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Alitalia - Paris CDG to Sao Paulo via Rome.

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  • Alitalia - Paris CDG to Sao Paulo via Rome.

    So we next were flying to Brazil, and there my Dad would stay and we would fly back to KMIA.
    Airline - Alitalia
    Route - Paris CDG to Rome FCO
    Flight Number - AZ327
    Departure Time,Scheduled - 6:35pm
    Departure Time,Actual - 6:45pm
    Arrival Time,Scheduled - 8:40pm
    Arrival Time,Actual - 8:55pm
    Aircraft - Airbus A321
    Seat - 23F
    Class - Economy

    We got to CDG at around 4pm, and me and Abbie were given 23E,F and my Dad was given 23D.
    We headed through security and into the departure lounge, where we waited in the gate area until boarding. Nobody really rushed during boarding, everybody had allocated seats so there was no need to. We boarded last and took our seats. My Dad moved over to 23A and Abbie moved to 23D.
    The crew did was they had to do and nothing more.
    One flight attendant, the pursur, never smiled, and only said Hello,Ciao, Down There.
    After the safety demo on the overhead tv's, we taxied to the runway and made a swift take-off.
    Once airborne, the flight attendants, pushed 2 trolleys, one with drinks, and one with snacks and served them at the same time.
    I got a Red Orange Juice and either "Sweet or Salty", i got the Sweet, which were some delicious biscuits, that were fruit flavored.
    Abbie got a coke and the salty option which was Salted breadsticks.
    That was the service finished, the crew were not seen by me now until de-boarding.
    The flight itself was good, great views of different cities.
    We then started our descent and then made a smooth landing into FCO.
    We taxied in and parked up. Then we disembarked and headed to our connection.
    Airline - Alitalia
    Route - Rome FCO to Sao Paulo
    Flight Number - AZ674
    Departure Time,Scheduled - 9:50pm
    Departure Time,Actual - 10:30pm
    Arrival Time,Scheduled - 04:50 +1
    Arrival Time,Actual - 05:15 +1
    Aircraft - Boeing 777-200
    Seat - 22E
    Class - Economy

    When we were given seats for this leg, the seats were in different parts of the cabin.
    I was seated in 22E, Abbie was given 25C, and my Dad was given 43K!!
    They said because it was not booked directly through Alitalia, they could not pre-allocate a block of seats for us.
    When we got to the gate, it was boarding, and i was boarded before the rest because my block of seats had already been boarded.
    I was welcomed on board by a very kind flight attendant, who spoke perfect English. She walked WITH me to my seat and then walked off.
    The flight was FULL, i was squeezed in between 2 other people in the middle of the aircraft, horrible , but somebody had to sit there.
    I saw the crew talking to passengers, easily changing between Portuguese,English,Italian,Spanish, i even saw one of them speaking German.
    After the safety demo we pushed back, and taxied to the runway.
    We waited a while before we actually entered the runway and took off.
    Shortly after take-off we were served a snack and drink, and guess what, the snack was either "sweet or salty", Salted breaksticks or Fruit Biscuits I again got the sweet option, and i got a Lemon Coke.
    Not long after we were offered a hot meal.
    Penne Pasta with Seafood, or Chilli Lasagne.
    Both seemed really tasty, but i went for the Chilli Lasagne, which was actually beef lasagne, but spicy.
    It was VERY tasty, the person next to me got the Seafood pasta, which also smelled and looked good.
    It came with vegetables, bread roll and a slice of fruit cake.
    After this the crew cleared up and i fell asleep.
    I was in a deep sleep for about 2 hours, and i woke up during our descent which i found weird. The descent was smooth and then me made a smooth landing onto the runway.
    We taxied and then parked up. I dont know why it is scheduled to land so early in the morning.
    After a quick de-boarding we were on our way to our hotel.

    Hope you enjoyed !

    Feedback welcome

    Next part up soon