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  • Ryanair - London to Madrid

    Airline - Ryanair
    Route - London Gatwick to Madrid Barajas
    Scheduled Departrue - 21:05 (21:05 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 00:20 (00:07 actual)
    Aircraft - Boeing 737-800 (EI-EKM)
    Seat - 24C
    Ticket Price - 21 incl taxes

    So after checking in online i headed off to LGW.
    I arrived there around 19:30 and i headed straight through security as i had no bags. The security queues were pretty dead so i was through quite quickly.
    I waited around for a while before our flight was called to the gate.
    Boarding was called in order, Special Assistance, Speedy Boarding,and then the rest.
    We boarded, walked down some steps and then a fair distance to the airplane.
    There was a long queue as we were only aloud to board through the front door
    Anyway i walked on and the first 7 rows were reserved, so i continued to the back and most windows were taken so i grabbed the nearest aisle seat which was 24C.
    The seats themselves are quite comfortable for an Extra LCC like ryanair, leather seats with little to no legroom but that does not matter to me.
    Everybody seated surprisingly quickly and the spanish crew then prepared for departure.
    The half automated, half manual safety demo was performed during taxi, and then a s**t loads of pre-recorded advertising was done before take-off.
    We taxied onto the runway and then made a powerful take-off into the dark sky.
    The take-off was very smooth and with the help of my iPhone music, we were at cruise in no time
    The crew did a Buy-on-board service with a few drinks and hot and cold food , which was rather expensive. Compared to the likes of Flybe, this food was a big rip-off.
    I didnt purchase anything so i cant comment on quality.
    About 90% of the pax on this flight were spanish so it wasnt the loud,booze-fest that i was expecting from an english lot of passengers going to spain (no offense to the english readers).
    The crew managed 3 rounds of Food/Drinks on this flight and i think about 2 people purchased stuff. We started our descent, i had no views of anything and what little chance i did have of any views was crushed when the passenger by the window shut the window blind.
    We then made a smoothish touchdown onto the runway and we taxied in to the terminal. We disembarked through both doors, front and back and it was a quick process, and then customs was even quicker and as i had no baggage i was straight out and to my hotel

    In my opinion, Ryanair is probably one of the most punctual airlines i have ever been on, got me from A to B on time and safe and in relative comfort.

    Flight - 10/10
    Food - N/A
    Entertainment - 0/10
    Seats - 5/10
    Legroom - 5/10
    Punctuality - 10/10
    Crew - 10/10

    Value for money - Hell yeah, this flight cost less than taxes only from Heathrow!