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Spanair - Madrid to Alicante

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  • Spanair - Madrid to Alicante

    Airline - Spanair
    Route - Madrid Barajas to Alicante
    Scheduled Departure - 18:55 (19:20 actual)
    Scheduled Arrival - 19:55 (20:15 actual)
    Aircraft - MD-83 (EC-GQG)
    Seat - 18A
    Ticket Price - 44.34 incl taxes

    So again i checked in online so i headed straight through security once again.
    The terminal was quite busy so i was glad i had arrived early.
    At 18:00 our flight was called to the gate. A Spanair MD-83 in Star Alliance Livery A bit scary but then again its an experience.
    Boarding was orderly again, Avant class passengers, Special assistance, Star Alliance/Frequentflyers (me) and then the rest of economy.
    I boarded with the frequent flyers group, and it was me and one other person as the flight was nearly empty.
    We boarded a bus and went to a remote stand, we walked up the stairs and were greeted by a kind flight attendant.
    I took my seat and i had the entire row to myself (2-3 config)
    After a short boarding time we pushed and taxied. The safety demo was done and we were on our way.
    The traffic was "busy" announced the captain so a short delay should be expected. Once on the runway, we made a LOUD take-off and we vibrated our way into the air.
    The B-O-B service started about 20 minutes after becoming airborne, and the crew of 2 rushed around the cabin only to make about 2 euros.
    The crew were very good, efficient,chatty and got the job done.
    After a quick flight we had already started our descent, and we flew over the town of Elche before making a smooth inland approach and landing.
    Touchdown was hard, and the plane shook violently when we were braking.
    We taxied off and parked up on a jetway. The new terminal, terminal 3 at Alicante is really coming along well and should be finished anytime soon.
    The crew were quick in disembarking us so they had a better chance of an on-time turnaround. As there are no customs at ALC we were straight into the baggage claim area. There are customs but there is never somebody working there, and if there is somebody working there, then they are always on facebook and never check your passports, just give you a dirty look, unless your spanish then you get a BIIIIG smile

    Then as usual at ALC our flights bags had beaten us to the belt and everybody collected their bags but i headed straight down the slope through the car rental area and outside to get a cab to my hotel.

    I will post the return later

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    Wouldn't the Spanair ticket have been free ? hah star alliance and all that.

    Anyway good report, the trip report forum is slowly Dying
    :-) Life is like a Journey,Travel it well. United Airlines :smile: