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PHL-YGK via YYZ 30 Sep 03

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  • PHL-YGK via YYZ 30 Sep 03

    The return trip from my visit to friends in Wilmington, DE was pretty uneventful. Stephen dropped me off at Terminal 4 at PHL on his way to work at Boeing Helicopters in Chester, PA. Unlike the crowds in T2 and 3 where US Airways departs from, T4 was pretty deserted. Check in was at Star Alliance partner United, and went through Security quickly. Our CRJ 200 C-GKEK fin 181 in Green Jazz colours was waiting at gate 9, and we took off into the blue skies on sched at 0915. our flight took us over Niagara Falls just as we were starting our descent into YYZ, where we arrived on time at 1045hrs. A mid morning snack of granola bar and beverage was served, I opted for both a coffee and a Diet Coke. I cleared customs and made the transfer from Terminal 2 to 1, the latter was freezing cold as someone had not turned off the ac and it had turned quite autumn like outside. My Air Allliance AC connector was a B1900 C-GGGA. take off to YGK was on time at 1200 as was arrival at 1248. Quite a few towering thunderclouds on climbout from YYZ, and in fact I think I drove through the storm en route back home to Belleville while westbound on the 401 after arrival in Kingston. Pax loads were again light, about 20/50 for the CRJ (AC 31 and 6/19 on the Beechcraft.

    As an aside I took AMTRAK from WIL to NYP (New York Penn Station) on the 29th, $103.60 US return departing at 707 am arriving 0900, amd return 945 pm arriving back in WIL 1118 pm. 10% discount courtesy of a couponn book my friend had. Had a great day in manhattan, walking from the Station up 5th Avenue to the Guggenheim, then cabbed back to the Plaza for two expensive beers ($8.45 each), then cab again to the USN Intrepid Air Space Museum docked in the Hudson where I spent a very enjoyable afternoon. Also bought a crystal box at Tiffany to add to my collection, and while I was standing waiting for the elevator a huge $500 crystal bowl came shattering down off a shelf-I was dumbfounded watching this happen not five feet from me. Left the Intrepid, and walked back to mid twon through Times Square, had a leisurely dinner and a few beers and caught the train back. The AMTRAK service was pretty slick, clean and modern trains, and the conductor woke you up for your stop. I do not quite understand why people would pay $198 to take a Metroliner or Acela Express over the same route and save about 20 minutes off the trip, which is a pretty short one to begin with, for almost double the money over the "Regional" train I took, albeit with an unreserved seat and not in "Business Class" (a first class Acela seat is about $300 return, which I assume includes a meal and booze like in Via 1 here in Canada)

    I do have a lot of digital pictures that I will download. I am kind of busy right now getting ready to go to Kabul, Afghanistan for a year. That should be quite a trip report!
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    Hey, gr8 report!! Sounds like you had a good time in NYC.

    Have a safe journey to Kabul and back!

    Happy Flying!


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      Great Trip report!

      I was just in Toronto! I absolutely love going to Canada! Great country with great people!

      KABUL?? May I ask why you are heading there? Anyways, have a safe journey there and come back home to Ontario safely! By the way, what are you flying to Kabul? Whats the routing?

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        I am going over for a year as a civilian contractor in support of the Canadian Army operations there. No news on the routing yet but YYZ-DEL on AC and then DEL-KBL on Ariana Afghan seems a distinct possibility.