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Visiting the Beaches of Normandy.2 New Airports, 2 New Airlines.

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  • Visiting the Beaches of Normandy.2 New Airports, 2 New Airlines.

    So, my dad had always promised me that he would take me to visit the white crosses, cemeteries and beaches of normandy, and we had planned to go for a day on the boat. But instead i found out about an airline started up a route from the heart of London directly to Normandy, so we booked it and planned a flight back. We booked a car to use between the 2 airports(arriving and departing from 2 different airports), and a hotel for a night stay somewhere.

    Here you go !

    Airline - CityJet
    Route - London City to Deauville
    Scheduled Departure - 10:50 (11:00 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 12:50 (12:35 actual)
    Aircraft - Fokker 50
    Seat - 9A
    Class - Economy

    So we checked in online that morning and we set off for the trip to LCY.
    We jumped on a train to Waterloo, a Tube (underground train) to Bank then on the DLR to LCY. Quite a scenic routing to the airport, especially on the DLR through Canary Wharf.
    We got to the airport and proceeded up the escalator to security.
    Security area was empty, so a quick procedure.
    The cozy little departure lounge is very nice, bars, restaurants, shops, all the normal facilities, just made smaller.
    We sat at the bar stools by the big window and waited until our flight was called.
    Soon after our flight was called to board. We headed down into a little square room where there were free newspapers available, and then a lady checked our boarding passes and we walked across the tarmac and up the steps into the little plane.
    A kind F/A welcomed us on board and we took our seats ready for departure.
    After a brief safety demonstration, we taxied to the active.
    After about 15 minutes on board, we were buzzing down the runway on our way to France.
    The load factor was quite full, about 70%.
    Soon after take-off we were offered some breakfast and a drink.
    We were handed a little tray with snacks on.
    Mine has a croissant with parma ham, a cinnamon bun, a lemon tart and a dried fruit kebab. All were very miniature, but very tasty.
    I got a coffee which complemented it all.
    The f/a was efficient in distributing breakfast and drinks and then clearing them up.
    After that i fell asleep, or tried, until we started our descent.
    Our little plane buzzed down, and made an almost SXM style approach over the beach and into the TINY airport.
    We were the only traffic at the airport, other than the General aviation traffic.
    But as we were disembarking, a Spanair MD-83 made a HARD touchdown onto the runway. It was arriving from Palma de Mallorca on a Charter.
    We then headed through the "Main Terminal" which is literally the same size as a Baggage reclaim belt in LHR and we headed out.
    After a memorable day day and night in Normandy, visiting the Many many cemeteries, the many bunkers still un destroyed, the memorials, it was great but we had to go home.

    Here it is.

    Airline - Airlinair
    Route - Caen to Paris Orly
    Scheduled Departure - 12:05(12:05 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 13:00 (12:50 actual)
    Aircraft - Beechcraft 1900
    Seat - 3C
    Class - Economy

    So at Caen we checked in at the airport, and before we knew it we were boarding.
    We walked across the airport and up into the TINY plane.
    On board, the f/a told us to be quick in sittting down, in her basic english.
    After a short safety demo in french, me, my dad and the other 3 passengers waited for take-off. Before long we were on the runway, powering up and were soon in the air.
    The flight attendant gave us each a TINY chocolate croissant and a drink.
    No hot or alcoholic drinks available so i got just water.
    Even though it was just bitesize it was great service for such a short flight.
    Soon after this, reealy soon we were descending and then we made s smooth touchdown into ORY.

    Airline - Cityjet
    Route - Paris ORY to London City
    Scheduled Departure - 14:45 (15:10 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 15:05 (15:10 actual)
    Aircraft - Fokker 50
    Seat - 10A
    Class - Economy

    We boarded up the steps and greeted by a kind french f/a.
    I will skip the boring parts and skip straight to take-off.
    We made a short take-off and shortly after take-off we were cruising.
    The f/a gave us each a tray with a block of chocolate cake, a small chicken salad roll and a bagel. I got a coke.
    It was quite tasty, and the bagel came with Jam which was even better.
    This took me most of the flight to eat and the f/a had to rush in clearing it all up. For the rest of the flight i watched my iPod, and waited until we started our descent.
    We made a sightseeing style approach and then landed hard into LCY.
    overall it was a very good trip and im glad we finally did it.
    Thank you for reading.

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    I bet that was a hell of an experience. Thank you for sharing.