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Shuttle America - Washington to Miami - First Class

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  • Shuttle America - Washington to Miami - First Class

    So after getting off of the 777 we waited around, what seemed like forever, until our flight was called.
    I declared that on my birthday, 14th June(TOMORROW WOOP), i would sign myself up to the red carpet club, and mileage plus.

    Airline - United Express (Operated by Shuttle America)
    Route - Washington IAD to Miami
    Departure Time,Scheduled - 12:24pm
    Departure Time,Actual - 12:45pm
    Arrival Time,Scheduled - 3:04pm
    Arrival Time,Actual - 3:30pm
    Aircraft - Embraer 170
    Seat - 1F
    Class - "Explus" First Class

    We were greeted on board by a flight attendant who was very talkative, and very polite. Me and Abbie, along with one other man in 2A, were the only pax in First today. We were offered a pre-departure beverage, i got a coke with ice, abbie got a coke with ice too.
    We then made the shortest of taxi's, or at least it felt like it, then we made a powerful take-off.
    About half hour after take-off, we were offered a second drink, i got myself another coke, and we were served "Light Fare".
    It was a snackbox, with "United First. EXPLUS" written in gold letters on the front. I wasnt expecting much inside it, but in fact it was quite good.
    It contained:
    Deluxe Mixed Nuts
    Cheese Spread
    Sun Dried tomato spread

    When i had finished my coke, the flight attendant was over to me almost straight away, and gave me some cold water, in a glass that was full up with chopped up fruit. It was refreshing.
    Soon after, a HOT TOWEL SERVICE !!
    I never would have thought i would have got a hot towel on UAX !
    This really did top off my thoughts of United, this is the fifth time i have flown them;
    London-Chicago - 763
    Premium Service - JFK-SFO 752
    San Diego-SFO - A319
    Sao Paulo-Washington - 772
    Washington-Miami - E170

    All 5 times have been excellent, so i promised myself to sign up to Mileage Plus.

    Not long after the hot towel, we started our descent, which didnt take long, and in no time we were back in Miami. We made a long taxi to the gate, and parked up, we had priority deboarding so we were first off, then Abbies Parents picked us up.

    Thanks for reading, i will be doing this all over again on Saturday, not with abbie though but its still good, i wont be going to Brazil or Paris though, 2 new destinations hopefully.

    Feedback welcome !