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    As usual this summer I went back to Italy….Only that this year I had a one-way ticket!
    I had a hard time when looking for low fares but I did find something cheap, and quite nice!
    KLM MEX-AMS-FCO on a B747 combi and a B737-400 (old school!)
    May ended and I couldn’t wait for mid June! I tried to select my seat online a couple weeks before my flight… but it wasn’t available.

    The day arrived and I did the online check in, selecting my seats and printing my boarding pass really fast.

    That afternoon I took a bus to Mexico City.
    I got to the airport….. It was raining…. I “dropped” my bags and I had a beer with my best friend.

    After this I passed controls an headed to my gate…. In the meanwhile I was busy walking all the airport looking for an exchange desk that had available Euros…. At last I did find one, and rates weren’t bad….
    Boarding began, It was a bit disordered, when the gate agent called specific rows, passengers didn’t care and start boarding all at a time… After the gate agent saw this, she tried to put some order…. Thankfully my row (41) was one of the first called for boarding.

    Airline:KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)
    Flight number: KL685
    Origin: Aeropuerto Internacional Cd. Mexico (MMMX)
    Destination : Luchthaven Amsterdam-Schiphol (EHAM)
    Distance: 4896 nm, 5635mi, 9069km
    Scheduled departure time: 21:55
    Actual departure time: 22:05
    Scheduled flight time: 10 hours 30 minutes
    Class of Travel: Economy Class
    Seat: 41A
    Aircraft: B747-400 combi PH-BFF “City of Freedom”

    After taxi (10:05pm) we headed to rnwy 23L and took off at 10:30.
    This plane is one of the few that hasn’t the new KLM ptv’s…. Bad Luck….
    Dinner was served at 11:40….

    I had a chat with the my travel mate, a nice girl from northern Mexico....
    I fell asleep until mid-flight snack, at 4:00am (Mex.Time) 1:00pm (CET ).

    Cabin View from the rear.

    English East Coast.... Into the channel.

    Flight continued uneventfully and 1.30hr prior arrival breakfast was served.

    Dutch Coast.

    We arrived to Amsterdam at 15:35, 10 minutes after schedule.

    Flight Stats Flight Information

    Then I had plenty of time to spend at the airport….

    Our plane

    The World Cup was going on those days, on a huge screen in the terminal, showing France vs South Africa match. And live score Mexico-Uruguay.
    I had a snack and a beer in the sandwich bar, then I did some shopping, souvenirs, tulips….and some spotting.

    And head to my flight to Rome… really early, but I found some couches to rest….

    Airline:KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)
    Flight number: KL1609
    Origin: Luchthaven Amsterdam-Schiphol (EHAM)
    Destination : Aeroporto Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino (LIRF)
    Distance: 697 nm, 803mi, 1292km
    Scheduled departure time: 20:10
    Actual departure time: 20:24
    Duration: 02 hours 18 minutes
    Scheduled Flight Time: 01hour 45 minutes
    Class of Travel: Economy Class
    Seat: 05A
    Aircraft: B737-4YO PH-BTB “Leifur Eiriksson”

    We taxied to runway 36C , took off a bit late, and climbed up to 35,000 ft.

    We had an awesome clear evening….

    Highway that takes to Amsterdam

    We were offered a sandwich and some drinks….

    The middle seat was empty so it was pretty comfortable…

    The flight finished in a moment…and we were already in Rome!!

    Booking 95/100
    Airport 100/100
    Flight 1 96/100
    AMS Service 100/100 (Lot's of help counters)
    Flight 2 95/100

    ALL IN ALL 97/100

    I hope you enjoyed this trip report even though it was a couple of months ago…
    Please feel free to comment.

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    Very nice report and pictures! Enjoyed every moment of it!
    Flickr |Airliners.Net | Airplane-Pictures.Net | Jetphotos.Net


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      I'm pleased with 747 everytime I see one in the air. I love it, especially with airlines that didn't have changed much in their brilliant outward appearance since I was born.... . . ... .... . !

      Some things don't have to be changed. KLM-blue 747 is one of these things.
      The German long haul is alive, 65 years and still kicking.
      The Gold Member in the 747 club, 50 years since the first LH 747.
      And constantly advanced, 744 and 748 /w upper and lower EICAS.
      This is Lohausen International airport speaking, echo delta delta lima.