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Delta Trip Report: TPA-ATL-SLC-BOI-SLC-DTW-TPA, F/Y, B767 and 101 pictures!

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  • Delta Trip Report: TPA-ATL-SLC-BOI-SLC-DTW-TPA, F/Y, B767 and 101 pictures!

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    Alright, I'm back after a not so long gap. About a two weeks to be exact. Between May 19th and May 23rd I flew to Boise to attend my cousin's confirmation. This was my first time flying through Salt Lake City, first time on an MD-90, and first time in a very long time flying on a 767. This is also one of the longest reports, picture wise, that I have done. So, hopefully you enjoy the report and are able to comment and view my videos!

    Palm Harbor, Florida
    May 19th, 2010
    I woke up at exactly 3:00AM. Originally it was suppose to be 2:30AM but I changed my mind at the last minute. The first thing I did when I woke up was put chlorine and stabilizer in the pool. Why? It was green and had tadpoles living in it. That was a lot of fun in the middle of the night. I took a shower, got dressed and brushed my teeth afterward. Next, I went to Delta Net to check the latest loads and print out the record locator for our flights. We were listed on three flights today connecting in Atlanta and Tampa. After my mom and I were ready we made our way to the airport. Once again, I insisted on taking the Causeway but she didn't want to. I parked at the Economy lot at Tampa and got on the bus to the terminal.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida

    We arrived at the airport around 4:30AM. We got our bags checked and got through security in pretty much record time. About 15 minutes. The first thing I did, having only 3 hours of sleep, was get a Starbucks. Then I made my way to E62 to see my plane. Today, the 5:30AM to Atlanta was being operated by N612DL, which was recently pulled from storage and from looking at the pictures, was never painted into the Wavy Gravy color scheme. I sat down and waited for my name to clear which after about 10 minutes it did for 05A, First class.

    Check in for DL at TPA.

    Main terminal.

    Concourse E.

    Air Lines Flight #1972
    Tampa, FL (TPA) - Atlanta, GA (ATL)
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200
    Seat Assignment - 05A, First Class, Window
    Departure Time - 5:25AM
    Arrival Time - 6:54AM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 29 minutes
    Departure Gate - E62
    Arrival Gate - B1
    Aircraft Registration - N612DL, delivered on 10/18/1985
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 19th, 2010
    Video - Delta 757-200 Tampa to Atlanta - DL1972

    Flight #1972

    This flight was rather quick. The takeoff was fast and the ride was smooth for the most part. Service consisted of our choice of cookies, peanuts or pretzels and drink. I chose a Coke and a cookie. We made a great approach into Atlanta giving me some great photo opportunities. It just needed to occur about a half hour later for better lighting! Anyways, we landed and taxied to gate A7. We sat there until the captain said the gate has changed and we'll be parking at B1. We taxied and soon got off the plane. Flight 1 of 3 complete!

    Flightaware map for DL1972.

    Our plane, N612DL, to Atlanta, GA.

    View of the jetway.

    Right after takeoff.

    My drink.


    Sun's rising.

    Nice lighting on the engine.

    Good morning Atlanta.


    Welcome to Atlanta!

    Concourse T.

    N612DL's cockpit.

    First class cabin.


    Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Georgia

    We ended up getting off our last flight at around 7AM. I made my way to gate A2 for our flight to Salt Lake. I sat there for around 20 minutes until they cleared us. We were first on the list out of about 35 for standby. They cleared my mom and I in 20C/D. Me wanting a window, decided to go and ask the gate agent POLITELY! And I mean I was polite. I wasn't angry or rude, but polite. So I go up and say that I'm an aviation enthusiast and that my dad says that 16A/B are open. (He is at work down in Tampa). She puts her hand on the counter, looks at me and says this exactly, "Buddy, I don't have time for this, just take your seat you were assigned and live with it". I was stunned. She could have just said she can't change it or even lie. She didn't have to be rude. So, I ended up in 20C, center section of the plane and the row in front of the bathroom. Terrible seat.

    Concourse B in ATL.

    Air Lines Flight #1105
    Atlanta, GA (ATL) - Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)
    Equipment - Boeing 767-300
    Seat Assignment - 20C, Economy Class, Aisle
    Departure Time - 7:50AM
    Arrival Time - 10:02AM
    Flying Time - 4 hours 12 minutes
    Departure Gate - A2
    Arrival Gate - D1
    Aircraft Registration - N140LL, delivered on 6/17/1993 (Two days after I was born!)
    Status - On Time but landed 7 minutes late
    Date - May 19th, 2010
    Video - N/A

    Flight #1105
    This flight was enjoyable beside the seat. I played some in-flight trivia, had a large snack, completed my Spanish homework and stared at the plane slowly make it's way to SLC. I've gotta say, I've never seen so many people go to the bathroom on a plane in my life. There was a constant line next to my seat, some people I even recognized they went so much! The landing was smooth in SLC even though I couldn't see out the window. Funny thing though, our flight was continuing to HNL so when we landed in SLC the flight attendant said, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Honolulu, wait, whoops, sorry, Salt Lake City..." I thought it was funny. We taxied and parked at gate D1.

