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Trip to Fiji, the long way around. Part II

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  • Trip to Fiji, the long way around. Part II

    Airline - Vietnam Airlines
    Route - Moscow to Ho Chi Minh
    Scheduled Departure - 20:00
    Actual Departure - 20:45
    Scheduled Arrival - 08:40+1
    Actual Arrival - 08:20 +1
    Aircraft - Boeing 777
    Seat - 45A
    Class - Economy

    I was happy to be getting a window seat, or any seat on this flight, it was packed out, i could tell that by just waiting in the boarding area.
    We were greeted by a kind flight attendant who looked at my ticket and spoke to me in english, and the guy in front of me russian, and another guy in a language i didnt quite understand.
    I took my seat, and i was knocked out, i just fell asleep straight away.
    I was woken up by an elbow being slammed into my ribs, when my friend woke me up telling me it was time for our meal.
    We were offered an Oriental or European meal. I chose european but they had run out, so i settled with oriental.
    It consisted of Beef in Oyster Sauce with Rice and Noodles with Bamboo Shoots. Desert was some sort of cake, which was not very tasty. The main meal was amazing.
    After this i fell back asleep again, until the morning.
    I woke up, again because of another elbow in the ribs, my friend (he must look forward to airplane food,weirdo), breakfast time.
    I skipped breakfast, my friend next to me got it, as well as the rest of the group i was with, it looked like the least appetizing meal ive seen.
    I felt as if i would pass out, i was still REALLY tired, i didnt know what was up, i had slept for ages on S7, for ages in Moscow, for ages on this flight but i was still shattered. We started our descent and then we made a smooth landing into Ho Chi Minh.
    We said goodbye and collected our bags for our next flight.

    Airline - Cathay Pacific
    Route - Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong
    Scheduled Departure - 11:25
    Actual Departure - 12:00
    Scheduled Arrival - 15:10
    Actual Arrival - 15:25
    Aircraft - Airbus A330
    Seat - 41K
    Class - Economy

    Our flight was not very full, but it was full enough.
    I had wanted to fly on the earlier United flight from Ho Chi Minh to Hong Kong, but if our Vietnam flight was just a little bit later than it already was, then we would have missed it.
    We were greeted on board by an F/A who payed little to no attention to the passengers but more in her hair and how she looked. No need to be rude, but you can fault her for it, she needed as much attention as she could get
    I took my seat (I GOT A WINDOW SEAT ON EVERY FLIGHT!) and then the normal procedures before we were airborne, quite late.
    Once airborne, i was literaly falling asleep with my eyes open, if that makes any sense at all, so i got a coffee from the flight attendant, and i got a sandwhich which was served. Ham and Egg, with a small plastic tub with 2 slices of watermelon in, with a drink (coffee).
    The ham and egg tasted and felt like plastic, the melon was dry but the meal was better than nothing. The coffee was good at least.
    Ok thats all i really have to say about this flight, after this i slept untill we hit the ground on touchdown.
    Airline - Air Pacific
    Route - Hong Kong to Nadi
    Scheduled Departure - 16:50
    Actual Departure - 16:50
    Scheduled Arrival - 06:50 +1
    Actual Arrival - 06:22 +1
    Aircraft - Boeing 767
    Seat - 45A
    Class - Economy

    We were greeted on board (we were last on because of our short connection) by a kind flight attendant who directed us to our seating area.
    As we walked back, we saw 2 flight attendants, who were talking, both stopped talking to talk to us, our seat numbers, where were we going to in fiji, how long we would be there, just general chat, then we proceeded to our seats quickly as we had to depart.
    Again the normal procedures before we take-off.
    After take-off i switched on my iPod and started listening to music and watching movies.
    A little while later we were offered dinner.
    I got Lamb Curry with Carrots Peas and rice, Soft bread roll, butter and a generous chunk of fruit cake.
    The meal was amazing, the desert in particular was exquisite, and i would have another one of those any day.
    I fell asleep after this.
    In the morning, for breakfast, we were served a warm crusty roll, with melted cheese and sausage as a filling, it too was tasty.
    10/10 for the Air Pacific food service.
    The crew were fantastic, they took the time to chat to you, just generally being good.

    We then made a quick descent and landed into sunny Fiji.
    Ok so here is our outbound trip, i will post our trip going home next week some time.
    :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile: