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Air France - Los Angeles to Paris CDG. Excellent.

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  • Air France - Los Angeles to Paris CDG. Excellent.

    So my Dad, when i spoke to him, was in Dubai, but was flying to Paris, so we decided we would meet him there.
    There were lots of options to fly on, Delta via Salt Lake City, US Airways via Charlotte, CO via Newark, BA via Heathrow(If we booked this, the LHR-CDG leg got cancelled), but in the end, we settled with the much easier Air France direct flight.
    Airline - Air France
    Route - Los Angeles to Paris CDG
    Flight Number - AF65
    Departure Time,Scheduled - 3:30pm
    Departure Time,Actual - 4:15pm
    Arrival Time,Scheduled - 11:00 +1
    Arrival Time,Actual - 10:20 +1
    Aircraft - Boeing 777-300
    Seats - 46K/L
    Class - "Voyageur", Coach.

    So we got to LAX at around 1pm, and my Mom and Sisters dropped us off.
    Check-in was considerably easy, baring in mind that the queues were ENORMOUS.
    We were asked if we wanted a window seat, aisle seat, or a "Couples" seat.
    I didnt know what a "Couples" seat was so i just said i dont know, and she gave us 46K and 46L. We headed up through security and into the departure lounge. Our shiny 773 was waiting there, with lots of things going on around it. At 2:20 our boarding started. We walked down the jetway and walked on-board, and we were welcomed on by a kind french flight attendant, who spoke perfect english. She was very chatty, and she told each passenger where to go. We walked further back, through the new "Premium Voyageur" which is Premium Economy, and more flight attendants were scattered around the cabin, some spoke perfect english, some were english, and some didnt understand a single word of it.
    Then, i found out what a "Couples" seat was, there were 5 rows at the rear of the plane, that only had 2 seats on either side, A,B and K,L.
    There was more space for storage, as we could use the seat that would have been the aisle, and the massive gap between my seat (46L), and the window. I dont know if that is the real name for this type of seat though.
    A safety demo, quick pushback and taxi and we were at the runway.
    A VERY powerful take-off and we made a steep take-off into the afternoon sky.
    Shortly after take-off we were offered a small snack, which was a drink and a sandwich. I got a Coke, and small cheese sandwich.
    I started to look at the AVOD that air france have, its not the best, a small selection of movies, not to my type of taste, some music which was OK, and some short TV programs and News Programs. I watched a program about the World Cup, i love soccer,or football or whatever one might like too call it.
    Since i am half spanish, i am cheering for Spain this year, not the USA, one because i prefer my spanish side, and 2, Spain have a better chance of winning that the USA
    Anyway back to the report.
    After this short program i switched on my iPod, which i must say had a better selection of stuff than the IFE. Abbie meanwhile slept for about 70% of the flight.
    I slept and watched movies , keeping an eye on the moving map.
    A few hours later we were served our dinner.
    Chicken slices with Broccoli and Rice, or Vegetable Lasagne.
    I really thought considering the size of the cabin, a trolley would rush from the front and rear, but a trolley slowly crawled up to us from the front.
    When it got to row 42, it had run out of Chicken, which left the rest of us with the Vegetable Lasagne.
    I half-heartedly tucked into it, but it actually turned out to be quite tasty, it also came with a generous portion of chocolate cake.
    After this the crew collected all trays, told us to shut windows and that the only lights on should be TV's.
    The good thing about the seats we were in, was that i would not have to wake Abbie up to go the the galley, i could go in between my seat and the window, and walk that way.
    I then slept untill i was woken up by the lights turning on. I opened up my window blind and i saw it was Glowing orange,sunrise.
    Breakfast was then served.
    The option were just "Hot and cold".
    Abbie got the Cold option, so i chose the hot.
    Cold consisted of Cereal, Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt and Bagel.
    Hot consisted of Cheese and Mushroom Omlette with Fresh Tomatoes and Fruit.
    It was very tasty, and i would definitely have another if i got the chance.
    We started our descent and we made a hard landing into CDG.
    We taxied,parked up and we disembarked. Goodbye to the crew and we were picked up by my dad's Chauffeur, who then took us to the hotel where we would stay.

    This is when we found out where we would go next !!

    Next part coming up soon.

    Hope you enjoyed and feedback welcome.

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    I had a great ride JFK to CDG. I'm not surprised you had the same.