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  • AA MWA-STL-OKC AUG 29TH 2003

    Scheduled departure time: 4:31pm
    Scheduled arrival time: 5:16pm
    Actual departure time 4:50pm
    Actual arrival time 5:35pm

    I left the high school and headed for the Marion airport. the sky was pitch black, and looked ready to storm any second. i arrived into the MWA airport. I checked in and was told my STL-OKC flight was canceled, due to lack of crew, however a freind later told me that more likely it was not enough people on board. The agent gave me two options, fly out of MWA the next day on the 10:46am flight, or fly onward to STL and catch a STL-DFW-OKC flight, with a confirmed seat on the STL-DFW-OKC flight as it was over booked by 14 people. i decided to try the STL-DFW-OKC flight and push my luck. Thank fully I did as you will find out later....She made new tickets for me, and I went to the window and waited for my plane which was coming in from STL. I went through secuirty fine but my suitcase was suspicious and they opened it and searched it. Everything was fine then and went to grab a seat. I met a nice lady who's name was jamie, and she was from SIU, we talked about this upcoming trip she was heading to Lincoln, Nebraska. Finally the plane landed, and they unloaded the pax. They announced boarding, and we boarded. By now its poruing rain. We get on and the pilots introduce themselves. I was seated in 3B. The aircraft in question was a BAe Jetstream 32. We taxied and then took off on the runway. Forgive me, the reg of the aircraft was N883CH. We turned left then right and I guess we were dodging storms or whatever. Then no service on board as there were no F/A. So I just talked with jamie some more about SIU and etc. Finally, we were nearing STL, and I heard the props slow down. We descended into STL, 5 min later, and then touched down on R31R I think. we taxied along, and went to gate B-10. I got off the plane and retrieved my backpack and the suitcase. I walked towards the D-concourse as that was where my STL-DFW flight was to depart from. But first I checked the screen and saw it was delayed until 7:00(from the 6:38 scheduled departure time). Plus taht it was moved to the C concourse from the D. So, I turned around and walked to Gate C-18. I checked myself and confirmed that this gate was going to DFW. I was still on stand by, but apprantly they had gotten me a seat, and I was happy. So I was cofnirmed a seat, and I sat down to wait for the flight. Then the agent called me uo and said, if you would like I see you will not have enough connection time, I can put you in a hotel or try to get you a seat for the 9:25pm flight. I chose the 9:25pm as I cannot be in a hotel by myself. She got me a seat had to call someone in Dallas so she could open a seat for me. Then she printed me out a ticket(this is my third attempt at a flight by the way...) So finally....I was glad I didn't have to connect in DFW, and I am glad I was able to get a non-stop flight anyways to OKC. So she gave me the gate info and I headed to gate C-38. I sat down and waited for four hours as it was only 5:30pm, and my flight didn't depart until 9:25pm. I stayed in the c concourse and watched the planes until it got dark. Then listen to music, and read a book. Finally the plane arrived from CMH. I was able to pre-board early as i am deaf and need them to allow me to read lips. I was seated in 7F. EXCELLENT SEAT!! The F/A did the safety stuff, and then we taxied to R31L. We took off and then turned left. It was picthc black so I went to sleep. Then woke up when they gave out drinks and pretzels. I fell asleep again until it was near landing. I woke up again...and the city of OKC airport is awesome. The lights and the scenery is pretty cool. I saw lightnign in the distance. Then finally we landed. I do not know ther runway it was. we taxied to the gate, and I saw the DFW flight I would have been on. But anyways.. I got off, and met my cousin, and we headed home.
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    Welcome to!! Hope you have a great time here, and feel free to post some more!!!

    By the way, I know a few people in the Marion, IL area. Next time out there, we could probably do some spotting !!!

    Keep up the good work bro!

    Pete Ganabathi
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      Re: AA MWA-STL-OKC AUG 29TH 2003

      Originally posted by [email protected]
      Then listen to music, and read a book.

      I was able to pre-board early as i am deaf and need them to allow me to read lips.

      Anyway, good trip report.