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Going back home, with Delta (LHR-ATL-DAB)

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  • Going back home, with Delta (LHR-ATL-DAB)

    So after a few weeks of travelling for work, i got to finally go home. With limited options for my flights to/from my home airport, Delta are the ones I usually go for.

    Airline : Delta Airlines
    Departure Airport : London Heathrow
    Scheduled Departure Time : 13:05
    Actual Departure Time : 13:20
    Arrival Airport : Atlanta
    Scheduled Arrival Time : 17:35
    Actual Arrival Time : 17:50
    Flight Number : DL 9
    Aircraft : Boeing 767-400 (N843MH)
    Seat : 32A

    I arrived at Terminal 4 at about 11:30, and I didnt need to check anything in and i had checked in online so i continued to security.
    Security was full, and long queues had formed. Eventually I was through, and i went through to Gate 3. Boarding started at about 12:20, and was very organized. The flight was not as full as i expected. Greeted onboard by 2 kind flight attendants who directed me to my seat. I took my seat in row 32 and settled in for the long flight ahead. The screens on this aircraft were comparably large against other carriers. We pushed back during the safety demo, and then taxied to the runway. Quite a bit of traffic waiting for take-off, and after waiting about 15 minutes we were airborne slightly late.
    Deltas AVOD system is superior to that of United,American and the likes of BA etc. The selection was great, and after a few episodes of The Cleveland Show and Two and a half men, the crew were around with drinks and snacks.
    I got a cup of coffee and some cookies. They were good, and were enough until the meal service later in the flight. The crew were very helpful and were friendly with everyone on-board (apart from one, who seemed uninterested in everything). Lunch, was either Chicken or Pasta. I got the Chicken, which came with Pasta and vegetables, a bread roll, cheese and crackers and cookies. It was OK, kind of a let down considering the out standing service i have received so far. The crew collected trash and then disappeared for the remainder of the flight. Drinks were available if we pressed the crew call button. I watched TV and listen to music, and fell asleep. I think i missed another meal service as a awoke during descent (unless there only 1 meal service on transatlantic delta flights? )
    Descent was bumpy, but we came to a hard landing on the runway in Atlanta, and taxied into the gate area and parked up at Gate E35. Deboarding was quick, and I disembarked and headed through flight connections.
    I headed to Concourse B and waited for my flight.
    At B9 my aircraft was waiting to take me home

    Airline : Delta Airlines
    Departure Airport : Atlanta
    Scheduled Departure Time : 19:35
    Actual Departure Time : 19:47
    Arrival Airport : Daytona Beach
    Scheduled Arrival Time : 21:06
    Actual Arrival Time : 21:20
    Flight Number : DL 1707
    Aircraft : MD-88 (N970DL)
    Seat : 22E

    I got to B9 and the plane was waiting for departure. Boarding started at 18:40, and was over soon. The flight was nearly completely empty, alot of young travelers (i say young, they were college kids) onboard.
    Welcomed onboard by a kind old f/a. I took my seat over the front of the wing. I purchased in-flight wi-fi for $4.95. We pushed back early and taxied to the runway. We made a loud and rattly take-off and rocketed straight through the thin clouds. About 30 mins into the flight, 2 f/a came around with Drinks and snacks. Cookies, pretzels or peanuts. I got cookies and another coffee. Coffee was good and of course so were the cookis
    I browsed the internet during the flight, passing the time very quickly. We started descent about 30 mins before touchdown. Descent was quick and smooth, and we made a smooth landing from the sea into DAB. We taxied into the terminal and disembarked at Gate 2. Off the plane quickly, and with no queues we were all out of the terminal within 15 minutes of touchdown.
    I got in my car and then drove home after a long day.

    Overall : Delta International
    Punctuality : 9/10
    Aircraft : 10/10
    Crew : 9/10
    Food & Drink : 5/10
    Entertainment : 10/10
    Total : 9/10 for this flight

    Overall : Delta Domestic
    Punctuality : 9/10
    Aircraft : 5/10
    Crew : 10/10
    Food & Drink : 8/10
    Entertainment : N/A
    Total : 8.5/10 for this flight

    Delta are a fantastic airline and i enjoy flying with them

    Thanks for reading!