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LH/AA, BOM-FRA-DFW-OKC: Part 2 (Long with many photos)

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  • LH/AA, BOM-FRA-DFW-OKC: Part 2 (Long with many photos)

    Continued from Part 1.

    I actually saw some trans-Atlantic traffic much closer than usual this time. Here’s a US 752W we passed. Again, sorry about that black spot.

    Pretty cool to catch an air-to-air shot when you least expect it.

    My luck continued as I got a company 388 that just passed us as well. I had actually dozed off, but I awoke just in time to catch this beast and its large contrail.

    About to make the first North American coastline crossing over Newfoundland.

    I’m pretty sure by this time we were under full authority of the Gander Center.

    Lake Champlain with Grand Isle in the center. The airfield on the left is Plattsburgh International Airport. It has a handful of flights a day but no international service.

    Lake Ontario

    Akron in the foreground, Cleveland in the background with Lake Erie. That sort of “whitish” area near the top left-hand side below the flap track fairing is Hopkins International Airport.

    City of Akron, Ohio and the Akron Fulton Airport.

    City of Dayton. Visible here is the Wright Patterson AFB and Wright Field (to its left, look closely). The James M. Cox International Airport is barely visible to the northwest.

    Our pre-arrival “snack.” It’s like a mini-meal! Seen here is spinach tortellini stuffed with a ricotta mixture and a zesty tomato sauce on top, soft roll with butter and a decadent, dark chocolate pudding. As you can see, I couldn’t resist taking a bite of the pudding before I shot this. Everything was once again very good, and the pudding had just enough sugar, which is how a dark chocolate pudding should be. I could actually taste the chocolate. Also, I’ve never been this stuffed on an international flight before, I think LH is the first to accomplish that.

    Starting our descent over SW Arkansas.

    Bonham, TX.

    Flying over the far northern outskirts of Dallas, Lake Ray Roberts in the distance.

    The start of a long final with hot temps and gusty winds to RWY 18R. Fun ride!

    An area of west Lewisville. That N-S highway is Farm-To-Market Road 2499.

    The Gaylord Texan hotel and convention center with Silver Lake Marina.

    Highway 121 with some construction in progress.

    About to add some rubber to 18R as we pass the UPS base.

    Joining the other international flights already at Terminal D. Off to customs and immigration!

    The immigration check was quite quick, took us only 15 minutes or so after arrival. The baggage claim on the other hand, took a while longer. While waiting for our bags to arrive, the belt got stuck and wouldn’t move, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for one of the technicians to arrive and get it moving again. In the meantime, many passengers who were waiting realized some of their bags had already been taken off the belt and put aside, so there were a bunch of people including myself running around the belt area to get bags that had already been taken off the belt. Eventually, all four bags arrived intact, and we weren’t asked to open them. That’s always nice isn’t it? Off we went to baggage re-check for our connecting flight to OKC.

    Flight: American AA 1576
    SDT: 7:00 p.m.
    ADT: 6:58 p.m.
    SAT: 7:55 p.m.
    AAT: 7:48 p.m.
    Aircraft: Boeing McDonnell Douglas MD 82
    Registration: N501AA, del. 30th Oct. 1989
    Seats: 27A/B
    Leg: DFW-OKC
    Flight time: 48 min. gate to gate
    Dep. Weather: Hot. Temp. around 98F, winds south at 15-20 mph. Good visibility.
    Arr. Weather: Pretty much the same, much hotter at 100F.

    Having plenty of time left, I went around DFW’s Skylink visiting all the terminals. I’ll tell you one thing, if you want to walk in between flights, DFW’s definitely built for walking. Even with two Skylink stations for each terminal. I could see the construction in progress at Terminal A for the Terminal Renovation and Improvement Project (TRIP). The project is quite huge and will eventually extend to Terminals B, C and E. I think DFW has made good improvements over the years to make it a transfer-friendly airport and the results show. With the TRIP, trips should become even better (umm yeah, I know). Anyway, after much roaming around, I went back to Terminal A from where our last flight to OKC would be departing.

    The usual DFW “scenery.” One day, those 80s will be long gone.

    The former DL/DL Connection terminal looking a bit more like it did in years past. Ok, that is a stretch but one could surmise.

    Back in a plane, one last time. With some shiny sheet metal!

    AA 1576 is about to cross over International Parkway on the Zulu bridge.

    Ready to go airborne off RWY 18L.

    We took off a little before Terminal D. Note the QF heavy at the gate getting serviced for its super-longhaul to BNE and SYD.

    Just 15 minutes and we’re already descending to OKC.

    A view of OKC on the downwind for RWY 17L.

    Turning for the RWY 17L approach, with a view of the Oklahoma River, Dell’s Oklahoma City campus and I-44. Will Rogers Airport is at the top of the photo.

    Awesome reflection.

    With the setting sun, a great view of the downtown skyline, and the now-complete Devon Energy Center.

    Not much to say about the last flight, you saw all the photos. And needless to say, we were both quite tired but happy to be back. Baggage claim at OKC took no more than 10 minutes or so and we were headed back home in the blue Airport Express van.

    Once again, we were quite pleased with Lufthansa, it has definitely improved its product especially when it comes to the meals, and I’m sure having some IFE is welcome by most passengers, though AF’s IFE offering in Y is much better. But, having no problems getting the seats you booked is well, quite the happy feeling. And both our trips this time went about as perfect as you can get. American seems to be alright at least on the domestic side of things, but you can’t get a complete picture of an airline from just two 30-40 minute flights, although judging from a majority of flight reviews it’s not looking all too good these days. I wish AA the best in its future, I still think it has one of the best liveries out there that has blended well with today’s “modern” liveries.