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United - Sao Paulo to Washington - First Class

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  • United - Sao Paulo to Washington - First Class

    So my Dad booked our flight back for us, so he booked us in First Class.
    I thought it was weird but ok, i hoped we would fly on a 777, an international one.

    Airline - United
    Route - Sao Paulo to Washington IAD
    Flight Number - UA860
    Departure Time,Scheduled - 10:10 pm
    Departure Time,Actual - 10:30 pm
    Arrival Time,Scheduled - 6:34 am
    Arrival Time,Actual - 6:50 am
    Aircraft - Boeing 777
    Seat - 2F
    Class - First Class

    We were checked in as normal through the First Class check-in.
    Then we headed up, and seeing as we were late already, we didnt use the lounge that we were allowed to use. We continued directly to our gate, where we saw the little red carpet spread out on the floor
    Boarding started at 9:15 and we were greeted onboard by a young flight attendant, who offered to take my bags and jacket for me, and help us put our things in our overhead locker. I sat in my seat and the same f/a offered me and Abbie drinks. I got a Coke with Ice, Abbie got the same.
    She politely asked how old we were, and why we were in first class. By no means was she rude. We answered and she accepted, and she treated us the same as all other passengers.
    After the safety demonstration, the crew cleared up during taxi, and then we made a smooth take-off.
    Shortly after take-off, we were given Hot Roasted Nuts, served with a drink.
    The f/a asked if i would like a cocktail, i told her i was not old enough, but she insisted on making me a non-alcoholic cocktail. It was called a San Francisco, and it was damn good. I still dont know what it had in it.
    After this we were asked if we would like to have a snack and go to sleep, or have our entire meal.
    Abbie chose to go to sleep sooner so they have her a Salad with Chilled Shrimp.
    I chose the entire meal
    I was next offered a Noodle soup, with a selection of breads.
    The soup was very tasty and the bread complimented it nicely.
    The United Video Tape system is OK, the Selection of AVOD in Economy i think is actually better. I watched From Paris with Love, while the f/a offered me my next meal.
    Main Course.
    Grilled Breast of Chicken With herb sauce,mushrooms,
    white and wild rice, seasoned carrots and broccoli.
    It was very tasty.
    Next i was offered desert, or a cheese plate.
    I chose desert.
    The options were sweet and simple.
    I chose the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with a cup of hot chocolate.
    After this i fell asleep in the normal seating position.
    I awoke just before breakfast in the flat bed position, with a blanket and pillow, the lot.
    I woke and and a flight attendant came up to me and asked me what i would like for breakfast. She walked off and said "Oh, your welcome" and smiled.
    She must have made my bed during the night, or im just some weirdo who makes beds in the night.
    The options were an Omlette with accessories, cereal with Yoghurt and a Banana or a continental breakfast.
    Abbie got the Continental Breakfast and so did i.
    The flight attendants gave me three, shot glasses, one with Orange Juice, one with Apple juice, and one with Cranberry Juice.
    All were ice cold.
    My breakfast consisted of 2 different types of croissant, cinnamon raisin danish, Bread roll with Jam and Butter, Fruit Bowl.
    It was very tasty.
    We were offered more shots of juice or hot drinks.
    Abbie got a Coffee and i got more juice.
    This was one particularly good breakfast i must say.
    We started our descent, and the crew handed out a mini (i mean ULTRA small) pack, with 2 mini mints in, the same size as mentos.
    We then made a smooth landing into IAD.
    We disembarked and then headed to our connection.

    Hope you enjoyed, part 2 coming up soon.