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Back to California on UA (pt. 2) pics

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  • Back to California on UA (pt. 2) pics

    Pt 1 of this Trip Report can be found at-

    INTRODUCTION.- During our week with my Mom and family we had a lot of fun catching up and spending time with my brothers. My mom was resting a lot from her Mastectomy surgery but in high spirits and moved around more than I expected when she wasn’t resting.

    The weather was crazy all week long from tornado warnings, rain to snow, and flood warnings there wasn’t one sunny day the entire trip.

    As much as I like seeing family we were ready for the 3 hour drive back to the Twin Cities.

    My Rental Car-

    Me and my daughter spent several hours at the Mall of America before our late afternoon flight. We visited the aquarium and had lunch at the Rainforest Café.

    ARRIVAL-I dropped off the rental car and proceeded to the Ticketing level with an hour and a half to spare.

    CHECK-IN & SECURITY-We were directed through the employees’ security checkpoint which only took about 5 minutes or less.

    When we reached the gate I took a glance at our plane to SFO and it had the new UA livery on it. For a second I thought it was a old Continental aircraft but it was a newly painted Airbus.

    I managed to grab a few shots before the boarding process started, to be honest I was anxious to get back home to sunny California. It was supposed to start snowing anytime and I wanted to to get airborne before things got hectic.

    MSP-SFO pics-

    Date: Tuesday April 19, 2011
    Segment: MSP-SFO
    Flight: UA 519/CO 6418
    Registration: N481UA
    Load Factor: 98%
    Class: Economy
    Equipment: Airbus 319-131
    Cruising Altitude: 38,000 feet
    Cruising Speed: 452 kts
    Duration: 3 hours 55 minutes
    Distance: Direct: 1,587 sm Planned: 1,639 sm Flown: 1,675 sm
    Departure Gate MSP: Terminal 1 / Gate E6
    Arrival Gate SFO: Terminal 3 / Gate 72
    Scheduled Departure: 5:21PM CDT
    Actual Departure: 5:47PM CDT
    Scheduled Arrival: 7:34PM PDT
    Actual Arrival: 7:42PM PDT
    Seat: 16F


    The seats for this flight were adequate, one thing I like about UA Airbus aircraft are the winged headrests.

    We began to taxi and pulled in one of the parking areas by the runway and stopped. It was then captain announced that we had a MX issue that needed to be taken care of. We sat still for 15-20 mins and the issue was resolved. The aircraft taxied in to sequence which by then there were about 4 aircraft in front of us for takeoff. Within minutes it was our turn and we lifted off and made the turn to the west.

    Service was decent as expected there were the overhead TV’s on this flight. The inflight movie was “How do you know”.

    Once we reached cruising altitude the attendant handed us a menu, and I ordered the Thai Chicken Wrap with sauce and Potato Chips.

    For a good portion of the flight we were above the clouds as evident by the pictures. The first time we were able to see ground again was somewhere over Wyoming or nearby.

    The numerous times I have flown over the Rocky Mountains there is almost always some turbulence or choppiness however to my surprise it was relatively calm for the whole flight. We started our descent in to the bay area somewhere over the Sacramento Valley.

    The big highlight of this flight was the availability of Channel 9 all the way to SFO. I was able to listen in on transmissions of my flights from Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake, and Oakland centers.

    Landing in SFO Video

    We taxied to the gate and found out our flight to SAN was delayed with no definite takeoff time due to a delay on its arrival to SFO. I made my usual pit stop at PEETS Coffee and wandered around until our flight had arrived.

    Pics from SFO-

    BOARDING-The line for boarding was extremely long so I waited until the line was gone til we finally boarded.

    Date: Tuesday April 19, 2011
    Segment: SFO-SAN
    Flight: UA 385/CO 6188
    Registration: N566UA
    Load Factor: 100%
    Class: Economy
    Equipment: Boeing 757-222
    Cruising Altitude: 37,000 feet
    Cruising Speed: 457 kts
    Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes
    Distance: Direct: 447 sm Planned: 493 sm Flown: 523 sm
    Departure Gate SFO: Terminal 3 / Gate 87
    Arrival Gate SAN: Terminal 1 / Gate 15
    Scheduled Departure: 8:17PM PDT
    Actual Departure: 9:32PM PDT
    Scheduled Arrival: 9:44PM PDT
    Actual Arrival: 10:37PM PDT
    Seat: 18F

    Takeoff from SFO Video


    Takeoff was very powerful and I love flying the 757. We climbed quickly and headed westbound out to the Pacific Ocean and turned south until we finally reached land again south of Monterrey.

    ONBOARD ANEMITIES- For such a short flight nothing exciting to speak of. There were the old overhead TV’s for our entertainment and they usually play an episode of “the Office” which has been a staple on this route as long as I can remember flying it.

    I’m not much in to TV shows however the captain announced the availability of Channel 9 on this route so I listened in.

    LANDING-We made the usual descent past LA, Miramar Marine base heading east and turned around for final approach going over Chula Vista. The Marine layer was thick and usual for this time of year so I wasn’t able to catch any good landing shots.

    Landing Video-

    SUMMARY- Overall I still enjoy UA flights, Channel 9, and the service was typical for economy.
    My upcoming trip is DL SAN-MSP-FSD & back on FSD-MSP-LAX-SAN in about 3 weeks.

    Past Trip Reports -
    To see the pics you need to remove the s after http
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