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Delta/Jetblue Trip Report: TPA-ATL-EWR-TPA

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  • Delta/Jetblue Trip Report: TPA-ATL-EWR-TPA

    Alright, here I am again with another trip report. A couple of weeks ago I met my uncle in Newark, NJ for some business help. Basically my job was to uninstall, clean then reinstall some security software for an office with ~50 computers. Even though the work was rather boring the trip to Newark, dinner, my payment and the trip back were well worth the time. Anyways, here it is...

    Palm Harbor, Florida
    October 16th, 2010
    After waking up around 4:30AM I completed my normal morning procedures for flying. It's obvious what that involves. I check the loads for my flights and basically sat around until we left for the airport.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida
    Once I arrived at TPA I checked myself in and slowly but surely made my way to the gate. This morning I would be flying on Delta 1872 to Atlanta. The flight load was rather heavy, which is usually uncommon on these early morning flights, so I was hoping I'd get on.

    The main terminal at TPA.

    Air Lines Flight #1872
    Tampa, FL (TPA) - Atlanta, GA (ATL)
    Equipment - Boeing 757-200W
    Seat Assignment - 19C, Economy Class, Aisle
    Departure Time - 6:25AM
    Arrival Time - 7:55AM
    Flying Time - 1 hours 29 minutes
    Departure Gate - E70
    Arrival Gate - B31
    Aircraft Registration - N638DL, delivered on 5/25/1988
    Status - On Time
    Date - October 16th, 2010
    Video - N/A

    Flight #1872
    As usual, I wasn't too excited for getting an aisle seat. As some of you know, I very much prefer windows. But, I was just happy to get on the flight. Upon boarding they immediately closed the boarding door and before I knew it, we were on our way. The only service we got during the flight was peanuts and a drink. Unfortunately, I missed that and fell asleep. The flight went by fairly quick as such every TPA-ATL flight does.

    Flightaware map.

    My plane, with a dedication sticker on the nose.

    Gate E70 to Atlanta.

    The plane after arriving in Atlanta.

    Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, Georgia

    I hurried to my connecting gate once I arrived. I had only given myself ~30 minutes in Atlanta so I could get to Newark as early as possible. I made my connection with time to spare.

    Air Lines Flight #2842
    Atlanta, GA (ATL) - Newark, NJ (EWR)
    Equipment - Airbus A319
    Seat Assignment - 18F, Economy Class, Window
    Departure Time - 8:35AM
    Arrival Time - 10:43AM
    Flying Time - 2 hours 8 minutes
    Departure Gate - B1
    Arrival Gate - B45
    Aircraft Registration - N340NB, delivered on 4/4/2002
    Status - On Time
    Date - October 16th, 2010
    Video - Delta A319 Atlanta to Newark

    Flight #2842
    This flight included one of the roughest landings I have ever encountered! The flight up to Newark was smooth that day, but the wind in Newark was 35 gusting to 50. It just happened to be a crosswind too! For me however, this was enjoyable, to other passengers, not so much. The whole descent was back and forth and up and down. Upon landing, we were hit with a strong crosswind and the pilot made a final bank as were above the runway and landed us on the single left tire. The plus side, I got it all on tape!

    Flightaware map.

    N340NB to Newark.

    Gate B1 to Newark.

    View from my seat.


    Right after takeoff.

    During descent with PHL in view.

    On final.

    Welcome to Newark!


    Goodbye N340NB.

    Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey

    While we were taxing I got a glimpse of a Continental 757-200 with the new United name on it. I couldn't get a picture quick enough, sorry. Anyways, after arriving I took some quick pictures and made my way out to baggage claim where my uncle was waiting in a rental 2009 Kia Sportage...

    Concourse B.

    The tram that connects A, B and C.

    Baggage claim.

    Newark, New Jersey and New York City, New York
    October 16th - October 17th
    We finished our day of computer work around 6:00PM on Saturday. My uncle had decided to take me into the city for dinner since I had never been in Manhattan. He took me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse near Times Square. It's probably the best dinner I've had in a LONG time! I had myself a huge filet mignon with vegetables and creme brulee for desert. Very good! I got a few pictures of Times Square after dinner before leaving back to NJ. The next morning we got up at 7:00AM so we could finish the computer work. Once problem though, as I was doing that I had to go get my flights arranged. I went to go list myself on the flight to ATL connecting to TPA and they were both overbooked by 20+! Outrageous. I had an AP American History test the next day so I HAD to get back to Tampa. So, I called up Jetblue and they said the nonstop to Tampa looked "wide open". So, for the first time ever, I bought a zed fare ticket. Our computer work lasted till 1:00PM when we decided to head to the airport to drop me off.

