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    I love watching the scenery as I fly, and taking pictures, but its just luck how much I can see or shoot depending on weather, route, and where I'm sitting. However, on my 9/20 return from PVD I got lucky and hit the jackpot for photos. On the DTW - HSV leg the route did cross several big cities and airports, but I got lucky on the weather (clear all the way) and where I sat: on a plane for 50 there were only 25 pax, so I had both sides to shoot from! I thought I'd share some of the ones I didn't upload here:

    On takeoff I got a great overview of DTW's new terminal

    Then 20 miles south as we climbed I could see Lake Erie on the left side, so I moved over there and got a great wing shot:

    I knew Toledo, Ohio was next and would also be on the left, and a couple minutes later I got this excellent overview of the city:

    I didn't know where the airport was, but after looking and not seeing it I jumped back over the the right side and there it was, west of the city:

    Then I settled back for the ride across Ohio.... captured this nice small town also, complete with farms and smoke from the smokestack...made for a great photo op:

    I knew we'd be west of Cincinnati so I moved back to the left side, but I missed an overview of the Dayton airport. Oh well....Cincinnati was coming up fast. And what a view.......

    And of course just across the river is the CVG airport...

    There isn't much between Cincy and Louisville, but I did notice this interesting scene on the Ohio River:

    Looks like a nuclear power plant with that cooling tower but I can't figure out which plant it is; the general area is the Indiana - Ohio border (Ohio River). And in a short time we came upon Louisville - just right for another photo op:

    Hey I think I see Chris K. waving.... :P

    Just a minute later comes a great view of the SDF airport too:

    There isn't much in southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee so I had a chance to relax...I was hoping for an overview of BNA. When we got close to Nashville I saw downtown off the right side - didn't shoot it because I had the shot from the northbound trip. It looked like the same angle, so we must have been on the same airway, which meant the airport would be east or on the left side. I found it - but we were directly over the field and the shot was impossible. However, I did see another airport nearby Nashville, Smyrna, which I was in a good position to shoot:

    Then we began descending; its only 100 miles to HSV. I managed to spot this little general aviation field in Lewisburg, TN:

    I chose to remain on the right side of the plane for landing - bad choice, because at this time the sun glare was making any shot impossible to the west. We touched down and I got one final shot as we neared the end:[photoid=164591]

    Total flight time was 1 hour 19 minutes and about 595 (i think) miles. Aircraft was N8432A, a CRJ-200 of Northwest Airlink (Pinnacle). Our cruising altitude when I took these photos was about 25,000 ft.

    I have never had so many great photos on ONE flight before. On the PVD - DTW leg it wasn't nearly half as good as this. All the elements came together this time. Now that's why I like window seats and always keep the camera with me...
    View my photos at JP.Net
    Home Airport: Jackson - Evers Int'l (JAN) - Jackson, MS
    Camera: Canon 50D, 100-400L/17-85 lenses

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    Excellent trip report!!!

    Love the pics, and HSV looks like an awesome airport!!

    How did you like Pinnacle?

    They are my favorite airline, and I've had just excellent experiences with them everytime I've flown with them!!!

    Pete Ganabathi
    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

    Fly Frontier Airlines - A Whole Different Animal


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      HSV looks like an awesome airport!!
      Well, not that great. As you can see, there were no other planes there. it is a dead place at times.

      How did you like Pinnacle?
      Ok...except for the captain who made a big deal when I politely asked if I could take a pic of his flight deck, and he sternly told me that people arent allowed to take any pics inside a plane now.

      View my photos at JP.Net
      Home Airport: Jackson - Evers Int'l (JAN) - Jackson, MS
      Camera: Canon 50D, 100-400L/17-85 lenses


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        Hey Bruce, I have ramp access to the GA and Cargo side at HSV. Lemme know if you want to get some ramp shots sometime.

        I can also give you the grand tour of an older than dirt Lear 24.
        Bite me Airways.....


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          Do you live in Huntsville, or just visit HSV frequently in flying?

          wow!!! that is amazing! I have been shooting those cargo 747's that come in and have been dying to get a "better" shot...would love to shoot one with its nose open!!! do you know any of the Atlas crews?

          do you fly the Lear 24? I check the online flight tracker often to see what's coming to HSV and now I see a Lear 24 flight inbound from that you?

          View my photos at JP.Net
          Home Airport: Jackson - Evers Int'l (JAN) - Jackson, MS
          Camera: Canon 50D, 100-400L/17-85 lenses


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            Not me coming in from IND, but my company does base an LR-24 at HSV. That is probably either Ameristar or Air Cargo Express doing a run for Chrysler or Panalpina. I live in southeast Huntsville. Don't know any of the Atlas crews either, but getting some shots of a 74 with the nose open would be no problem. I'm headed out on a trip until Monday, but after that, I can shoot you an email with my cell number. If you see something interesting coming in, gimme a call and I'll see if we can get up close to it so you can get some pics. I'm at the airport frequently, and there's usually something interesting out there at least once a week. I saw an L-100, and the Mexican A300 parked next to each other two weeks ago. Pretty cool. We also get some Delta diverts from time to time.

            BTW, The birds I fly in and out of Huntsville are N707SC, N8500, and N7364W. I fly all of them part time, so its not always me.

            Anyhow, I'll send you that email probably Tuesday. Feel free to call if you see something cool going in. We'd have to wait for Customs to get done with the 74's, but after that we'd probably be ok. I know the maintenance guys there and if we can find them, I doubt we'd get run off from the airplane. Also, I'm not sure, but the company I work for used to meet all the MK flights here. If we still do their MX, I could probably get you in that airplane depending on how long their turn time is. FedEx is also no problem, nor is the Shorts 360. BTW, FedEx may be gearing up to put an A300 in here for some reason or another.
            Bite me Airways.....