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Sun Country vs Delta. London - Minneapolis - London.

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  • Sun Country vs Delta. London - Minneapolis - London.

    Well i had been called up by work, a meeting in Minneapolis in 2 days and i had to attend it.
    I had looked around and found suitable flights, including a chance for me to try the new STN service by Sun Country, returning on the daily DL flight to LHR.

    Airline - Sun Country
    Route - London Stansted to Minneapolis via Gander
    Scheduled Departure - 12:00(12:25 Actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 16:55 (17:20 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-800
    Seat - 16A
    Class - Coach

    So when i got to STN i checked in as usual and i was given seat 16A.
    The check-in staff were helpful in what time we were boarding what gate and what time we should be at the gate.
    I continued to security and then into the departure lounge.
    The aircraft was already at the gate.
    Boarding commenced at 11:05. Once on-board i realized that there could have been no more than 20 people in coach.
    For the price of the ticket, i suppose they dont need that many people on-board, i had paid (well my work paid) $584.40 and there was no option to pay in either.
    We pushed back a little behind schedule and then made a powerful takeoff.
    Once airborne, i didnt see the crew until about and hour and a half after we were airborne. We were served "Lunch" 2 hours after we took off.
    It consisted of Chicken in a Spicy sauce, with fresh vegetables,ranch dip,and a big slice of raspberry cheesecake. The food was very tasty but i dont think its enough for a transatlantic service, no matter how short the flight may be.
    digEplayers were available for $10. I decided not to, seeing as the ticket was a fortune, you would expect full service.
    Four and a half hours later, we touched down into Gander.
    I was especially happy to be able to stretch my legs, the inadequate legroom is horrible after half an hour let alone 4 and a half hours.
    We were aloud to stay on the plane or go into the terminal to visit the gift shop etc. 45 Minutes in Gander, and we were back on the plane.
    We made a quick takeoff and were soon airborne again.
    Shortly after take-off we were offered a beverage.
    I got a coke. Service was fast and efficient, and the crew were very kind.
    After the beverage we were offered our meal.
    A cheeseburger, "traditional" kettle chips, salad and some M&M's.
    This was a nice meal and filled me up after being starving.
    After this i relaxed as best as i could.
    We started our descent and then touched down into MSP.
    We taxied to the gate, i said goodbye to the crew and then disembarked.

    Airline - Delta
    Route - Minneapolis to London Heathrow
    Scheduled Departure - 21:40 (21:55 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 12:00 +1 (11:35 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 767-400
    Seat - 37G
    Class - Economy

    After a successful meeting, it was time to go home.
    Because i flew Sun Country inbound , i was looking forward to comparing the Sun Country Transatlantic product, to the DL one, i did think it was unfair as it was clear that one would be far superior to the other.
    I checked in at MSP and headed through security to the departure lounge.
    We boarded on time and we were greeted on-board by a somewhat moody crew.
    They talked, but i didnt see a smile.
    I took my seat and hey, AVOD
    After a safety demonstration, we pushed back, and then made a swift takeoff.
    The crew were quick in starting service, and almost immediately we were served a beverage and a snack.
    I got a coke and some peanuts.
    The AVOD selection was incredible, lots of my favourite HBO programs, The Pacific, Band of Brothers were just 2 of them.
    I watched some of The Sopranos and then we were served Dinner.
    Chicken or Pasta with Tomatoes. I got the chicken and it was served with a healthy side of mashed potatoes, vegetables, a big portion of salad and a mini mars bar. I got a coke with it. It was very tasty.
    After this i tried to fall asleep but instead ended up watching more of my AVOD.
    In the "morning" we were woken for breakfast.
    I have no idea how they define a croissant and a strawberry yoghurt as breakfast.
    The stale croissant was inedible and the strawberry youghurt was pretty mediocre. Then i stared out the window until we made a hard touchdown into LHR.
    We taxied and parked up. I said goodbye to the crew and then disembarked.

    So here is my table comparing the 2 airlines.

    Delta :
    Seat Comfort - 7/10
    Cabin Environment - 10/10
    In flight entertainment - 10/10
    Meals - 8/10
    Meal Content - 5/10
    Crew - 5/10
    Punctuality - 9/10
    Ticket Price - 7/10 ($450)
    Overall Service Quality - 7/10

    Sun Country :
    Seat Comfort - 2/10
    Cabin Environment - 10/10
    In flight entertainment - 0/10
    Meals - 6/10
    Meal Content - 10/10
    Crew - 10/10
    Punctuality - 8/10
    Ticket Price - 2/10 ($584.40)
    Overall Service Quality - 7.5/10

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    It's amazing Sun Country uses a 737-800 in its regular configuration for transatlantic service, I thought it would've used a different configuration or even lease a widebody. I really doubt though that the STN flights will last long.


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      Originally posted by Foxtrot View Post
      I really doubt though that the STN flights will last long.


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        I don't think SY is going to keep this route for very long. Everytime I check the loads its wide, wide open, which would explain why prices keep going up. I doubt a lot of people want to fly into STN from the US. I think Sun Country has a great product(domestic anyway), but I agree that the leather seats aren't the most comfortable.