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London Baby ! (Part 1)

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  • London Baby ! (Part 1)

    Hey, so basically, for my birthday i planned for a few friends to come to London with me, but then lots more of my friends wanted to come, and offered to play for themselves. So eventually when we booked the trip, there were a big group of us going, and it seemed that it was going to turn out to be an immense trip.
    First of all i had to fly to LAX to tell my Mom (Phone died ), and i planned to fly to MIA to meet everyone else, the day before the trip.
    I looked on a few websites but then booked through and booked both ways with 2 different airlines.

    Airline - US Airways
    Route - Miami to Charlotte
    Scheduled Departure Time - 06:30
    Actual Departure Time - 06:45
    Scheduled Arrival Time - 08:33
    Actual Arrival Time - 08:57
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-400
    Seat - 5A
    Class - Coach

    I was dropped off at 05:00 and checked in. I was handed 5A and then i proceeded to security.
    After security i headed through to my departure gate which was J2. After a little while chilling out i walked on-board the jet. I was greeted by a young f/a, who looked the same age as me, she was very kind and directed me towards my seat.
    The first officer made a short briefing about the his name, the crew ,the plane, the weather and the route.
    After the safety demonstration by the crew we taxied to the runway.
    We then taxied onto the runway and made a smooth and powerful take-off from the runway.
    Soon after this i fell asleep. I woke up around half hour later, feeling hungry, but i couldnt buy anything, as i didnt have a freaking credit card, cashless cabins are a stupid idea.
    So i fell asleep again.
    I woke up when we made a big drop, i could clearly see the ground, we were on very short finals.
    We made a smooth touchdown and then we taxied and parked up at gate B4.
    I disembarked and then headed through to my connection.

    Airline - US Airways
    Route - Charlotte to Los Angeles
    Scheduled Departure - 10:00
    Actual Departure - 10:10
    Scheduled Arrival - 12:12
    Actual Arrival - 12:30
    Aircraft - Airbus A321
    Seat - 33F
    Class - Coach

    After a bite to eat it was time to board and i headed to gate B12.
    Boarding was swift and we were soon on-board in our seats.
    After a short safety demo we were taxiing to the runway.
    We held short for a few others then we made a quiet take-off into the sky.
    Shortly after take-off we were offered complimentary drinks, i asked for a sprite.
    She gave me a plastic cup with ice and a sprite Zero, even better, i didnt know you could get these.
    The crew took their time with the service, i suppose because they had no need to rush.
    I relaxed in my seat and listened to some music on my iPod.
    Time passed quickly and soon enough we were starting our descent into Los Angeles.
    The crew made sure everything was good to go before landing, and then they disappered until de-boarding. We made a smooth-ish touchdown onto the runway and then we taxied into the gate and parked up at gate 10.
    I said goodbye to the crew and i headed out and collected my bags.

    I met my mom and sisters told them about what was going on, my mom gave me $100 for the trip, and my sisters just gave me a slap for not telling them.

    Airline - Delta Air Lines
    Route - Los Angeles to Minneapolis
    Scheduled Departure - 00:30
    Actual Departure Time - 03:40
    Scheduled Arrival Time - 06:03
    Actual Arrival Time - 09:10
    Aircraft - Boeing 757-300
    Seat - 34F
    Class - Coach

    I was dropped off at LAX at 10:30pm, and when i checked in i was told that the flight was delayed, and that i should "check the boards".
    I proceeded to security and then to the gate.
    I got my phone fixed while in LAX so i made a quick call to Abbie to say my flight is delayed and that it probably will be about half hour late or something.
    She was meant to be picking me up in LAX with the others and we were to stay in a hotel by the airport.
    An hour later we were still being told nothing.At 02:30 we were told to go to gate 57 and be ready to board within the next 10 minutes.
    another quarter of an hour later we were told to board, and in no specific order, just a chaotic boarding process.
    We were boarded by a crew that, i must say, tried their best to make up for the delay.
    I took my seat, the flight was nearly empty.
    After sitting on the plane for more than half an hour we had not moved yet, and had only been told the normal information by the crew, route,weather, crew names etc.
    After a safety demonstration, we still sat on the tarmac for another 20 minutes ,before we started to push back.
    After a shakey take-off we were offered a complimentary drink, i got a Coke, with ice.
    The overhead tv's flickered into life but i needed the headphones with 2 sticks, i had normal iPod headphones so i was unable to watch it.
    I fell asleep for as long as i could.
    I got a good hour's sleep before we started our descent.
    When we were making a few final turns before landing, i saw closeup a few planes, which had either just taken off or are about to land in MSP.
    We then made a hard touchdown onto the runway and taxied in then parked up at gate F12.
    I switched my phone on in the terminal and got a texts from Abbie.
    "Aprntly ur flt is delayd 4 a whle call me wen u can x"
    which translates to "Apparently your flight is delayed for a while call me when you can x"
    for those of you who are not, "up to date"
    Wow, ive never seen her so worried, and pushy before.

    I called her in the departure lounge.

    I told her about the delay and that ive missed my connection to MIA.

    I told them to go to London and that ill meet them there.
    "Its either i pay a little extra and meet you there, or you all wait for me in Miami and pay a fortune, your choice"
    They insisted on all of us flying there together and decided to wait.

    In Part 2 i will post what happened.