    Time Square

    A large M&M.

    The "classic" shot!

    The stock exchange board.

    Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey

    October 17th, 2010
    The big pain with zed fare was that I had to get a paper ticket. So, first we went to Concourse B to go to the Delta ticket counter and have my ticket printed. To my luck, the agent at the counter had no idea what he was doing. The first thing he said was that he can't do it because we don't have a partnership with Jetblue, even though I had the Deltanet printout in my hand! After some haggling he finally figured out he was wrong and had to have his manager print it because he didn't know how. That was a pain needless to say. After I finally got my ticket I hopped on the tram and went to Concourse A so I could go to the Jetblue ticket counter and check in for my flight. I was running late so I was running. It was 2:45PM when I checked in and the flight was departing at 3:15PM, and I had yet to go through security. After I got through security sweating from running I found my flight to be delayed. Haha, figures. The plane was late coming in so it wasn't even at the gate when I got there at 3:20PM.

    The busy satellite.

    Flight #537
    Newark, NJ (EWR) - Tampa, FL (TPA)
    Equipment - Airbus A320
    Seat Assignment - 10F, Economy Class, Window/Exit
    Departure Time - 3:45PM
    Arrival Time - 6:24PM
    Flying Time - 2 hours 39 minutes
    Departure Gate - A22
    Arrival Gate - A12
    Aircraft Registration - N644JB, delivered on 9/21/2006
    Status - Delayed due to inbound aircraft
    Date - October 17th, 2010
    Video - Jetblue A320 Newark to Tampa

    Flight #537
    I have to say, Jetblue was impressive. I had more than sufficient legroom, even though I was in an exit row, and the entertainment/service was great. I would definitely like to fly on them again. As for the flight, it was great. I had a small snack while I was watching Law and Order: SVU the entire flight. It went by pretty fast needless to say.

    Flightaware map.

    Here she comes, in the new paint that was revealed earlier this year.

    Coming in.

    Boarding gate to Tampa.

    Blue Loves Ya, Baby?


    Right after takeoff.

    Looking back at EWR.

    Turning on USA, which would be my entertainment for the next 2 and a half hours.

    Midflight snack.

    Descending with Pinellas County in view.

    We've made the turn over MacDill, so now we are on final!

    Welcome to Tampa!

    The main terminal, parking garage and Mariott Hotel.

    Parked at Airside A.

    Tampa International Airport, Florida
    After arriving in Tampa I quickly made my way to baggage claim where my mom and sister were picking me up since I didn't want to park my Jeep at the airport. So, overall, I had an amazing weekend! Not only that, the day before my trip to Newark I got a call from AMC Theaters saying they will be hiring me!

    Airside A.

    Hope you enjoyed this trip report. I have no definite plans for another trip soon as of now. I have a job now so it's difficult to plan things. So, within the next few months you guys may or may not see some trip reports regarding Detroit, Boston, Atlanta or St. Thomas. It all depends. Anyways, thanks for reading and be sure to comment!

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    Hello Matt,

    Congratulations on another excellent flight review and excellent photos to go along with it. Looks like you had a fun trip to the NY/NJ area.




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        So you are using airline passes to go and perform work in another city?
        Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man. Landing is first.


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          Originally posted by ACheck View Post
          So you are using airline passes to go and perform work in another city?
          No, I work for AMC Theaters down here in Tampa. I'm only 17. My uncle offered me to help him do some computer work (uninstalling, installing) at an office out in Newark for two days. So, I went up there to help.

          Honestly, I wonder if anyone does commute to work on standby passes? It would be good if it worked but I'm sure their employer would be mad if they don't show up every time they get bumped! haha


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            Sorry I should not have implied you had done something wrong. I know the employee passes are for non-work travel and if the company catches you using them for any non company work the passes will be revolked for life.

            I work with a guy that has commuted weekly from the west coast. He got the job here on the eastern side of the continent and his wife and kids refused to move after he accepted the job. He's never missed a day as he is really careful with his planning.
            Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man. Landing is first.