    Flightaware map for DL1105.

    N140LL, our ride to the other side of the country.

    Gate A2 to SLC.

    They had to reset. It's Linux.

    My $5 meal.

    My mom was winning and I was in 6th. That didn't stay like that though!

    N140LL's cabin. Complete with nice new blue leather and AVOD.

    About half way.

    Seat in front of me.

    On final to SLC.

    View of the engine after landing.


    Goodbye N140LL, it's next destination is Hawaii!

    Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah
    After I got off the plane I left my mom at a restaurant. She was going to wait there for my uncle who was arriving from Detroit at 10:15AM. I went to gate C2 and watched his A320 arrive. After I left C2 I walked around Concourse C and Concourse D to have a look around. I thought SLC was a great airport. It was clean, spacious in most parts and not very crowded. I then walked to D12 and got our boarding passes for Delta 1232 to Boise, Idaho.

    Concourse D in Salt Lake.

    Looking out at Concourse C.

    Some nice clouds.

    My uncle arriving from Detroit on this A320.

    The plane we just got off from Atlanta, N140LL.

    Air Lines Flight #1232
    Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) - Boise, ID (BOI)
    Equipment - Boeing 737-800 Winglets
    Seat Assignment - 10F, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 11:08AM
    Arrival Time - 12:08PM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 0 minutes
    Departure Gate - D12
    Arrival Gate - B22
    Aircraft Registration - N3732J, delivered on 10/4/2000
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 19th, 2010
    Video - Delta 737-800 Salt Lake City to Boise - DL1232

    Flight #1232
    This was my 3rd time on a Delta 737. And, it's in the same row. I've always gotten row 10. I had 10A, 10F and 10F again on this flight. My mom was in 10D and no one was in the middle so it was a nice flight. Due to turbulence we were not given any drinks or food. The flight took us over the Great Salt Lake which was interesting to me, especially seeing red water! We landed in Boise exactly one hour later.

    Flightaware map for DL1232.

    D12, to Boise.

    View after boarding.

    A330-200 arriving from Tokyo Narita.

    Some mountains.


    Right after takeoff.

    The Great Salt Lake and some clouds.

    Flying over the lake.

    One large cloud.

    Red water.

    The flight track.

    Over Twin Falls, Idaho.

    Idaho during cruise.

    Lucky peak near Boise.

    Welcome to Boise.

    The new control tower.

    FedEx 757-200.


    N3732J's cockpit.

    Last view of N3732J.

    Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field Airport, Idaho
    Once we landed I got off the plane and walked to baggage claim with my mom and uncle. I met up with my cousin at baggage claim. I got our bags and got my uncle's rental car, a 2010 Buick Enclave and we made our way to the house.

    Boise, Idaho
    May 20th - May 22nd, 2010
    The evening was the confirmation which was around 1.5 hours. Other highlights were that we went to see Iron Man 2 and went go karting, (not the kiddie, the ones you need a driver's license for) and went to the nicest restaurant in Boise, Chandlers, which was great! Oh, and it snowed too!


    Boise, Idaho
    May 23rd, 2010
    The flights were full everywhere basically that day. So, we were listed to Salt Lake to Detroit to La Guardia to Tampa. Yes, a triple connection. After I woke up I printed out my record locator, got dressed, checked our flight and weather, and went to the car for the airport.

    Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field Airport, Idaho
    We got checked in fairly quickly and got through security in a second. My mom started walking to B22 and I went down the escalator to look at Concourse C, which is mainly Horizon/Alaska. It was empty. So, I walked down to B22, the very end, and waited to be called for our flight to Boise. I was trying to get a picture of our MD-90 but they came out rather blurry.

    Horizon Dash 8 Q400 special paint scheme.

    Concourse C.

    Concourse B.

    Air Lines Flight #2295
    Boise, ID (BOI) - Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)
    Equipment - McDonnell Douglas MD-90
    Seat Assignment - 01A, First Class, Window
    Departure Time - 6:14AM
    Arrival Time - 7:38AM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 24 minutes
    Departure Gate - B22
    Arrival Gate - D9
    Aircraft Registration - N907DA, delivered on 10/??/1995
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 23rd, 2010
    Video - Delta MD-90 Boise to Salt Lake City - DL2295

    Flight #2295
    The flight was great. It went our pretty empty, around 50 open seats so I got First class. The atmosphere during takeoff was extraordinary. There were several layer of thin clouds, it was really quiet and there was fresh snow on the mountains. Before I knew it, we were descending into Salt Lake City. The approach gave me a great view of the lake and of the airport.

    Flightaware map for DL2295.

    View of N907DA, a MD-90.

    The sun rise.

    Some new snow.

    Sunrise again.

    My biscoff cookie.

    My Coke.

    Some clouds.



    View while turning final.


    Last shot of our plane, N907DA.

    Salt Lake City International Airport, Utah

    I didn't do much looking around this time. I went straight from gate D9 to C2 for our flight to Detroit, which was rather full. There were 0 in First and 4 in coach. I knew I wasn't getting a great seat so I got ready by charging my iPod and getting some new apps. I took a quick look around and soon was given 08E, center. We were going to be on the same flight #2248 to LGA later. Not really actually, you have to keep reading to find out why.

