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California Trip - KHPN - KORD - KLAX - KORD - KHPN PART #1

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  • California Trip - KHPN - KORD - KLAX - KORD - KHPN PART #1

    It all started one gloomy April morning at approximately 4:00AM. We were expected to be at the airport at 6:30 for our 7:15 flight to Chicago-O’Hare. I was excited because this would be on a Fokker F-100, of which I haven’t been on in about 10 years. We arrived at 6:45 at Westchester County Airport, checked in with no problem. Security was a breeze, and the workers were very friendly. After what felt like an eternity, the F-100 arrived at the gate. We were first to board.

    American Airlines Flight# Unrecorded (lost boarding pass)
    Departed 7:15AM
    Flying time: 2hr, 30Mins
    Seat: 4D
    Class of Service: First
    Meal: Continental Breakfast
    Aircraft: Fokker F-100

    I walked down the frigid jetway to find the old Fokker waiting, friendly flight attendants welcomed us as I took my seat in row 4D, a bulkhead seat with old leather seats. I instantly noticed all the safety cards stuffed into the pockets on both sides of the aircraft. Pre-departure drinks were offered: water, or orange juice. I took the O.J. During departure, I spotted two other American F-100 aircraft, one Northwest Airlink/Mesaba Airlines BAe 146-200, one Delta Connection CRJ-100, and several Continental Express and United Express ERJ-145s. Takeoff was on runway 16, with a sharp turn west after takeoff. We broke through the clouds and leveled of at 22,000FT. Shortly, our “Continental Breakfast” was served. Dry oatmeal powder and hot water, mix to make oatmeal, and a bag of raisins. It was decent, a big glass of Pepsi helped sweeten the dull breakfast. We started descent into Chicago an hour later, as we dropped through the clouds, I looked for (what‘s left of) Meigs Airfield, but we were landing on a different approach. We landed on time, but had to wait for our gate to free up. We de-planed and went on to wait for our next flight to Los Angeles, California. We were first on line to board the 737-800 that we would be flying on for 4 ½ hours.

    American Airlines Flight# 1487
    Departed 9:59AM
    Flying time: 4hr, 30Mins
    Seat: 4A
    Class of Service: First
    Meal: Breakfast
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

    We boarded and took our seats. It appears as the First Class seats on the 737 are wider than those on the 767 The pre-departure drink choices were the same, so I took the same choice. Departure was delayed because one passenger saw something on the wing, and they had to check it out (It was nothing). Takeoff was pretty fast, and steep, and before I knew it, we broke through the clouds and reached our cruising altitude of 32,000FT. Breakfast was served, but this time we had to choose between an omelet, or cereal. I choose the cereal, but was still hungry. I forgot what the movie was, but it didn’t mater because there was heavy turbulence for most of the flight. As we flew over the western states, I spotted a fire on the ground, something I have only spotted one other one, long ago KLAX-KJFK. We landed on-time, and we grabbed our bags and left for our vacation in L.A

    Part 2 on the way.