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Holiday to America !!! Part Two !

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  • Holiday to America !!! Part Two !

    My plan to fly to Hawaii alone didnt work, as my mum said that she was worried enough that me and my sisters flew to NY on their own, and that we were flying back alone. Me and my sisters again had to fly back alone from Hawaii as one of them had exams.
    As it was cheaper to go early, i had to go with them so they didnt lose themselves in the airport. I dont see why my brother got to stay longer.

    Airline - United
    Route - New York JFK to Los Angeles LAX
    Scheduled Departure - 11:30
    Actual Departure - 11:55
    Scheduled Arrival - 14:47
    Actual Arrival - 15:05
    Aircraft - Boeing 757-200
    Seat - 22F
    Class - Premium Service - Economy Plus

    We got to JFK at around 9am.
    We checked-in , got our seats and headed off through security.
    At the gate area we relaxed until our flight was called.
    At 10:30 our flight was called for boarding, in order of priority, First,Business,Special Assistance, and then Economy Plus.
    We were greeted on-board by a flight attendant called Abbie
    Ok i wont go into details about her. She directed passengers left or right, which side of the aisle.
    A flight attendant was standing in the rear galley by the lavatories, helping a passenger put something in a overhead locker. Other than those 2 f/a's i saw no other crew. I took my seat next to the window, my brother and Dad sat in the remaining 2 seats. Economy Plus does have a bit of extra legroom, and for me its good, im quite small, but for people who are very tall, the extra legroom would be like a normal economy seat for people of my size.
    My sisters purchased in-flight wireless.
    Back to the crew, after the door shut, the only flight attendant i saw from boarding to Cruise was Abbie, who was constantly up and down and the other flight attendant who was in the rear galley had also disappeared.
    We made an on-time pushback but due to traffic we made a late take-off.
    Take-off was powerful and we climbed in a perfectly straight line for ages, and we made our first turn when the seat-belt sign was turned off.
    Shortly after that, Abbie and the other flight attendant (STILL THE SAME 2) made a short drinks service. I got a Coke Zero with Ice.
    Shortly after the drinks service, was a buy-on-board service.
    My Dad and Brother had pre-booked themselves a meal when we booked the flights, and they had payed when they recieved them.
    I was STARVING so i decided to buy Thai Chicken Wrap for $9.
    It came with Kettle Chips aswell.
    It was very tasty. It should be for $9.
    I turned over to iPod for some entertainment, a few movies.
    The flight itself was very smooth, and with great views, not a cloud in the sky for the most part of the flight.
    About 1 hour and a half later, another drinks service.
    I got another Coke with Ice. Again this was followed by a buy-on-board service. This time i bought a "Classic" Snackbox for $6.
    It had plenty in it, and compared to the snackboxes back in europe (5 for a packet of mini pretzels a mini chocolate and mini crackers) this was a bargain.
    United's Premium Service is a great service, i think.
    We started our descent after a loong flight, and we made lots of jumpy turns, and we flew over the airport, made a loooooong U-Turn over the sea and came into land. A hard touchdown onto the runway but a short taxi and we parked up next to a company 757 and a company A320.

    I said goodbye to Abbie who was at the door, again, and, OMG , a different flight attendant. The other flight attendant was quite rude. This is United All over, Some crew trying their best to get the trust of passengers back, and others who just want their money and travel benefits.
    We then headed through to our connection, we didnt have to re-check in either this time.

    Airline - United
    Route - Los Angeles to Honolulu
    Scheduled Departure - 16:50
    Actual Departure - 18:00
    Scheduled Arrival - 19:44
    Actual Arrival - 21:05
    Aircraft - Boeing 767-300
    Seat - 40A
    Class - Economy

    After connecting through from our JFK flight we found our gate and chilled our for a while. Our plane was already at the gate when we got there.
    A 763 in old livery.
    After sleeping,relaxing and shopping, our gate area filled up with more people.
    Then we realized that the group of people there had gone to the wrong gate.
    There must have been about 70 people there, including us, not alot considering we were going on a 767. At 16:00 they announced our flight would be a little delayed because the in-flight service trolleys hadnt been loaded.
    Finally at 17:00 they started boarding.
    When we walked on-board we were greeted by a male flight attendant who checked our boarding cards and nodded in the direction of our seats.
    All of the crew were smiling on this flight, there was one female F/A who was standing in the overwing galley.
    She and another f/a directed passengers going down both aisles.
    The crew were probably happy to be going to Hawaii
    I took my seat by the window, right at the very back of the plane.
    When everybody finished boarding the captain apologized for the delay and then we pushed back.
    We got to the runway, and we took off behind a Southwest 737.
    We turned nearly immediately after take-off, a looongg right U-Turn.
    When we got to our cruise altitude the Purser announced that because of the delay, passengers of Economy & Economy Plus will get a round of complimentary alcoholic drinks.
    The first service was drinks, and naturally most passengers who could, made use of the free alcohol service, i got a coke with ice, again.
    This again was followed by a buy-on-board service.
    I purchased nothing in this first round of B-O-B.
    The usual routine of iPod and staring out of the window during the flight, nothing to see apart from clouds and sea.
    Another drinks service was served around an hour and a bit later, normal service , alcohol cost $6 again, i got a Starbucks decaf coffee, which was really nice !
    This was not followed by a B-O-B service, but we told if we needed anything, to press the crew button.
    I didnt need anything, and neither did many other passengers.
    We started our descent around 45 minutes prior to landing.
    Descent was smooth, with the sun set visible through the window at certain angles.
    We made a smooth touchdown onto the runway, an hour and a bit late.
    We then parked up next to a Hawaiian Airlines 767.
    Then we disembarked, said goodbye to the crew, and walked off the steps into a very hot honolulu airport.
    Then our plane had to wait a while for bags to arrive. My bag was the second one to come through !
    And then to the Shuttle bus to our hotel.

    Hope you enjoyed !

    Part Three to come soon !