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London Baby ! (Part 2)

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  • London Baby ! (Part 2)

    So, basically if you haven't read part 1, i was flying from LAX to MIA via MSP, but my LAX-MSP flight was late so i missed my MSP-MIA connection, but instead of putting me on the next MSP-MIA flight they gave me a different itinerary.
    So i was told i was changed onto a different flight, with 2 more connection just to get to MIA.
    But i was in for a treat, for an aviation enthusiast it was a treat, for a normal person its a nightmare.

    - Airline - Delta Air Lines
    Route - Minneapolis to Milwaukee
    Scheduled Departure - 11:25
    Actual Departure - 11:35
    Scheduled Arrival - 12:36
    Actual Arrival - 12:45
    Aircraft - DC-9-50 (THE TREAT! YAAY)
    Seat - 20F
    Class - Coach

    I hung around the terminal for a while before boarding commenced at gate F1.
    I was greeted on board by a kind flight attendant who directed me towards my seat, and wished me an enjoyable flight. HA.
    Everybody took their seat, and then we taxied back on-time.
    There was lots of traffic and we waited for a few Sun country planes to depart before we entered the runway and made a NOISY take-off.
    Unfortunately this DC-9 had already been repainted into the New Delta Livery.
    Shortly after take-off we were given a drink followed by a snack.
    I got 2 packets of peanuts and a Coke.
    The snack was good for such a short service, the flight was just over an hour long.
    For the remainder of the flight i listened to my iPod and watched the ground get closer and closer as we started our descent into MKE.
    The crew prepared the cabin for landing and we went straight down into MKE making a heavy touchdown. We then taxied in and parked at gate E67.
    I said goodbye to the crew and then i had to wait FOUR hours before my next flight, and even then, that flight wasnt going to Miami.
    I gave Abbie a quick call telling her what time ill be getting back and that they shouldent pick me up, ill make my own way.
    I got a little bite to eat and relaxed until my next flight was called.

    Airline - Delta
    Route - Milwaukee to Atlanta
    Scheduled Departure - 16:30
    Actual Departure - 17:05
    Scheduled Arrival - 19:40
    Actual Arrival - 20:05
    Aircraft - MD-88
    Seat - 15E
    Class - Coach

    When i got to the boarding gate, i realized the flight was no where near being full.
    I boarded at gate E69 and i was greeted on-board by a kind flight attendant, who didnt really speak much but she seemed it.
    I took my seat in the centre of the plane.
    After a short safety demo we were taxiing to the runway.
    About 35 minutes late we were up in the air.
    Shortly after take-off we were given a snack and a drink again.
    This time i got a Tea with Biscoff Cookieeeesss !!! Nice !
    I relaxed for the rest of the flight and listened to my iPod.
    The plane started to vibrate heavily when we started our descent and we were told to put our belts on earlier than usual.
    When the vibrating stopped, it stopped in perfect timing for touchdown, and we landed hard onto the runway in ATL . We taxied in and parked up at gate A15.
    I said my goodbyes to the crew and then disembarked to head to my final connection.
    On the boards, yeah just my luck, delayed.

    I waited around for my connection.

    Airline - Delta
    Route - Atlanta to Miami
    Scheduled Departure - 21:53
    Actual Departure - 22:45
    Scheduled Arrival - 23:50
    Actual Arrival - 00:35
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-800
    Seat - 28F
    Class - Coach

    So i waited and waited for my flight to board.
    At 22:00 we started to board through gate A12.
    We were greeted on-board by a crew who were so apologetic for the delay.
    I took my seat and got comfortable for the flight, and after the safety breifing and pushback we were taxiing to the runway.
    After waiting for an American Eagle plane to take-off, we continued onto the runway and then climbed straight into the air.
    Shortly after take-off we were again given Drinks and Snacks.
    I got another packet of Delicious Biscoff Cookies, with a Coke Zero (they had no normal coke).
    This aircraft had PTV's which seemed really good, but when i looked through there was only a few things that looked appealing to me, and all of these were on my iPod, So i watched an episode of Band of Brothers (only enough time for one!)
    If any of you have seen it before, i watched the episode called The Breaking Point.
    I tried to sleep after but we started our descent sooner than i expected.
    The touchdown was wierd, when we hit the ground we bounced and we tipped to the right as if we were turning, then we bounced again then started turning left, the we hit the ground HARD for a third time and the plane shook but we were firmly down now.
    We taxied and parked up at gate H3.
    I said goodbye to the crew, who looked like they were sleeping while standing up.
    I collected my bag and went through the normal channels and then i had to think of a way to get to the hotel.
    Lets just say i got there and woke everybody up.
    I got to the hotel at just after quarter to 2.

    Sorry about this being so brief.

    Hope you enjoyed reading still.

    Part 3 will show the trip to London.