    Inside Concourse D.

    Inside Concourse C.

    Air Lines Flight #2248
    Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) - Detroit Metro, MI (DTW)
    Equipment - Airbus A320
    Seat Assignment - 08C, Economy Class, Center
    Departure Time - 8:41AM
    Arrival Time - 2:13PM
    Flying Time - 3 hours 32 minutes
    Departure Gate - C2
    Arrival Gate - A10
    Aircraft Registration - N331NW, delivered on 6/5/1992
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 23rd, 2010
    Video - N/A

    Flight #2248
    This one was pretty bad. It was long, no IFE and, being 6'1, was very cramped. This was probably the only time I was actually glad to get off the plane.

    Flightaware map for DL2248.

    N331NW, our plane to DTW (continuing to LGA).

    Gate C2 to Detroit continuing to New York LGA.

    Beverage and meal service.

    Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County International Airport, Michigan

    Right after landing I got a text from my dad. That was the beginning of our problems. Apparently, Detroit was closed earlier that morning due to dense fog. So, alot of the morning flights got canceled which moved passengers to the later flights. I was listed on DL2248 to LGA which went from 16 open seats to overship by 4. Lets just say, we didn't make it to New York. So, I got the loads to Memphis, Atlanta, Tampa (nonstop) and the later LGA flight. All were oversold except for Atlanta. So, we ran to the Atlanta gate since it was to leave in 18 minutes just to find out it was delayed from 4:30PM to 6:50PM! That was disappointing. Then, I got a message from my dad again. Apparently there was a group of 12 going from Seattle to Tampa via Minneapolis and Detroit. They had mis-connected in Minneapolis which opened up 8 seats on the Tampa flight! So, we walked to A49 and waited to board DL1521 nonstop to Tampa, Florida.

    I've got a picture of me infront of the fountain the year it opened with a Bowling Shoe NWA 747 in the background, a picture of a New Colors NWA 747 and now, I can add this Delta 747.

    The Delta World GateWay.

    These will be retired by the end of the year.

    Air Lines Flight #1521
    Detroit Metro, MI (DTW) - Tampa, FL (TPA)
    Equipment - Airbus A320
    Seat Assignment - 05F, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 5:41PM
    Arrival Time - 8:09PM
    Flying Time - 2 hours 28 minutes
    Departure Gate - A49
    Arrival Gate - E65
    Aircraft Registration - N348NW, delivered on 4/20/1993
    Status - On Time
    Date - May 23rd, 2010
    Video - Delta A320 Detroit to Tampa - DL1521

    Flight #1521
    This was a very nice flight. The sound from the engines was the most distinctive I've ever heard them on the A32x series. The classic buzz saw noise. We landed in a sunset which resulted in some great pictures. Service consisted of some small snacks and a beverage.

    Flightaware map for DL1521.

    Gate A49 to Tampa, Florida.

    N348NW arriving from Phoenix, next stop, Tampa.

    Right after boarding.

    Continued in next post...

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    The control tower.

    My meal consisting of pretzels and a Coke.

    Some clouds over Georgia.

    More clouds.


    Sun is approaching the horizon.

    It's getting closer!

    View while approaching downtown Tampa.


    My favorite. Sunset, water, rain and clouds. A great combination!

    Welcome to Tampa, after a long day of flying.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida
    After we landed we made our way to baggage claim. Now, some of you may have already thought of this, "Where'd your bags go?". Well, they went to New York! And, they were scheduled to arrive on the 11:15PM flight from LGA! So, after that disappointment we went to TGI Fridays for dinner and looked around the airport. Our bags did indeed arrive from LGA at 11:15PM. I didn't get to bed until 12:30PM at home and I woke up at 5:30AM that morning to go to school. Monday was a terrible day!


    So, overall, our trip to Boise was great. It was nice to see some family again and nice to do quite a bit of flying. Not only that, I skipped three days of school to go. So, I spent a good two and a half hours typing this, so any comments would be greatly appreciated. Remember to watch the videos, they are great! And, don't forget to look at my Jetphotos! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the report.

    My summer vacation is coming up and, as it stands now, I should log somewhere between ~18 and 22 from June to August. So, expect either two or three reports or one massive one!

    My YouTube Videos

    My JetPhotos

    Once again, enjoy the report and don't forget to comment.


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      Another excellent trip report, as usual. I always appreciate the time and effort you put in taking and editing lots of good photos and the effort you put into making sure your trip reports are well written. Glad to see that DL has upgraded most of its planes to AVOD, including the Boeing 767-300 and it looks like you had a fun journey. Although I agree, getting only 5 hours of sleep and then going to school must have really sucked. Keep up the good work.




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        Originally posted by rohank4284 View Post
        Another excellent trip report, as usual. I always appreciate the time and effort you put in taking and editing lots of good photos and the effort you put into making sure your trip reports are well written. Glad to see that DL has upgraded most of its planes to AVOD, including the Boeing 767-300 and it looks like you had a fun journey. Although I agree, getting only 5 hours of sleep and then going to school must have really sucked. Keep up the good work.