Flightaware map for DL1621.

    A75 to Tampa.

    Waiting for pushback.

    View down Concourse A.

    3L just re opened. Gotta love runways with no tire marks!

    Directly after takeoff.


    Willow Run Airport.

    Looking back at DTW.

    A can of Coke and some pretzels.

    Overflying the Appalachian Hills.

    Needed some speed brakes during descent.

    The state of the art A320 cockpit after landing.

    Best view of N320US I could get in both DTW and TPA.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida

    After I got off I quickly got on the tram back to the main terminal where I met up with my dad who was waiting. I got home quickly, unpacked, did some homework and set my alarm for 5:30AM the next morning for school.

    View of Concourse E around 4.

    Thanks for reading. Remember to watch the videos. I'm headed to Boise this Wednesday (5/19) so I'll have a report of that and the return in about two weeks!

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    Great report, thank you! I'm terrified of flying and I have a trip coming up in 2 weeks and these reports make me feel a lot better for some reason. Anywho, thanks again and I thought it was a great report. Have fun on your next trip


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      Nice report. Every time I fly, I want to take these type of pics, but usually I am late, so I have to hustle to get to the plane! Perhaps I will have the chance in December...going F class to DUS!