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Holiday to America !!! Final Part !

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  • Holiday to America !!! Final Part !

    Seeing as i had to skip 2 days of my holiday to take my sisters home, i decided i would make it as fun for me, and as hellish as possible for them (EG - 100000000 Connections on the way)
    Usually when we book flights, my Dad trusts me with his credit card and if i find a bargain then book it, for all he knows i could book first class seats, but i dont, becuase i dont wanna ruin the freedom that it gives me, so this time i booked one of the longest trips possible, and told him it was the cheapest way.
    It wasnt but oh well. By the way i ended up not booking 1000000 stops.

    Here they are !

    Airline - Hawaiian Airlines
    Route - Honolulu to Los Angeles
    Scheduled Departure - 08:00
    Actual Departure - 08:35
    Scheduled Arrival - 16:15
    Actual Arrival - 16:35
    Aircraft - Boeing 767-300
    Seat - 39J
    Class - Coach

    My parents came with us to the airport, we got there at 06:45.
    We checked-in and then said goodbye to my parents at security.
    A long trip ahead of us, that would take 3 days to get home (HAHA part of my plan, amazing for me, horrible for my sisters)
    I got a window seat next to my sister, and my other sister was sat behind us in the window seat.
    We boarded on time, 07:25, and we were greeted on-board by a kind flight attendant who talked alot.
    I stumbled back towards my row, past people stuggling to get their things in the overhead compartments, past flight attendants who were struggling to help them, and eventually to my seat.
    The seat was an OK seat. I dont like the uniform that Hawaiian crew wear, it looks soo cheap. Anyway soon enough we were pushing back and at the runway. We made a powerful take-off, the old 767 rattling and vibrating heavily when we rotated.
    The gear creaked in and the flaps (i dont know if they meant to ) retracted soon after lifting off the tarmac.
    The crew were up and working (making sure the wings were still attached) really quickly after take-off.
    Not long into the flight a beverage service was offered.
    Nothing like a lukewarm coke to start off you day.
    This was followed by a complimentary "Breakfast Burrito" which was kinda like the rubber thing that you buy your dog for it too chew on.
    So with the "Breakfast Burrito" dying in the corner of my tray table, the crew gave me the dirtiest look possible when they collected all the trash.
    I know giving free food is a good service which is not seen alot in the States, but if i were the Hawaiian manager i would focus more on new planes, new seats,new uniforms before cheap,crap,inedible pieces of rubber, and besides if people dont eat the crap pieces of rubber then thats just wasting more money.
    The crew started to hand out blankets, for an unknown reason, its not an overnight flight. But anyway, the blankets were just oversized condoms, with a pillow that was filled with needles, or so it felt.
    Finally, after a pretty average flight we started our descent.
    The flaps slid out, the landing gear fell out, the crew ran back to their seats, and the pilot passed out. Thats how this all felt in this approach
    The noises this plane was making ! it was scary stuff ! the way we would jolt around in different directions ! added to it !
    Then i saw the sea, then in the distance in front of us i could see a beach, the gear lowered, and we made a noisy, hard touchdown onto the runway.
    We then taxied for 15 minutes before we parked up.
    Disembarkation was quick (everyone wanted to get off !!!!) and a quick goodbye to the crew before we were out and collecting our bags.

    We collected our bags then headed off to check-in with the next airline.

    I found a pair of flight that fitted perfectly with out current schedule and they were dirt cheap, only $278 for all 3 of us.

    Airline - United
    Route - Los Angeles to Washington Dulles
    Scheduled Departure - 23:45
    Actual Departure - 00:05
    Scheduled Arrival - 07:48
    Actual Arrival - 07:55
    Aircraft - Airbus A320
    Seat - 23F
    Class - Economy

