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London to New York in First Class with American.

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  • London to New York in First Class with American.

    So yesterday (Monday) i was told i was to go to New York. I got a call at 7am telling me this, and that i had a meeting in New York tomorrow (Tuesday)afternoon.
    I looked at all the airlines, even european airlines, going via other countries, and i decided i was going to treat myself to a First class ticket.
    The cheapest first ticket was obviously United, it was free, but no times would get me there on time, so i chose American Airlines, i booked myself onto AA141, the last AA flight out of Heathrow that day.

    Airline - American Airlines
    Route - London Heathrow to New York JFK
    Scheduled Departure - 20:05 (20:45 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 22:45 (23:35 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 777
    Seat - 3J
    Class - First

    I got to Heathrow at around 6pm, and i checked in.
    I was given seat 2G.
    After check-in i headed up through normal security etc, then i headed into the "Flagship Lounge", a dedicated lounge for Departing International First Class Passengers. It was in the Lounge H area.
    I there i switched on my macbook and made use of the free wi-fi, talking to Aimee, who was on a Premium Service flight from JFK-LAX, she was not working obviously, she was shuttling as she had a flight from LAX the next day. A quick look on, and i was pretty much done with the internet.
    The lounge had a good variety of food and drinks, but before i had a snack, i decided to make use of all the amenities, and have a quick shower.
    After a quick and powerful shower i headed back to the deserted lounge, and got a coke with ice and a cheese and onion sandwich.
    Not long after i was told to head too my gate.
    I got talking to businessman who too was on my flight (suprise suprise), and he told me to remember that on odd numbered flights the flight attendants serve food the back, and on even numbered flights, from the front.
    As i was sitting pretty much in the middle i didnt bother.
    We were greeted on-board by an old flight attendant, who seemed a bit rough to be honest
    The guy who i was talking to earlier was sat in 2D and me,him, 2 non-revving crew members, and another woman were the only passengers today.
    Luckily for me, the non-revs were in 1 D,G, and the other woman in 2A.
    So, coincidentally i would be served first during meal time.
    I wondered why they decided to cramp everyone in at the front of the cabin, and i asked an f/a to move to a window, a simple "Yes sir let me help you" was the reply. I moved back to 3J.
    First of all, drinks were handed out, and i just got a normal Orange Juice.
    Then, Menu's were handed out.
    The bad thing about being served first is you have too much to choose from, and its not like i could choose it all
    The drinks were cleared up after a short safety demo, and we made a short taxi, well, i say short, it was short by Heathrow standards, Then we made a powerful,quiet take-off down the runway.
    Not long after take-off the crew were quick to hand out Warm Mixed Nuts and a drink, i got a glass of Pommery Brut Champagne.
    Shortly after this, we were told about "Dine-Upon-Request".
    I decided that, as i had to write a report, would eat a little bit before and then after.
    Most others got theirs all at once.
    First of all i was offered an Appetizer.
    Smoked Sesame Salmon with Sweet Chili Cucumber.
    With this i was offered another drink, this time "Select what you want from our wine cellar" i was told. Im not much of a wine expert, so i politely asked her to bring what she recommended. Chateau Batailley Pauillac 2003 is what she gave me.
    The food and drink was perfect.
    After this i concluded that was my last alcohol for the night.
    I then got a Main Course.
    I didnt know what to get.
    So i eventually ended up with Penne Pasta with Basil and Tomato Sauce.
    With This i got a Coke with Ice.
    Then, i plugged in my Macbook and started working.
    During my work, i asked a flight attendant if i could get a snack, she asked what and then after looking at a menu she gave me, i chose a salad.
    The salad was, cold fresh and crunchy, perfect.
    After i finished typing up my work i got a Spinach and Garlic Pizza, with Ben and Jerrys Vanilla ice cream, which had Berries and pecans on top.
    It was very tasty.
    About an hour later i got some freshly baked cookies, made on board, with some Lemon Sparkling water which had been chilled.
    It was all together a good in-flight dining service, and before i could even tough my ptv, we started our descent.
    This is when i decided to recline my seat into a bed.
    I put on the Bose noise cancelling headphones and i started to try and relax.
    Then after about half hour, i saw i flash of light above me, and the seatbelt sign pinged on.
    I moved my seat up into normal position and stared at the lights of new york as we came into land.
    A hard touchdown, bounced 3 times, and shook side-to-side before we eventually stopped and turned off the runway.
    We made a short taxi and parked up, we were then disembarked first.
    A goodbye to the crew, who were clearly shattered.

    I collected my bag and headed to my hotel.

    American Airlines First Class
    Price - 1242 (Good/Bad?)
    Service - 10/10
    Comfort - 10/10
    Punctuality - 7/10
    Crew - 9/10
    Aircraft - 10/10
    Flight - 8/10

    Thanks for reading, i fly back to London tomorrow (Wednesday) so i will post a TR about that probably on thursday when i land.

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    cool report. Dude, you go everywhere, you must have a billion frequent flyer miles. You're like a real life Up In the Air character lol.


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      Haha thanks.
      Lol i sorta am like a real life up in the air.
      I fly once or more a week which i think is a big privilege.
      I get free flights on United because of Aimee, and im not a frequent flyer for any other airlines, my work usually pay for my flights, and its me who pays for the upgrade if i want it.