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Delta-- Vouchers, and Upgrades and Swaps! Oh My!

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  • Delta-- Vouchers, and Upgrades and Swaps! Oh My!

    Reason for Trip: Hey Folks. I had some miles to cash on Delta, and by simply looking around random dates I stumbled across the A333 doing the repositioning flight DTW-JFK segment for the date I wanted to go. So with nothing else to do, and to sample some new planes I booked STL-DTW-JFK-MSP-STL on 4 different aircraft. Needless to say I got almost everything thrown at me, vouchers, upgrades, swaps, and as to save the best for last, we had an aircraft incident at STL when I arrived that disrupted the arrivals as well.

    I showed up to STL to check in. It would not let me check in online or at the Kiosk due to my multi segment itinerary. I was not surprised by this so I continued to the ticket counter and gave them my ID. She mentioned my 6:15am flight to DTW was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers, would I be interested? I said perhaps, I am attempting to get on the A330 DTW-JFK, can you confirm me on the next STL-DTW flight (which would still get me in time connection wise). She said there are seats open and the gate agent should be able to do so. So she printed my boarding passes and told me to check in at the gate to put my name on the stand-by list.

    I went through security, and let me tell you, A Concourse TSA Folks are ridiculous. They are rude, have an attitude and bark out orders as if we are military. The TSA folks at C/D and E are not even close to this way. I have a problem with them every single time I go through A Concourse.

    I started to go through the line, and this TSA Agent screamed at me saying "hey you can't leave your bags on the belt you're supposed to wait until it CLEARLY goes through the machine THEN you walk through" I said "I am sorry but the agent at the metal detector waved me through" She said "haven't you flown before?!" Me "yes, only literally every other week" :-I She goes "then you should know better! carry on!"

    I walked through and was like unbelievable. I grabbed my backpack and collected my stuff and walked to gate A-3. I asked the gate agent about the overbooking and he said indeed he'd like me to volunteer. I asked what the compensation would be? He said "we will offer you 400 dollar voucher to anywhere Delta and their members fly to, and a breakfast voucher and confirmed seat on the next STL-DTW flight" I asked if the next flight was also a DC-9-40 as partly why I booked this segment too was because it was a DC9-40. He looks confused but checked and said yes it is indeed a DC9-40 coming in from DTW. I thought SOLD! Double win, Voucher and another DC-9-40. So I put the name down and he said he would call me back after they finished the flight.

    The 6:15am STL-DTW N755NW

    After the flight left I went "spotting" and walked around a bit. Here are some pictures.

    Delta Air Lines
    Flight 2572
    1A-First Class

    I walked back to the gate as the DC9-40 pulled in from DTW.

    Soon it was time to board so I boarded with those in F Class. I realized everytime I fly the DC9 with DL/NW I get upgraded to F Class. I flew MSP-STL awhile back on the DC9-30 and due to light load they moved everyone upfront.

    I settled down and it was definitely NW inside everywhere. Kind of glad to see it so I took pics to enjoy it since these birds won't be around awhile.

    Leg Room

    The NW Logo on Bulkhead

    We backed out and headed to Runway 12R and took off for DTW.

    Right after take-off

    We flew by a couple of airports here they are if anyone knows/recognizes them, again routing is STL-DTW

    I had flown NW in F Class previously on a similair routing MSP-STL as I mentioned and was expecting a decent service, and DL didn't fail either for STL-DTW. They brought around a big basket thing with lots of food, and fruits for us to select to our liking.

    I grabbed a bag of chips and candy, and had sprite in a glass of course. Much better than what AA on a similar route would offer STL-ORD, which was one bag of peanuts and coke in a glass.

    Rather short leg, as expected, and soon we were turning for DTW. Flaps came out, and they put our stuff away and my quick First Class flight on Delta (my first time riding F Class on Delta by the way...) was coming to an end!

    Approaching DTW

    Not to far from touch down.

    Video of Landing
    Delta Air Lines, a former Northwest Airlines DC-9-40, N759NW landing into Detroit-Metro International Airport-DTW coming in from St. Louis.

    After a nice landing, we taxied to the gate at A and I deplaned and noticed they were already boarding for the A330 to JFK!

