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London Baby ! (Part 3)

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  • London Baby ! (Part 3)

    So after the hectic day, the day before, and after finally crashing out at 3am, i had to be woken up again at 8am.
    I wasnt happy about this
    Everybody was excited about going to London, some for the first time.

    Airline - United (Operated by Shuttle America)
    Route - Miami to Washington
    Scheduled Departure - 13:19
    Actual Departure - 13:25
    Scheduled Arrival - 16:02
    Actual Arrival - 16:15
    Aircraft - Embraer 170
    Seat - 16F
    Class - Coach

    When we arrived at Miami airport we checked in.
    United were helpful and allocated us a block of seats at the rear of the plane (for both legs), on the basis that we could arrange our own seating arrangments.
    There were 20 of us, and they allocated us rows 14-18, which was perfect.
    We headed through security and then to the departure lounge.
    All of us relaxed and talked about what we were going to do in London, ive been there 5 times, and not once have i looked around, 3 of those times i was connecting through LHR and the other 2 times were seeing my Dad, so ive never seen the sights.
    We boarded through gate J10.
    We were greeted on-board by a quiet flight attendant who just smiled and nodded.
    I sat in 16F and Abbie sat in 16D.
    When everybody was on-board we were shown a safety demonstration and then we started our taxi to the runway.
    We taxied straight on and made rolling take-off into the sky.
    After take-off i fell asleep almost immediately after the wheels left the ground so unfortunately i cant tell you about anything untill we landed, which is when i woke up.
    We made a hard touchdown and then taxied into the terminal and parked up at gate D2.
    We said goodbye to the crew and then headed to our connection.

    Airline - United
    Route - Washington to London Heathrow
    Scheduled Departure - 17:58
    Actual Departure - 18:40
    Scheduled Arrival - 06:20 +1
    Actual Arrival - 06:10 +1
    Aircraft - Boeing 777
    Seat - 34J
    Class - Coach

    So we waited in the lounge until our flight was called for boarding.
    Everybody was still really excited.
    Our flight was called to gate C27 and we started to board.
    We were greeted by a flight attendant who seemed to care more about the other crew, he was talking to another flight attendant behind him, and seemed abit pissed off to have to speak to passengers.
    We walked back, and the further back we got, the better it got, the crew were nicer, the cabin smelt better, and it wasnt crowded at all.
    I crossed aisles at the galley between Economy + and normal Coach class.
    There was almost a Party Atmosphere onboard, the passengers were mostly young people, mostly americans, who i guess most were going on holiday to London, the crew, were all young, and i guess wernt really bothered and were just happy, apart from the dodgy old woman in front the flight was pretty much perfect so far.
    The woman in-front kept leaning back on her chair which although didnt touch me, was still annoying, and when i put my hand in the seat pocket, she turned around and had ago at me
    As this happened one of the crew offered to move her fair enough, i guess that classes as "passenger comfort".
    A little while later the crew prepared us for departure, with the usual safety demos, announcements, the norm.
    Due to a late family we pushed back behind schedule and took off just over 40 minutes late.
    The seats were pretty comfortable, with plenty of legroom (for me anyway), PTV's, the usual tratl coach seats.
    About 20 minutes after we got airborne, the crew came around with Drinks.
    I got a Coke.
    A little while later, we were served our dinner (why so early in the flight).
    Chilli or Beef Lasagne.
    When the crew got to my seat they had run out of Chilli and only had Beef left, which is what i wanted so i was happy to get the Beef.
    It was served with a slice of Garlic Bread, Normal bread roll, butter, Salad and Watermelon.
    The food was served nice and hot, all together very tasty.
    The crew were efficient in clearing away the trays.
    As soon as they were done, all lights went out.
    I flicked around my PTV and the selection was pretty good.
    An episode of Two and a Half Men before i crashed out for sleep.
    As quickly as all lights went out, they came back on and it was nearly daylight.
    Breakfast time, apparently its so early to help beat jetlag and get us used to the timezone.
    A Blueberry Muffin, A Bagel with some Jam and A small plastic tub with fruit and fruit juices in was the service. This was served with any drink, and i was given Orange Juice.
    We started our descent and everybody started to wake up. Seatbelt sign switched on and we got closer and closer to London.
    After a turbulent approach we made a gentle touchdown onto the runway.
    We taxied in and parked up at the gate.
    Our group waited until last and talked to the crew whilst everybody else was getting off.
    Then we said goodbye to them and headed out to customs. There was another United 777 parked next to us, it was nearly boarding and departed at 7 something, but i didnt see where it was off to.

    Part 4 will show our trip hom (its basically the same as this one so i might not post it)

    Hope you enjoyed, i might put up the final part,4, but its just a waste of yours and my time as it will be exactly like this.

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    Im glad to see that you enjoyed your experiences on United.


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      Thanks. Im flying on United later today.
      Continental - MIA-MCO
      UA 191 - MCO-ORD