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Midwest Airlines MCI-MKE-BOS&return w/ go-around!!!!

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  • Midwest Airlines MCI-MKE-BOS&return w/ go-around!!!!

    Well, my dad and i figured we'd take a boys weekend and head up to BOS for a long weekend to see the Bruins take on the NY Rangers. We booked our tix on Midwest Airlines in august for $200 round trip. I was excited, because this would be my first trip on a 717, and it was Midwest's, COME ON!!!
    October 3, 2003
    YX 9
    Routing SFO-MCI-MKE-LGA
    Departure 525pm
    MD-80 (signature service)
    PAX Load- 116/116
    Well, it was finally the end of the week, time to head for the 1:30 drive from my college to MCI. My dad and I arrived at MCI at about 415pm for our 525 departure. We parked, and proceeded to the brand spanking new midwest portion of terminal A. We checked in, requesting emergency exit rows, which were available on the BOS flight but not MKE. Check-in and security were painless and very quick. By 430, we were waiting in the gatehouse for gates 17-19. I got fidgety and got some starbucks while we were waiting for the A/C to arrive from SFO. At 505 the flight pulled in a little behind schedule. The MCI pax deplaned, leaving the MKE and LGA pax on board. Boarding started promptly, but was delayed due to problems with an elderly pax in a wheelchair. At 535 my dad and I boarded and took our seats, 7 C and D. The aircraft was relatively clean, and comfortable. We pushed at 545 and made our way to 19L. During the taxi, i was surprised to see all of the different BBJ 737 and 727 at the Executive Beech ramp, but even more surprised to see Hooters Air parked there as well. Anyway, the MD80 spun on to the runway and fired off without hesitation. Flight was uneventful, we were served gardettos snack mix with two choc chip cookies. Soon enough it was time to land. Well, i had to pee so freaking bad at this point, so i was ready to get on the ground. We were #5 in line for landing, and they were bringing the planes in literally on top of eachother. As we approached the threshold, of course, the engines spooled up and we executed a go-around!!!!! THIS SUCKED. My bladder was killing me at this point. Not to mention it was 710 and our connecting flight to BOS left at 730!!!!!! Long story made short, we landed safely and deplaned in a hurry in MKE.
    YX 208
    Depart 730, arrive 1040
    Pax Load- 27/88

    Luckily our connecting gate was just across the D concourse, so we were set. We rushed on to the BEAUTIFUL 717, and i made a mad dash for the LAV!!! Once i had taken care of business, i got the chance to admire this marvelous aircraft!! The seats are the best in the AIR, the footrests and headrests are nice extras, and the automated announcements are interesting. Well, we pushed right at 730. I was amazed at first how freaking loud the 717 is at startup. Has anyone else noticed this?? Other than that, i love the engines on the 717, they have sort of an old school whine ala 727, only more modernized and much quieter. We made a quick departure and made our way up to FL370. Soon enough, the FAs were in the cabin offering the buy on board stuff, we decided we'd try it, and here's what was offered for $10:

    -Grilled Salmon Salad filet on top of mixed greens, cucumber and feta salad, and sprinkled with capers. Served with lemon-herb dressing and grilled garlic flatbread.

    -Chicken Mandarin wrap with roasted chicken mandarin oranges, mixed spring lettuce, roasted almonds wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, spread with a raspberry dijon, served with asian sesame ginger sauce on the side. Horseradish slaw, crispy rice noodles and an asian pear.

    I chose the chicken wrap, and it was delicious, very filling, and honestly barely worth the $10. After that we were served the signature cookies. After only 1:40, we were on approach to BOS, and made a smooth touchdown at 10:15.
    October 5, 2003
    YX 204
    Depart 1120a, arrive 100p
    PAX Load-77/116

    Well, it was time to head home. We made our way to BOS, checking in w/o problems. Made our way to gate 42, waiting about 45 min to board. We boarded at 1110am, and took our seats in row 2. At 1130, we were pushed back and on our way to the runway. We followed an unmarked ERJ to the end of the runway, taking off soon after the ERJ. We were treated to a great overview of the BOS skyline, it was a beautiful day. We turned out towards the cape, then looped back towards the good ole midwest. We leveled at FL 340. The FAs quickly began the service. I chose the chicken wrap once again, which was not as good as the previous one. Cookies soon after, you get the idea. YAda YADA YADA, we landed on time in BOS, it was a pretty typical Midwest flight. We parked at D-39.
    YX 151
    Boeing 717-200
    Departs 120, arrives 240
    Pax Load-84/88
    We made our way quickly from D39 to D-44 for our flight home. I was really excited to fly on a 717 again, they are great aircraft. We took our seats in Row 9. I dont think i mentioned how great these 717s smell, i know it's weird, but they have a brand-new smell that beats the pants off of the new car/carpet smell!!!! We pushed on time, made our way to the runway and made a very powerful takeoff. We headed over lake michigan, followed by a UA BAE146, turned to the north, and departed the pattern to the southwest. The flight went by almost too quickly. We were served the typical midwest fare, cookies, snack mix, drinks. One of the FA's was not very nice at all, and really took her job way too seriously. I wont really go into all of that. But anyway, after a while we were on approach to 19L at MCI. We made a slow approach, landing behind the king of MCI, a WN 737!!!!!! 3 WN 733s, UA 757, CRJ were waiting to take off, so it looked pretty busy at MCI for a sunday afternoon. We made our way to gate 19, deplaned, and ended our long weekend. If you look in the next post, i'll post the pics of the planes, etc, so you can get an idea!!! Hope you enjoyed yet another trip report!!!!!

    My Two Cents:
    Service- 9/10
    Food- 7/10 (A little pricey, i miss the LOBSTER& FREE BOOZE!!!)
    Facilities-7/10 (The BOS gate is like a bus stop, but MCI and MKE are nice)
    Aircraft-110/10 (BEST fleet in the sky folks!!! FLY THE 717, you wont regret it!!!)
    Opinion- Despite the cutbacks, damnit, midwest is still every bit a first class airline as it has been in the past!! I left all 4 flights with a full stomach and a relaxed ass (from the seats). I have flown DL, TW, and AA domestic first class, and honestly YX's product is much more value. If you ever get the chance to fly YX, make sure to try for an Exit row, and you will have an absolute first class seat!!!
    That's it for now!!!
    Bye guys
    Packin more nuts than Delta Airlines

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    Here's some pics:
    MCI-MKE 813ME



    Cabin of YX 717:
    Packin more nuts than Delta Airlines


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        HEY MCI!

        I just completed my internship at YX in MKE, and I have to agree with you that they are still the first class airline they were before!! They are also great people to work with. From all the FAs I've met, they have been nothing but super nice! I do agree that the buy on board is a little pricey, but what other airline offers salmon to coach passengers?? The chicken wrap is delicious, as I tried it the first day they implemented the new buy on board program!! Oh god I sure do miss the days of free non-rev travel on YX. I visited every YX station except for SFO, SAT, FLL, TPA, and RSW. Skyway is pretty awesome too. On my frequent flights between MKE and PIT they always offered us something to eat other than snack mix and cookies. On the morning flights we got Danishes and fresh fruit, and on the evening flights we got fresh turkey or ham baguettes!! Delicious! I love YX!

        Pete Ganabathi
        Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

        Fly Frontier Airlines - A Whole Different Animal


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          Pete Ganabathi
          Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

          Fly Frontier Airlines - A Whole Different Animal