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Song! EWR-FLL in July

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  • Song! EWR-FLL in July

    July 16, 2003

    I used my grandfather's Delta Skymiles Points, so the flight was free!


    In the middle of the night before I was supposed to fly down to Florida, I woke up with a 100 fever, but that didn't stop me! That morning, I left my house at 8:00 am for Song flight 2469, which left at 12' noon. When I got to Newark's Terminal B, I waited for what seemed like forever on a check-in line, which only had one representitive. I looked at my boarding pass (once I finally got it) and was in seat 1-A, thinking that it was too bad it was Song (because I had been looking forward to flying them), because otherwise I would have been in first class. When I got through security, the plane still wasn't there, so I went to grab a quick bite at the only place to eat at EWR's Concourse B (the two older terminals, A and B only have 1 place to eat per concourse). After eating, I went over to the window and watched activity on the ramp for a while, when I noticed it was 11:45!! I went over to the Gate Service Center, where they told me that the plane had just landed and would board at 12:05. As I saw the plane pull up to the gate, I noticed that it was not, in fact a big green Song 757, but instead was an old Delta 757-200, operating on a Song route. As I watched the turnaround, I noticed that the plane did not refuel, which I had never seen before. We boarded, and I was happy to find that I did, in fact, get my first class seat (since it was a DL plane). The flight attendents were song flight attendents (who were VERY KIND AND FUNNY!!), and the flight was a song flight. As we began to taxi to the runway, the plane made a funny noise and then stopped, and the pilot made an announcement that the right engine had stopped and the plane ceased to function (????)
    I'm not sure what happened then (since I was on the left side of the plane), but soon enough the engines were running again and we were roaring down the runway, but everyone seemed nervous. As we lifted off the ground, the plane made a strange grinding noise, which persisted through about 50% of the flight. Takeoff was extremely bumpy-- two overhead bins popped open and the beverage cart came very close to flying down the aisle, had the FA not reached over and relocked it. After about 35 minutes, though, we finally leveled at 38,000 ft. and the flight got smoother. We made great time, believe it or not (2 hrs., 29 min), and after the beginning, the flight was pretty smooth. Upon landing at FLL, I grabbed a slice of pizza at the gate and made my way to the baggage carousel, where my uncle met me to take me to his house for a couple of days. I was feeling better already.

    My flight home 5 days later happened to be a Song flight, but there is not much to say about it, except for the fact that the Song plane is so... colourful!!!

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    That would be scary. I was on a fligth DFW-MEM on Delta and the power shut off just before takeoff, they had to get a tug and pull us back to the gate, and that cabin was hot! I think it was about 100 outside, miserable.