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AA 1249 OKC-STL -American Connection STL-MWA-CANCELLED

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  • AA 1249 OKC-STL -American Connection STL-MWA-CANCELLED

    Scheduled Departure: 5:26pm
    Actual Departure: 5:55pm
    Scheduled Arrival: 7:00pm
    Actual Arrival: 7:15pm
    Aircraft: MD-82
    REG: N225AA

    We left for the OKC airport and arrived into OKC at 3:46pm. We parked at the $1 dollar per hour parking space and got out my bags. We proceeded to the AA check in inside the airport. I almost started to walk into the AA first class line, lol. Stupid of me…anyways, my cuz was able to go though with me as well. We went to gate 6 after going through security fine. I went to the monitors to check the status of my flight and saw it was on time. However my flight was also coming from STL and it was a little bit late. My cuz and I played some games, until the plane arrived to the gate. I decided to use my time to check out the new concourse in OKC. It’s pretty awesome and very new, and definitely clean. I also went to the window and checked out some planes coming and going. I saw some…CO 735 N17328, WN 732, more likely going to DAL, 2 American eagle, one heading to ORD and the other to DFW. An AA MD-82 that just flew in from DFW and was heading back to DFW. Then looked up and saw my AA MD-82 come in for a landing from STL.I saw that it had a black nose!! I was happy, as I have wanted to fly a Black nosed AA MD-80 lol. Weird I know… The reg I noted, as up above is N225AA. The plane arrived to the gate and they started to call for group boarding after all the pax came off the plane. I was in-group 3, and they called for First class, then Group 1, group 2, then finally my group, 3. I lined up, and gave the agent my ticket, she scanned it and I went into the gate and got on board the plane. I was greeted by a male F/A. He welcomed me on board and I said hello. I proceeded to Seat F, row 25. I sat down and quietly snuck my safety card in my backpack as well as the magazines even though they were allowed. I buckled up and waited till everyone was on board and buckled. We backed out away from the gates at 5:26pm and then proceeded to R31L. We held for position just before the runway. Then I heard a noise no one wants to hear…the engines slowed to a stop. Here I am thinking oh crap, what’s going on now!!! As I had a 1 hour connection!!! Then an announcement came on. The F/A interpreted it for me, as I cannot hear well. Apparently the reason why the engines stopped was we have to sit on the runway for 20 minutes to wait out the storm in STL. So then I pull out the magazine and read it until it was time to take off. I heard the engine power up again and the F/A went to seat down so I guess it was time to take off and sure enough it was. WE swung around to the runway and we powered up for take off. We then lifted off and then turned right. We quickly entered the cloud’s as the ceiling was only 600ft. We kept lifting upwards till we finally hit cruising altitude. The F/A then came up out of the seats and started serving. I listened to music and read until they came to my row. I ordered a coke and was asked if I preferred the can, I declined and got the cup and a bag of pretzels. Then the plane banked left and we seemed to power up again…So I was bored and decided to talk to the F/A. I learned her name, and it was Danielle. She is based in BOS, and had a layover in STL overnight before flying out to BOS the next day. I told her of my interest in aviation and how I wanted to be a Pilot or F/A but due to my F/A more likely a F/A or something, and she said something that I didn’t expect from her…”Well, don’t work for American, work for Southwest, they are the ones hiring aren’t they?” And she laughed. So then I chuckled with her and went go visit someone I knew from my other flights who were from Richmond, Virginia. I chatted with them for about a couple of minutes and then the F/A, Danielle asked me to go back to my seat as the flight was preparing to land soon. I went to my seat and buckled up. We then started the descent. We started to hit turbulence, and the wings rocked back and forth, and back and forth. The first set of flaps came out. Then I took one last look before we disappeared into the clouds. We still kept rocking back and forth while we were going through the clouds. We are STILL in the clouds as we were descending, the clouds must have been pretty high for us to still be in there for at least 5 minutes. Suddenly, it got darker, and darker, and then soon it seemed the wings had disappeared, and all left was a little beacon light flashing. Then we broke through the clouds, and I was able to see the wings again…relief lol. Then soon the ground came rushing at us, there wasn’t much left between the bottom of the clouds and the top of the runway. We touched down with a semi smooth, kinda rough landing.on Runway R31R I think. Can’t say for sure. The flaps left hanging and the spoilers up, we braked and then turned left for a nice long taxi to Gate C-2. I waited until mostly everyone got off and then got off the plane. I proceeded to the screens to check the status of my STL-MWA flight. This concludes the OKC-STL trip, the STL-MWA will be next.

    American Connection Flight 5913
    Scheduled Departure: 8:01PM
    Actual Departure: N/A
    Scheduled Arrival: 8:46PM
    Actual Arrival: N/.A
    Aircraft: Bae Jetstream 32
    Reg: N/A

    I checked the screens for my flight to Marion. It was delayed until 8:30pm. Mad as hell, as I wanted to GET HOME!!! I proceeded to gate B-10. There were four more flights before the Marion flight that was leaving from Gate B-10. I checked in and asked why it was delayed. The reply, the crew was stuck in Springfield, Mo. OK then I thought, I grabbed a seat and waited. 8:30pm comes by and nothing yet. I strike up a conversation with an SIU student. Then I heard an announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, flight 5913 to Marion, has been canceled” Now here I am thinking..”shit, shit shit shit and oh yeah SHIT!!”. Now how the hell am I gonna get home now I thought!! The agent told me to go to the customer service desk in the C concourse. So Myself, and 2 other ladies plus some 2 guys who went to SIU and an older woman all walked down to the C concourse to the desk, and we all mentioned our problem. We were all offered a hotel and food voucher and a ticket on the next flight home to Marion, which was leaving at 10:46am the next day. Myslef and the SIU students declined as we all had school the next day. I said there are NO flights to ANYWHERE?? The agent said No, so I paged my dad to let him know what happened. His reply” I will come get you”. Isn’t he an awesome dad for doing that?? Driving all the way up to STL(2 hour drive each way…)and then coming to pick me up and then driving all the way back?!?! So then I walked back to the gate and canceled my flight for the next day and returned the hotel voucher and food. I asked for a refund for the STL-MWA flight which was 56 dollars. I then went out and waited two more hours for my dad, and then met him and gave hugs and then drove home….

    ::sigh:: didn’t get home until 1:00am….

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    I will be careful when I fly on AA next, although they are not and have ever been my preferred carrier, as all the destinations that I fly from and to, NWA flies to! So it will be quite hard to beat flying from ERI to SFO via DTW, if I have to go on something like a hour and half drive to Pittsburgh, then get on American Eagle to ORD, connect through a crowded airport, then on to SFO!! Its just more hassle. Not to mention, NWA's Worldgateway at DTW is AMAZING! Plus I'm a platinum elite world perks member.

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      Cool review!!

      Yeah, AA's also been having some problems w/ it's on-time performance lately.

      Happy Flying!


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        Do they check the safety cards every landing? If not, won't someone end up without one on the legs after you steal it? Could be dangerous if someone doesn't know what to do in a crash couldn't it?
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          YOU'RE MY BOY, BLUE!!!!!!!!

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            Originally posted by Katamarino
            Do they check the safety cards every landing? If not, won't someone end up without one on the legs after you steal it? Could be dangerous if someone doesn't know what to do in a crash couldn't it?
            They put new safety cards and American Way mags in when missing at each stop prior to loading pax
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              Nice report Alex!


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                Great Report
                - The baby will be back -


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         friend you have the weiredest luck!

                  Did'nt they cancel that same flight the last time you went to Oke City?


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                    nice report

                    srry. to here about your cancelation
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