Continental Trip Report San Diego to NYC for Thanksgiving (Pics)

On this trip I took the opportunity to get a lot of nice pictures and critique the new United/Continental Merger.

BACKGROUND: Me and my family had been planning this trip since the summer. Our plans were to be spend time with the In Laws in Connecticut for Thanksgiving week. It had been nearly 2 years since I have seen them. New York is one of my favorite cities partially because I used to live in Brooklyn, that being said I planned on eating at my favorite restaurants and visiting friends during the trip.

I purchased the plane tickets almost three months in advance, however the departing flight was nearly booked solid. For the first time in years we got to sit in the back of the plane. The returning segment was the same.

After researching online renting a car in or around Newark airport would run me at least 600 and change for the lowest price. Although I could rent with Avis and boost my One Pass miles I didn't see the need. To my surprise I found that National-Rent-Car near La-Guardia Airport had a special rate going for 300 with taxes and surcharges.

PRE-ARRIVAL: We dropped off our the car at a long term lot near the airport and were then shuttled to Terminal 2 to get ready for the journey. I had checked in online but wasn’t able to download the boarding pass barcode to my ITouch so I printed it out online.

ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT: I arrived at the queue 2 hours prior to departure and there was no line which was surprising since it was the start of Thanksgiving week travel. I went right up to the baggage drop off area and proceeded to the Elite security line which took 3-5 minutes for me and my family. TSA didn’t pat us down or require any of us to enter the body scanner.

PRE-DEPARTURE: Pretty uneventful I wandered around and just took some pictures and grabbed a little lunch prior to boarding.

Date: Monday November 22, 2010
Segment: SAN-EWR
Flight: CO 427
Registration: N37277
Load Factor: 100%
Class: W
Equipment: Boeing 737-800 (B738/Q)
Cruising Altitude: 37,000 feet
Cruising Speed: 442 kts
Duration: 4 hours 12 minutes
Distance: Direct 2422 sm, Planned 2,479 sm, Flown 3,360 sm
Departure Gate SAN: Terminal 2 Gate 35
Arrival Gate EWR: Terminal C Gate 95
Scheduled Departure: 1:20PM PST
Actual Departure: 1:27PM PST
Scheduled Arrival: 9:30PM EST
Actual Arrival: 08:39PM EST
Seat: 37F
One pass Miles: 2425
Actual Routing

Flight Pictures

DURING THE FLIGHT: We managed to catch a tailwind going eastbound and arrived almost and hour early. There was a medical emergency during the flight as it turns out a young lady got sick onboard and the crew called for a doctor or medical technician onboard.

ONBOARD ANEMITIES: I had plans to buy a meal onboard to see what they were like however there were slim choices by the time the attendants reached us. I chose a seared chicken salad with spinach. The movie for this flight was “The Sorcerers Apprentice” but to my surprise the played a second movie right afterwards which was “The Grown Ups”

The new Buy on Board menu can be found on the link below

FLIGHT ASSESSMENT: Continental still provides a good product although it will change in way or another with the merger. I like the fact CO still has non-stop service coast-to-coast for some major cities.

Hope you enjoyed the trip report any comments, questions, and feedback are welcome[IMG]file:///C:/Users/BROTHE%7E1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG].

Regards, Mike