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American Airlines - Miami to Los Angeles. Terrible.

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  • American Airlines - Miami to Los Angeles. Terrible.

    So i was flying to visit my mom in Los Angeles.
    My girlfriends mom dropped me and Abbie (my girlfriend) off at MIA at around
    Airline - American Airlines
    Route - Miami to Los Angeles
    Flight Number - AA397
    Departure Time,Scheduled - 7:50pm
    Departure Time,Actual - 8:30 pm
    Arrival Time,Scheduled - 10:10pm
    Arrival Time,Actual - 10:45 pm
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-800
    Seat - 28A
    Class - Coach

    We checked in as usual. This is where it all started.
    We were told to wait aside until they knew for sure we were flying without an adult. They treated us as if we were 5, and the ignorant women behind the check-in counters looked down on us as if we were some sort of pests, making her actually have to do something.
    When we were finally aloud to go, we haded through security, again being stopped without an adult, a woman who was with us at check-in, who was on-board our flight, helped us out by telling them that we had been confirmed by check-in that we didnt have an adult.
    Eventually we got through, and we hung around untill 7:30 when our flight was called.
    After First, We were third in line to board, then when we showed our boarding passes, "Is your mommy and daddy here somewhere?",
    Im 17 not 7.
    We AGAIN were put aside, and we waited 20 minutes until we were aloud on-board.
    The flight had been delayed, "Because of you two".
    When we walked on board, a flight attendant asked us why we had been so long. We explained and she told us that "are lucky to be here".
    To be honest, i dont want to be here.
    I took the window seat and Abbie took the Aisle seat, leaving the middle seat free.
    The seats, must have been some of the most uncomfortable ive had, when ive been on other 738's on other airlines like Delta, Continental, and even when i went on Ryanair from London to Rome, the seats made this look like a piece of cement, stuck on some metal sticks and bolted to the floor, with a piece of cheap crap on top of it.
    After a safety demo, pushback and taxi we waited at the runway.
    We then made a bumpy take-off, a few turns and we were on our way.
    I looked at the buy-on-board menu, apparently this new Boston Market is the amazing new product that AA have adopted, when actually its 3 sandwiches and a salad, that are extremely overpriced, and have been written to sound better than they actually are.
    During the flight, my iPod touch ran out of battery, and i could not be bothered to get out my laptop, so i decided to listen to the channels that AA had in the armrest.
    The selection was good, different music genres, but none that appealed to me, and what i did find good, there was not much of, and even that was repeated several times during the flight.
    The "movie", i couldent see, and even finding an awkward position to try and watch it didnt work.
    Never have i in my life wanted to get off of a plane so quickly.
    I have flown AA twice before, a 763 from MIA-LHR and a 752 from ORD-MIA.
    Both of those were OK.
    Only once did i see one of the flight attendants smile, and even then, it was during de-boarding when she was saying goodbye.
    We started our descent and we made a few turns before touching down into KLAX.
    We disembarked quickly and we headed through the usual procedures and my mom and sisters were waiting for us.
    Then we headed off home.

    Well i hope you enjoyed, this is my first review, so feedback is appreciated, i will post the trip to find my dad shortly.

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    I have a little brother. He is 16. But if he started cursing like you in a forum that I also use... Probably I'd leave the house and go for a short visit...
    Cursing in a non-private room is no solution.
    Btw, that's no excuse to talk to teenagers as if they were in primary school. I could imagine to lead you through an unknown airport, but you mentioned you know KMIA. Then, I don't see a problem.
    The German long haul is alive, 65 years and still kicking.
    The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
    And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
    This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.