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Trip to Fiji, the long way around. Part I

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  • Trip to Fiji, the long way around. Part I

    Ok so me and a few friends decided it was time for a trip, somewhere exotic, sunny, as New York isnt exactly in that category.
    We agreed on Fiji, but we decided for the fun of it, we would fly through europe first, so it could be like a mini RTW trip.
    So i searched and searched until i came up with a suitable(Long) route.
    Airline - Aer Lingus
    Route - New York JFK to Dublin
    Scheduled Departure - 21:50
    Actual Departure - 22:12
    Scheduled Arrival - 09:45+1
    Actual Arrival - 09:00 +1
    Aircraft - Airbus A330
    Seat - 24A
    Class - Economy

    We got to JFK rather later than expected, and we were worried about missing it, so we ran, litteraly through everything, and to our gate where boarding was well under way.
    When we got to the gate we queued up and boarded, relieved that we were on-time. We were greeted on board by a kind f/a who had STRONG irish accent, and she was very helpful with the seating , where to go etc.
    I took the window seat, and we got comfortable.
    We then were shown the safety demo, and then we pushed back, made a swift taxi and in no time we were airborne.
    Shortly after take-off we were served a packet of nuts and a drink. I Then tuned into the PTV and started to watch Shutter Island.
    Shortly after this we were offered dinner which consisted of a small salad, choice of main course (Chicken Strips or Pasta), with a small chocolate bar and a drink.
    I got the chicken (THEY HADNT RUN OUT BY THIS ROW :O) which was ok, it was slightly cold, which kinda freaked me at first but it was fine.
    The chocolate bar was a pretty crap desert compared to some others i have had eg - chocolate cake on United , fresh brownies on air france :P
    After this i fell asleep.
    I had a pretty decent sleep, and i woke up during the breakfast service, but it had already passed me,so i decided not to bother the crew and skip breakfast.
    Our descent was quick and smooth, and soon enough we were on the ground in Dublin. We taxied and parked up, we disembarked collected our bags and chilled out, as we had more than 12 hours before our next flight.

    Airline - S7 Airlines
    Route - Dublin to Moscow DME
    Scheduled Departure - 23:00
    Actual Departure - 23:17
    Scheduled Arrival - 06:10 +1
    Actual Arrival - 06:11 +1
    Aircraft - Airbus A319
    Seat - 15F
    Class - Economy

    So after having a day in Dublin it was time to check-in for our next flight.
    A new airline for all of us.
    We headed through security and then to the gate , the aircraft had beaten us to the gate. A shiny, green Airbus, with an interesting livery was waiting for us to board.
    The load factor of this flight was no more than 30%.
    We were greeted on board by a HOT flight attendant, who unfortunately did not speak much english. Then i walked back and to my seat, which i must say was very comfortable.
    The usual safety demo pushback and normal take-off, i wont write about those.
    About an hour after take-off we were told that if we wanted food and drink, to put our tray tables down, and if we didnt, to leave them up. I was given a snack box,which consisted of 2 healthy sized rolls, one with cheese and one with salami, a plastic container of salad, 2 chewy sweets, one small chocolate,an apple juice box.
    To be honest, the rolls were tasty, the salad crispy, the sweets an nice addition and the juice cold, and i have to add it is one of the best, short haul meals ive ever had.
    As well as that we were offered additional drinks, alcohol was available for purchase, but vodka was complimentary along with the usual soft drinks.
    A little while later, the crew came past AGAIN, and told us that because of the light load there are too many meals, and it would be a shame to waste them, so they offered them to us again, exactly the same meal, just one of the rolls this time had turkey slices instead of salami.
    After this i fell asleep.
    In the morning,i was woken up by a sudden drop, i realised we were on finals, it must have been the gear coming down.
    We made a smooth touchdown, short taxi and parked up next to a company aircraft.
    I said goodbye and then proceeded to get my bags for our next flight.
    I HIGHLY recommend S7, they are a FANTASTIC airline, and concidering the price of my ticket (35 oneway for one adult) i got an AMAZING service.
    Would fly them again anyday.

    Part II up soon !
    :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile: