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    It has been a while since I've posted anything here, and I've never written a trip report, but as I was on one of BA's new 777-300s, I figured I'd write a report...

    Flight LHR-DXB BA 109

    Take off: scheduled: 21.40 pm/ Actual: 22.30 am
    Landing: scheduled: 07.30 am/ Actual: 08.00 am
    a/c type: 777-300ER
    Reg: G-STBC
    Seat: 49A (World Traveller)

    Originally, I was scheduled to fly on a 777-200. Online, I took the option of reserving my seat in advance for a fee of 20 pounds. This was primarily so I could get my favourite seat, right at the back of the aircraft, where I can recline without worrying about annoying with someone behind, but also where there are only two seats together, so I can get my window seat and only have to climb over one person to get to the bathroom. Two days before the flight I checked my booking online and noticed that the aircraft suddenly had 50 rows of seats instead of the original 39 or so, we'd been changed to one of the new -300s! I chose a new seat, 50A, again right at the back with a twin pair.

    As i checked in, 24 hours before departure, the system had moved my seat from the one I'd paid to reserve to a random window seat elsewhere and my choice from yesterday was no longer available! Obviously I wasn't too impressed with that and am currently applying for a refund from British Airways considering I didn't get the service I'd paid for! However, as I checked in fairly early, I still managed to reserve another twin row: 49A. Interestingly, at check-in the seating plan was shown as 2-5-3, which at first I thought was just my browser being weird, but on the aircraft heard people complaining that they thought they'd reserved aisle seats but ended up with middle seats - another minus for BA!

    This was my first time flying from terminal 5 and I can't deny I was fairly impressed. Though the main terminal was slightly crowded, the satellite terminal had plenty of space and great views of both runways.

    My aircraft

    I didn't get any photos of world traveller plus, but I did note that they didn't look quite as impressive as Air Frances' premium voyageur that I've been lucky enough to fly on a few times. Essentially, they looked pretty much the same as the world traveller seats, with just a bit of extra leg room and slightly wider.

    The new IFE system

    View of the rear world traveller cabin

    Across the back rows of the aircraft

    The leg room wasn't great, but not too bad either. The aircraft itself looked very neat, if not a bit bland. (I remember when world traveller used to be very colourful with BA!)

    The pack BA give these days isn't great, socks and eyeshades will be given only if you ask, though I brought my Oman Air ones with my anyway, so no complaints.

    As the last few people were walking onto the aircraft, I noticed that the seat next to me hadn't been taken and was hoping it would remain as such, which it fortunately did! I would get the chance to spread out over two seats to sleep during the flight, nice! We then stood on the ground for around an hour, due to a tyre change. It was funny to hear the flight attendants at the back talking about how they didn't like flying long haul and wanted their 'life back'.

    Soon we were off! The inflight entertainment system didn't start until around 30 mins into the flight, which was a shame not being able to see speed and altitude etc, but once started, it was a rather good system, especially having numerous BA documentaries about topics such as the introduction of autoland, concorde and even a 70s video about becoming a pilot! Well worth watching! The system was very responsive and the screen itself was much better quality than I'm used to seeing on aircraft!

    I take the veggie meal, which today was some pasta with mushroom, which was very tasty (though I love all airline food!). I asked for a coke with my meal and was given two cans, which I was very thankful for.

    After the meal, and I'd finished watching a film, I decided to lie down over my two seats and catch a bit of sleep.

    On waking up, I was given a snack - some grapes and a chickpea roll, extremely bland, but better than nothing...

    The entertainment system was turned off 20mins before landing, which again was a slight dissappointment to not see the flight stats, but not incredibly distressing.

    Being a private pilot, I couldn't resist the opportunity to visit the cockpit, so on landing I asked if I could visit the cockpit, and they let me through to the front. The first officer was very chatty and friendly and let me take a few pics, and even took some for me

    Overall, I thought BA did a nice job, it had been 12 years since I last flew them long haul, and though I feel they've lost a bit of their character, they were very pleasant, certainly one of the nicer European airlines that I've flown on.

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    The pack BA give these days isn't great, socks and eyeshades will be given only if you ask,
    That must have something with your flight because I flew BA to Tokyo in november 2010 and they handed those out to everyone without asking for it

    The inflight entertainment system didn't start until around 30 mins into the flight,
    They did the same on my flight must be a BA thing

    Nice Review BTW