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Delta Air Lines STL-MSP-ANC September 3rd, 2010

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  • Delta Air Lines STL-MSP-ANC September 3rd, 2010

    Hey All--

    I flew to Boston to attend a Lady Gaga concert with a buddy of mine, and got a VDB voucher of 400 dollars which I used to pay for my ANC trip for Labor Day Weekend.

    This was my first time see the "upper" states of the US (rather Alaska specifically haha) and I had not seen my cousin who was based at the AFB in Anchorage. I have switched from American to Delta and have been taking advantage of the promotion Delta has offered to STL flyers, along with BNA, RDU and PIT.

    With that I booked a trip to ANC to visit my cousin, total itinerary was STL-MSP-ANC-SEA-ATL-STL.

    September 3rd, 2010
    Delta Air Lines
    Flight 2913
    Airbus A319

    I left for the STL Airport at 2:30am, to get there by around 5am for a 6:40am departure. I absolutely hate morning departures, however to fully get the maximum two days of Anchorage I had to get into ANC as early as possible.

    I got to airport at 5am, and went to the kiosk to check in and print out my boarding pass.

    I headed to security and went through, was quite crowded but I got through in about 10 minutes. Got to the gate at 5:30am, and we were to start boarding at 6am.

    I pre-boarded and got on the plane and looked out the window. Time for my ANC trip to begin!

    They completed the boarding which I fell asleep for kind of. I was so tired, and would be doing a lot of nodding off during the entire trip on the way to ANC.

    We backed out of A-3 as they did the briefing and headed to the new runway to take off. Do we still need to keep calling it the new runway now? LOL

    We took off and headed for MSP.

    Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 aircraft Taking off on Runway 29/11 at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport September 3rd, 2010. Registration is N357NB. Flyin...

    Take Off Video

    Right after take off.

    I promptly fell asleep kind of, just nodding off, waking u periodically for pictures. I have flown this route a few times, first time in coach though believe it or not LOL.

    Service was just drinks being so early in the morning. *snores*

    Clouds..oh the joy!

    In no time, we started approaching MSP, so the dings would chimde through the cabin, tray tables up and locked, seatbacks in their upright and locked position, we all know the drill.


    Landing into MSP!

    We landed, and taxied a ways to the gates. Parked next to an MD90.

    Got off the plane and took a picture of it at the gate, it was continuing onward to Phoenix (PHX).

    Delta Air Lines
    Flight 2395
    Boeing 757-200

    I was kind of dreading this flight because it was not a PTV bird. This was going to be a really long flight, my longest flight in coach actually. Ya, I am a snob lol

    I had only a 30 minute connection so I was hoofing it all the way from the G gates to the C gates, C-1 to be exact of course.

    Reached the gate and man it was packed! I texted with my family and friends getting ready for my trip to Alaska! I was getting excited now for sure.

    My 757 at the gate.

    I pre-boarded and went to my seat and settled in for the next 5 hour flight, which we had a head wind of 127 MPH actually.

    Long flight without PTV

    You think I would be used to it being at Southwest Airlines, but truthfully I have never been on a flight over 5 hours on Southwest and to be honest, I was in the company with my co -workers so I had something to pass the time, Not really so for this flight to ANC.

    Sat at my seat as I awaited everyone else to board. I scored big time with this flight as there was no one in my row, MAJOR score!!!

    757 Wing taking me to ANC

    This was a bit weird, we backed out and they did the safety briefing. The usual smoking is not allowed on board, and quite a few of the passengers must have been frequent Delta paxs as they waved their fingers too right as that woman on the TV did too! LOL

    Flaps out as we head out to the runway for departure.

    We sat on the runway for a couple of minutes, and then the engine came alive and we went down the runway for a very quick take off! Typical 757!

    Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 Taking Off at Minneapolis International Airport flying to Anchorage, Alaska. Registration is N687DL. Seat 33F, near 6 hour fli...

    Video of Take Off

    After we took off we started cruising up to the altitude.

    Climbing up

    We hit cruising altitude and I kind of pretty much nodded off to sleep. I woke up when they started doing the service.

    My in flight meal...LOL

    Passing Jet

    Gotta represent!

    I did nothing but sleep, listen to my music or do my homework back and forth, it was a long flight, didn't watch anything on TV except for the big bang theory, quite hysterical show.

    Here is one in flight video I took.

    Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 Passing over Alaska checking the wing and the views out. Getting ready to approach Anchorage International Airport. N687DL

    We began to approach ANC and we flew right by ANC Airport as we approached it.

    ANC Airport

    Approaching ANC

    We landed into ANC and had a beautiful approach too.

    Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 Landing into Anchorage International Airport from Minneapolis, Minnesota. N687DL is Registration.


    Delta was a great airline, had no big complaints except for lack of PTV but I know Delta is busy working hard on getting that done and completed. We had wifi on both my flights but I am not able to use it as I need to keep laptop plugged to be able to use the laptop itself.

    I will add a couple of pictures in Alaska.

    One of the Glaciers

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.