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  • Upcoming Short Trip

    Leaving tomorrow from Kingston, Ontario with a change of planes in YYZ onto PHL using the last of my AC Aeroplan miles. This "free" trip incidentally cost me $38 but I guess that is better than paying the full shot.

    Itinerary as follows

    AC 7989 YGK-YYZ DH1
    AC318 YYZ-PHL 319 and

    on 30 Sep

    AC 8921 PHL-YYZ CRJ
    AC7374 YYZ-YGK BEH

    A good variety of aircraft if nothing else, and also what will probably be my last arrival/departure from Terminal One at YYZ, which is scheduled for demolition soon.

    Also going to take Amtrak to NYC for a day so will let you all know how that went as well.
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    Sounds great! Can't wait for the trip report!! I love AC trip reports!
    Hope you have a great and safe trip

    Pete Ganabathi
    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

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