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TRIP REPORT: Brisbane-Sydney Return - Virgin Blue E-190/B737

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  • TRIP REPORT: Brisbane-Sydney Return - Virgin Blue E-190/B737

    Evening all,

    I do enjoy reading the other trip reports on this forum - especially some of the recent ones 'hkore' has taken! Anyway, here is a recent trip report from a Brisbane to Sydney and return plane spotting weekend that I took.

    I have included a few pictures of the new centre finger terminal at the Brisbane Domestic Terminal - some plane opportunities exist in the toilets!!

    I had awful weather in Sydney, but a couple of great flights and some good service from Virgin Blue. This was the first time I had seen their new cabin uniforms and I think they are quite nice. I'm not too sure about the in-flight menu - reckon there could be some more options, but I suppose for those who only want a snack, then it is adequate!

    Enjoy the read - plenty of pics - some videos will be uploaded soon - mostly of the take-off and landing out the cabin window!

    You can find the report here:

    Damian F
    Central Queensland Plane Spotting and News Blog

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    Thanks for the mention. Sydney is having wet weather last few weeks.

    Well-written trip report. hope to see more...


    YouTube Channel: Plane4u