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CDG-HEL-BJS and back March 2003, part one

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  • CDG-HEL-BJS and back March 2003, part one

    Sorry, no gate numbers.
    Date 2003 March 24
    Airline : Finnair.
    Flight number(s); AY872, code sharers AA872 and AF2292 !
    Aircraft : Airbus A.321, OH-LZB, c/n 961.
    Origin : Paris-Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2B
    ETD : 10.50am, westerly winds.
    Seat number : 27F
    Destination : Helsinki Vantaa
    ETA : 14.50/2.50pm local whichever your choice !
    Distance : 1178 Nautical Miles / 1913 Kilometers.

    Undertaken by fellow Oneworld member American Airlines' staff, the check-in was opened at 08.50am sharp, this according to the H minus 2hrs rule. But something wrong developped in the lines from the first minutes. Since Terminal 2B is not a truly wide bldg and a rather bad configurated one, the queues stretched on a parallel way to circulation flow and off course a perpendicular way to the tiny counters Finally, my turn at the counter occured at 10.05am, in the meantime I got glued in front of the post-sign for about an hour without moving ahead or backward
    But the serious things finally started when boarding was called and at 10.41am I entered the aircraft. OH-LZB was well patronized by O&Ds and
    connecting/sixth freedom ticketed passengers alike. Most of the latters were to fly further to Riga, Tallin, St Petersburg. Walking down the aisle, I noticed former Formula 1 car racing driver Alain Prost who took seat 14B and was travelling with some long time friends. Finally I reached seat 27F, and although the 321 was more or less 85 % loaded, it was not bad to get this window seat. Sitting on 27D was a businessman who was flying home.Push-back finally occured at 11.05am, while engines wer wound up at 11.07am and barely one minute later, taxy was initiated. Live video came to life as we progessed to runways 27/09. When getting closer to both Terminal One and Three (ex T9) areas, I noticed a BMI 332 presumably flying for South African and a Transavia 737-800, while the live show revealed British Airways 737-300 G-LGTH as our preceding aircraft in the long file. Finally, Zulu-Bravo got airborne at 11.35am
    Climbing went pretty fast, and inflight service started as soon as we overflew Amiens. On the the screen was an episode of My Family a TV show produced by the BBC which developped when we stabilized at FL350 and flew at a 616mph ground speed. Service progressed in the meantime as we overflew Brussels, Amsterdam and Aahrus/Denmark. Dedicated to Finnish gastronomy, a second TV feature showed in the screens somewhere between Denmark and Gothenburg, a way to mark the entry into Scandinavian airspace. In the meantime, strong tail winds took care in enhancing Zulu-Bravo performences. And at 14.48/2.48pm finals were on the agenda and three minutes later Zulu-bravo was home by touching down on runway 22L/04R, meaning 2 hours and 19 minutes in the air.
    Takying to gate (sorry no number ) took a mere 3 minutes, enough time to get a big surprise ; at least 3 on sale DC.9-51s sporting Finnair latest colors !!!! Parked on the remote stand opposite the longest wing of Vantaa were OH-LYR and LYV. In between and close by were FlyingFinn MD.83 OH-LMS, KLM 737-306 PH-BDN in the latest colors and an AeroA ATR.72.
    To be continued
    Thanks for visiting
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