    After waiting for a while in LAX we headed to our gate. I was dumped at the gate, i cant remember what gate but i know it was Terminal 7, anyway my sisters went off to god knows where and left me at the gate.
    At 23:00 boarding was called. The flight had a load factor of 33%.
    Me and my 2 sisters boarded second last.
    The gate agent seemed impatient to get everybody on-board.
    We were welcomed on-board by a kind flight attendant who was in a happy mood, she talked to the passengers told them exactly where the seat was, and was just generally being friendly.
    I walked back to find my seat, i couldent believe we were last on, the plane was nearly empty. I sat by the window and Tiffany sat in the Window seat opposite, 23A, and Charlotte sat in the Aisle seat, 23D.
    The crew on this flight were happy and fun, the were always joking with one another and with the passengers, the safety demonstration was a laugh.
    When we were taxiing i saw 2 flight attendants pushing a trolley back to towards the rear "I love light loads" i heard one of them say, this explains their happy mood.
    The captain was talking to us during our taxi, explaining the flight, weather, service on-board and destination information, i thought this was better to be done during taxi rather than boarding, everybody on-board was listening.
    We held short of the runway for around 5 minutes, in this time the cabin lights were dimmed.
    We then taxied onto the runway and made the smoothest and quietist take-off ive ever had.
    It was completely silent during take-off but once we were airborne i could hear the crew laughing and talking in the rear galley, this could be considered bad, keeping passengers awake, but seeing as us 3 were the furthest 3 back in the cabin, i dont think it mattered.
    About an hour after take-off the crew were starting the in-flight service.
    They started from the back.
    The flight attendant pulling the trolley served me and charlotte drinks.
    I got a Starbucks coffee and my sister got a coke.
    The flight attendant gave me a friendly lecture on what drinking too much coffee and drinking coffee at this time of night can do to me.
    When she finished her lecture she and the other flight attendant burst out laughing and she told me she was joking and she hoped i never heard a word of what i said, then they started to joke about how i was trying to look interested in what she was saying.
    The flight attendant pushing the trolley continued talking to us, and talking to Tiffany who also wanted to be a trolley dolly when she grew up (WTF !?)
    The flight attendant pulling the trolley continued serving drinks, i saw her stop once more after us, before she pushed the trolley back to the rear galley. "Everyone else is sleeping". They then asked us if we wanted to buy anything to eat. We said no and then they told us what was going to happen in the flight.
    They then went around, and in all the empty window rows, they shut the window blinds, and the cabin lights switched completely off, then they told us to turn on our reading lights and turn them off if we were going to go to sleep, so they knew who was and wasnt awake.
    Out of the 6 lights on, 3 switched off quickly, the remaining 3, me charlotte and tiffany were awake for the whole flight, to TV's were on during the flight so we watched our iPods and listened to the XM Radio.
    During the flight the crew were up and down checking on us, quite often, and it was good, they asked us if we wanted more drinks or food.
    I asked the flight attendant if i could go in the cockpit and she said when they have landed then yeah.
    We then all talked about what we were doing flying alone and why we were on such a random route if we were going back to London.
    We explained that flying LAX-IAD-LHR was better timing with the flight from HNL-LAX. When we were talking, another flight attendant popped out from the curtain, this one was hot, i mean it, seriously guys .
    She asked if there was any Hot water in the rear galley, and then went back to get it.
    She walked off and back through the curtain into First.
    When she disappeared the flight attendant stood behind us just said "Well thats your next coffee out the window i guess"
    She apologized that "Now that the Economy Water has gone up to First, the one the flight attendant took, was the last one, so theres none left for hot drinks, sorry guys"
    About an hour and a half before landing the crew disappeared and came back down the aisle with another trolley, they stopped at us and we all got cokes.
    They then proceeded down the aisle, i heard them say "Sorry there is no Hot Water" more than once.
    Then we started our descent. Descent was an unusual one, we descended, climbed,descended,climbed in that order a few times, once we climbed,leveled out,climbed again, then dropped.
    Then we continued a normal descent and made a soft landing onto the runway.
    We taxied for about 15 minutes and parked up.
    All the passengers disembarked, and the flight attendants we were talking to the whole flight came to us and told us to follow them.
    One led me into the cockpit and the other talked to my sisters in the jetway.
    I talked to the captain and first officer, both of them very talkative.
    The quizzed me on various things in the cockpit, Most of which i got right , some i got wrong and we talked about where they were going now (Staying in DC for the day) and where i was connecting to.
    I then headed out the cockpit, we all thanked the crew for a great flight and headed to our connection.

    Airline - United
    Route - Washington Dulles to London Heathrow
    Scheduled Departure - 09:26
    Actual Departure - 10:00
    Scheduled Arrival - 21:55
    Actual Arrival - 21:20
    Aircraft - Boeing 767-300
    Seat - 33K
    Class - Coach

    When we got to the gate the Economy section was already boarding.
    A 767 in new livery, looked like it had just been delivered, it obviously hadnt, but it looked it.
    The gate agent told us that he was glad we were here and told us to hurry.
    We were welcomed on-board by an old woman, who was actually a flight attendant, she looked down on us as if we were something you would step on.
    We walked further back through the Business Class section, and a flight attendant in the Galley between Business and Economy + gave us a friendly
    "Heeeeyyy welcome on board"
    Further back, a flight attendant who looked the same age as us gave us exactly the same welcome, and the flight attendant next to her just gave a smile.
    I sat in my seat by the window and Tiffany sat next to me in 33J and Charlotte sat all the way over in 33A.
    She was originally sat in 33H but got moved by a flight attendant to 33B, so that a family could sit together in the middle block, then when she realized the guy in 33A was part of that group, they swapped and she ended up with a window seat. After the safety demo and pushback we taxied to the runway.
    The crew were busy with something that happened up in the front of Economy, i still dont know what happened but it was an argument of some sort.
    We then made a quick take-off from the runway, in the midst of the rush hour, we had managed to take-off nearly on-time.
    After take-off the crew did a quick snack service with a drink.
    I got a Coke and a packet of mini pretzels.
    About half an hour after this, Bottles of Water were handed out.
    Another half hour later a load more water bottles were given out.
    After this, every half an hour, crew came around with a tray of cups of water with and without ice.
    About 2 hours later, Breakfast was Served.
    A small baguette filled with Bacon with a small plastic bowl of fruit and a bread roll.
    It was tasty baguette, it was hot and it filled me up reasonably, it may have been small but it was good.
    After this i switched to the PTV which has a good selection, i like United IFE, apart from on 747's, the United 747 makes the airline look like its run by some guy who just got out of rehab.
    Anyway i fell asleep for some of the flight.
    I woke up about 2 hours before landing, just in time for the snack service.
    A croissant with ham in was served, along side a mini tub of Haagen-Dazs Cookie and Cream ice cream. It was verryyy good
    Shortly after we started our descent.
    We then made a quite hard touchdown onto the runway, in the darkness of London.
    We said our goodbyes, collected bags,customs etc and got picked up by our friends parents.

    Hope you enjoyed !