    Delta Air Lines
    Flight 632
    Airbus A330-200
    Seat 32J Coach

    I booked this flight because it was supposed to be the Airbus A330-300 varient. This stayed this way until the night before when it downgraded to an A332. I was really bummed as I flew a US Airways Airbus A330-200 earlier in the week to compare to the DL A333 version. I realize it is the same plane in terms of the Airbus A330 but, it is still different and wanted to be able to claim the A333 as another aircraft I had flown on. Oh well, win some, lose some, the voucher and F Class upgrade made up for it also.

    Hello infamous black dots at DTW...

    My A332 sitting at the gate boarding as I snapped a quick shot before I boarded. I was in Zone One and they already were in 2 Yikes! Glad I made it.

    As Delta continued boarding I took more shots of the DTW Ramp and such.

    the DL 777-200LR turning to the gate to head to HKG. N705DN

    We backed out and taxied to the runway passing by 2 747-400s

    Interesting to hear they made an announcement, which was recorded, "Welcome aboard Northwest Airlines. Please Pay attention to the safety demonstration you are about to see on this aircraft" Something like that, then the DL music came on and their own safety video started playing. Mixing it up I see!

    Taxied to the runway, waited a bit then we shot down and headed to JFK Airport!

    Delta Air Lines, a former Northwest Airlines Airbus A330-200 taking off from Detroit-Metro International Airport heading to New York-JFK international Airpor...

    Take Off Video at DTW.

    Climbing out of DTW.

    This was another short flight for me. I didn't drink or eat on the plane I kind of slept back and forth between pictures. I did play a game of bejewled. I thought it was interesting the NW IFE was free, but on DL's like the 777 I had to pay for it. Any reason why the difference?

    Climbing over water.

    Headed to cruising altitude and stayed there for about 30 minutes. As mentioned I slept mostly, listened to my ipod and just relaxed.

    The legroom was NOT good because of the box under the seat. US Airways A332 was better for leg room in that form of comparison. I am told this is a NW thing though, not all DL flights have the box under their seats or what's up with that? Either way I am 5'5 and it was uncomfortable for me.

    Soon we started the descent for JFK but it was a LONG descent, we circled for a bit then flew over JFK then turned back etc etc. It brought some cool photos ops as well. I saw a 747 circling below us, which was also cool to see as well.

    Circling over JFK

    Boy do these Airbus's bank! haha

    Almost there!!!

    We then touched down and taxied for a long time to a gate.

    Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-200 a former Northwest Airlines Aircraft landing into New York-JFK International Airport from Detroit-Metro International Airport...


    We taxied for what seemed like 30 minutes until we finally reached a gate, and had to be towed in.

    I got off and headed to my connection gate 23 for JFK-MSP.

    Delta Air Lines
    Flight 31
    Airbus A319
    Seat 14F

    I got off the plane and walked from Terminal 4 to the rotunda gates or worldport, whatever they called it. I got lost big time. There's a B23, and a 23, and I couldn't find either of them.

    I directed myself to B23, no MSP flight, ok must be the other 23!

    Walked to the Worldport gates and such, and kept walking in circles looking and looking. I'd see 21, then 25, then 27 but no 23..WTF?! ?:-|

    I walked backwards and noticed there was a "hole" if you will tucked in the corner, i looked and aha! I saw 23 at the last corner down the "hallway" Of course!

    I saw some ex TW planes which excited me since being from STL I love seeing.

    Soon we started the boarding process for JFK-MSP. Another Airbus for me, this time the baby one, A319!

    I boarded and was startled to see all Blue interior like the A330, I don't know why it did, but I guess I wrongly assumed NW interior, nope. Good to see. I still cannot get over Delta and Airbus in the same color let alone sentence or anything. However it was there, had to get used to it!

    Finished boarding and we taxied out to the runway. Mind you, this taxi took FOREVER, ok more like one hour. I actually fell asleep while taxing because it took so long.

    As seen in the picture we had quite a line up ahead of us. What was making it bad was the hydraulics on the Airbus was really making it known and continued a LOT, the Passengers were looking up and down and confused all over trying to find an answer. I told my seatmates its just the hydraulics and it is a normal sound not to be worried.

    We reached the runway and started a take off roll and I am thinking thank god, gooood bye JFK!!!


    Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 Aircraft taking off at New York-JFK International Airport flying to Minneapolis/Sr. Paul International Airport.

    Video of Take Off

    After we climbed, we settled at cruising altitude flying over some lakes and grounds. Now I was backtracking through DTW and onward to MSP! Things we do to fly!

    I would sleep, then listen to music and back and forth. This flight was long enough to have BOB so I got a Snack box thing for 5 dollars. This was a plus, only one dollar cheaper than United's BOB and pretty much the same thing inside. I loved the food selection in the BOB so it was quite good and tasty. I kept leftovers for my next flight leaving MSP-STL.

    We crossed over some lakes and states it was a pretty uneventful flight and not bad at all.

    We started our descent into MSP, it was a smooth descent but at one time though, he was really nose down almost, not dramatically but you could definitely sense it.

    Flaps out.

    Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 Landing into Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport MSP from New York-JFK International Airport.

    Video of Landing into MSP.

    We landed and taxied to the gate.

    Delta Connection/Compass
    Flight 5731
    Seat 14A

    We boarded and got started quickly. This flight was a touch bit delayed but nothing big. This was once again all NW, colors, interior everything.

    I was excited to ride the E175 for the first time ever!

    The window here for me is quite high. I had to "sit up" and lean in to look out the window. Awful confguration, it seemed most windows were misaligned.

    We backed out of the gate and started to head to the runway, We had to stop and sit for ATC flow out of MSP.

    We took off for STL finally, last leg down!
    Delta Connection/Compass E175 Aircraft taking off at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport MSP heading for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

    Skimming the clouds!

    Service was done, peanuts and drink, typical service but not bad! I listened to music and just relaxed until we landed.

    Finally we started our descent into STL meandering around the city.

    Last light of the day!

    We went through the clouds and approached STL. This is when it got interesting it felt like we were circling but I couldn't tell. Then an announcement came on saying there was an incident on the runway. I had no idea what to expect or what was going on.

    We came in on 12L and immediatly I saw flashing lights to my right, from cops and fire trucks and emergency vehicles. I looked closely to see a US Airways 737-300 sitting on the runway surrounded.

    I got a txt immediatly from someone at STL who knew I was flying in saying the US 733 had some issues landed on 12R and blew a tire or two. Wow! Thats gonna mess up some arrivals, so all arrivals were on 12L now or 11 (most likely if you were going to A Concourse).

    I did try to figure why US wasn't on 11, they always land on 11 when winds are going East. Then I realized based on the text whatever the issue was, US wanted to land on the longest runway at STL which was not 11, but was 12R/30L. That is why we saw US sitting on 12R after the tire burst.

    After that we taxied down the runway, turned right, then taxied inbetween 30L/R because we couldn't taxi over 30L/12R. We went around 30L/12R and then taxied to the A Concourse. Quite the deviation!

    This morning I went back to the airport to find the US Jet and found it sitting in the cargo area near the East Terminal/Terminal 2 by 30L.

    That completed my 4 segments on Delta Air Lines!

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    Great trip report, as always Alex.

    Concerning the airports you saw enroute STL-DTW, the first one might be Willard Field, serving Champaign/Urbana, IL (CMI). Compare your pic with this screen cap I took from Google Earth (attached below):

    It would make sense for a STL-DTW routing to pass over CMI. The other one, I have no idea, probably some airport in northwestern Indiana.


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      On second thought, that may not have been CMI after all. I checked FlightAware for the last couple of weeks (don't know what date you flew) and every day, the track was across southern Illnois out of STL (roughly following I-70), then diagonally across Indiana, just nicking the nw corner of Ohio, then on into DTW. Oh well.


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        Originally posted by transitfan View Post
        On second thought, that may not have been CMI after all. I checked FlightAware for the last couple of weeks (don't know what date you flew) and every day, the track was across southern Illnois out of STL (roughly following I-70), then diagonally across Indiana, just nicking the nw corner of Ohio, then on into DTW. Oh well.
        I flew this June 7th, but thanks for checking it out and reading too!

        Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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          Great report, and awesome pictures!

          It's cool that you were able to fly a lot of different aircraft types on your trip! The TSA agent seemed rude, but you are lucky that you got a voucher, an upgrade, and fly a DC-9-40!