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My first ever flight at 38!

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  • My first ever flight at 38!

    Recently took my first ever flight. It was on an Easyjet Boeing 737 from Stansted to Prague. FANTASTIC!!
    I would love to download a picture or two of this "historic" event in my life,but didn't manage to get the registration number of the plane.
    I thought it would be nice to have a picture and technical details of the ACTUAL plane though. One more for the photo album! Does anyone know how I could find out the or could anyone let me know the
    Flight details were:
    Departure, London Stansted at 18:15
    Date: Thursday 25th September 2003
    Destination: Prague, Czech Republic
    Flight No: EZY3627
    Aircraft: Easyjet B737 I believe

    If anyone is interested, I returned today,29-09-03 again with Easyjet. This time I did get the reg. no. it was G-IGOT. Again, a Boeing 737.
    Return flight was from Prague to Stansted flight no. EZY3622. It arrived at Prague 15mins late (09:55 instead of 09:40) but managed to make up time en route to Stansted. Again the flight was superb! I think I've got the bug now, can't wait to fly again.
    Many thanks in anticipation if anyone can help,
    allen rotten
    ps I'm age 38

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    Congrats on your first flight Hope you have many other safe journeys.


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      very cool!!!!!!!!!!
      and now your`e hooked on flying??????
      check out


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        Flying is by far my favorite thing in the world. Everything about it fascinates me. The aircraft itself, the views, and how it happens. I find it incredible that it is possible to get a large hunk of metal waying a couple hundred tons into the air and at considerable speeds. On flights as a passenger I can spend hours upon hours just staring out the window at the wing, at the view, at whatever I can find and it all just amazes me. As a pilot, I dont think there is any feeling greater than flying by yourself either early in a calm morning to watch the sun rise, or late at night to see the sunset and up here, the northern lights. Some people find flying stressful, but when all things are going right it can be quite relaxing, at least in a light aircraft where you dont have hundreds of things going on at once. Congrats on your first flight and enjoy the rest.